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The Mama Wize! Timeless Lyrics
The Mama Wize! Timeless Lyrics

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Finally, We Manifest is back! Check out the updated site at: and let us know what you think. Please contact me if there are any gliches in the matrix. Cats need to be accountable... Looks good on your phone, too! OneLove

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Extra! Extra! Read all about the new location for Beatminerz Radio at!  2016 is packed with flavor so stay tuned! #AquariusPower   #HomeOfTheDJ   #UndastandThaFlava  

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Been so long but we're back... Check out the upcoming events and a few missed ones at: so you know what's going on in NYC and beyond. Please LIKE AND COMMENT! Thank YOU!

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Needed that regal feel... Current mood: upward and onward!

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Saturday, 8-22-15, we celebrate greatness at The Kymberle Project on 1332A Atlantic Ave! The 18th Birthday of We Manifest, the 17th Anniversary of Apani's remix "Estragen", the 17th Anniversary of "24/7 Sista Stories", the 1st We Manifest production at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, that inspired the 6 year running showcase series, D.A.W.T.A.H.Z. We're also celebrating D.A.W.T.A.H.Z. 16th Anniversary. The night will be hosted by The Mama Wize & The Carmen B of Beatminerz Radio.

At 9pm, ENJOY the food, drinks and vendors, like ThundaGround TV, Balance~Wearable Art, and Jigga Jewel. Buy a raffle ticket to win: an hour long Playhouse Pinup Photo Session with 5 digitally retouched pics; ThundaGround tees; BucktownUSA and Beatminerz Radio treats; and Balance's Edible Brown Sugar Honey Scrub or any other 4 ounce jar of all natural hair/body product on display.

At 10pm, GET HYPE with performances by Queen Herawin (Jugganots), Pri The HoneyDark (Anomolies Crew), Sara Kana (Team-HOMI), Apani, Tomasia, Omega Cypherella Born & Krystine Walker (House Of Harletz). Then at midnight, enjoy the sounds of DJ Nina Azucar of Beatminerz Radio til 2am. You don't want to miss this ladies night! We're giving you nothing but flavor!
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The Balance ~ Wearable Art Summer 2015 Retail Catalog

I'm emailing this to those who have enjoyed these product and those who don't know they exist. If you have a retail store or an Internet site that sells all natural and organically handcrafted goodness for your hair and body, please give me a shout. If you would like to make a large order, I can forward you a wholesale catalog. I, also, specialize in orders for custom crafted flavors. Detailed information provided on all products following the listing. Peace & Blessings!


2oz clear jar: $5 * 4oz clear jar: $10 * 8oz clear jar: $15 * 16oz clear jar: $23
Flavors include:
Cinnamon Cocoa * Mango Creme Fraische * Lavender Chamomile Shea * Mango Shea * Butternut Squash & Vanilla Bean * Egyptian Musk Cocoa * Chamomile Mango Aloe * Rosemary Shea * Aloe Essential Oil * Chai Shea * Rosemary Chamomile Shea * Unscented Shea * Unscented Mango * Unscented Aloe

2oz clear jar: $4 * 4oz clear jar: $9 * 8oz clear jar: $16 * 16oz clear jar: $25
Flavors include:
Black & Blue Berry * Citrus Ginger * 3 Berry * Brown Sugar Honey * Blueberry * Peppermint * Frankincense & Myrrh * Lemon Mint * Raspberry Lemon * Coconut Coffee * Milk & Honey * Sweet Lemon Olive * Eucalyptus * Lemon Olive Flax Seed * Fruity Peppermint * Egyptian Musk * Green Tea & Honey * Honey Almond * Blueberry Chamomile * Unscented

8oz clear jar: $12 * 16oz clear jar: $22
Flavors include:
Oatmeal Lavender Aloe * Tumeric Ginger Aloe * Eucalyptus Salve *
Tumeric Rosemary Lemon Mango Mint Shea *

2oz clear jars: $10 * 4oz clear jars: $17
Flavors include:
Eucalyptus * Lemon * Chamomile * Lavender * Cocoa
Chamomile Lemon * Lemon Peppermint * Lavender Hemp * Chamomile Lavender

4oz clear jar: $9 * 8oz clear jar: $15 * 16oz clear jar: $23
Flavors include:
Aloe Essential Oil * Basil Burdock Root * Cinnamon Nutmeg * Lavender Sage * Stinging Nettle Burgamot * Lemon Eucalyptus * Hemp Sage * Avocado Aloe Vera * Aloe Sage Chamomile Lemon * Creamy Shea * Rosemary Bergamot Aloe Vera (all can be prepared with either shea butter or aloe butter)

2oz clear jar: $8 * 4oz clear jar: $14 * 8oz clear jar: $20
Flavors include:
Chocolate * Almond * Mango * Strawberry * Cherry * Blueberry * Cinnamon Chai * Peanut Butter

Baskets start at $70 * $5 extra for each larger sized body product *
$3 for 10 extra incense sticks * $5 extra for additional recipe or exercise
Flavors include:
The Healing Basket (I AM) - Root Chakra
The Sensual Basket (I FEEL) - Sacral Chakra
The Pamper Basket (I DO) - Solar Plexus Chakra
The Passion Basket (I LOVE) - Heart Chakra
The Building Basket (I SPEAK) - Throat Chakra
The Visual Basket (I SEE) - 3rd Eye/Brow Chakra
The Manna Basket (I UNDERSTAND) - Crown Chakra

BALANCE ~ WEARABLE ART is a Brooklyn, New York based business specializing in high quality, all natural, herbal, hand crafted body and hair care products. We don't use any artificial ingredients or preservatives. We recommend you buy only as much as you intend to use in three to six months and then purchase another fresh batch at that time. You save money while we prepare fresh products for you. We don't keep a large stock available. We create product when requested to ensure optimal freshness. All of the herbs used are either ethically grown by us or selectively picked from organic farmers. Our base oils and pastes are all natural from different parts of the world that organically cultivate and distribute product by certified organic and or free trade standards.

THE BODY BUTTAHZ are made with natural and essential oils, raw butters (mango, shea, aloe & cocoa), homegrown and organically farmed herbs, and fresh organic fruits and vegetables that moisturize, tone, and protect your skin. The combinations revitalize and help to maintain the elasticity in your skin without greasiness. You choose what's best for you. If you don't see a combination you like, we welcome any suggestions you have.

THE BODY SKRUBZ exfoliate and moisturize the skin, leaving it smelling like the flavor on the label. We use Dead Sea Salt in most of our scrubs. Our Coconut Coffee, made with Free Trade coffee, is great for reducing cellulite and varicose veins. The ingredients mix well to make you feel and smell delicious.

THE MEDICINALZ are specifically prepared for treatment of various conditions. The Eucalyptus Salve is an all-natural and soothing alternative to Vic's Vapor Rub. The Tumeric Ginger Aloe and Oatmeal Lavender Aloe Buttahz relieve sensitive, dry and itchy skin and soothe insect bites. The Tumeric Rosemary Mint Lemon Mango Shea Buttah was especially formulated for people with ezcema. It's worked well for our customers but we realized that organic tumeric powder yellows clothing, so we use organic tumeric root in everything, now. Our apologies. 

THE MASSAGE OILZ are great to apply to the skin for deep tissue massage, Reiki, Tui-na Chi massage, Reflexology and Tantric Massage. It feels great when applied right after a shower or bath, before you towel dry and helps retain the moisture in your skin.

THE HAIR & SCALP CONDITIONERZ/MOISTURIZERZ protects hair from excessive heat, prevents breakage, maintains moisture, conditions the scalp, promotes growth and won't clog your pores. All combinations can be created with Aloe butter and or Shea butter, at your request. Shea is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that rejuvenate and hydrate skin and hair. Aloe Vera has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory compounds and promotes collagen synthesis. Aloe, also, contains vitamins C and E, plus the mineral zinc and hydrates damaged skin.

THE EDIBLE NIPPLE RUBB is crafted for women who need relief from breast feeding, women who get cracked nipples from tanning and everyone who loves nipples. This rub conditions, moisturizes and softens the areola and breast tissue, regardless of it's size.

THE CHAKRA BASKETZ contain 7 items based on the colors and frequencies of each particular Chakra, including 20 sticks of Incense, an 4-ounce jar of body buttah, an 8-ounce jar of body scrub, a 2-ounce bottle of massage oil, a 1/4-ounce bottle of aromatherapy oil, an index card with a recipe to enhance that particular Chakra and an exercise to strengthen it!

The BALANCE ~ WEARABLE ART collection includes earrings, hair ornaments that double as rings, waistbeads, anklets, bracelets, necklaces and 2 poetry books and 1 suspense novel, self-published by Mukahayah LTD Publishing. We are currently building our inventory for Square Register and conducting contests on our website page, Balance.

Feel free to email us with your thoughts, flavor requests, compliments and criticisms. We will send you a free 2oz jar of your flavor requests, if we use it. You pay for shipping. If you like it, we'll add it to our inventory. Check our inventory out at ETSY & BIG CARTEL. If you have questions, please email: Thank you for your love and support!

We Manifest is a Brooklyn-based, woman-owned & operated, performance and production company dedicated to producing high-quality artistic showcase events and informative community discussion panels. BALANCE ~ WEARABLE ART and HAIR BY NATURE (affordable natural hair care services) are two businesses that flourish under the umbrella of We Manifest. We Manifest... Strength through Overstanding, Guidance through Faith, Cooperation through Unity & Peace through the Arts! ~THE WE MANIFEST-O © 1997

Peace, Love, RASpect & Abundance,
Yejide ~ The Mama Wize
Owner/Executive Director

We Manifest
P O Box 60475
Brooklyn, NY 11206-1931
Call/Text: 347 450 7557

Facebook: WeManifestProductions
Twitter: WeManifestInc
BAC: directory/20910
Etsy: wemanifest
BigCartel: WeManifestMarket
Instagram: wemanifest

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I'm back! Check out my latest adventures!
We can do anything if we put our mind and heart to the task! 

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Reel Sisters is now accepting web series submissions for 2015! Submit up to 3 episodes or 20 minutes of content as one submission! Submit your films now! Deadline is June 10!

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Shameful of AmeriKKKa but this is what they been doing to all we create. What they can use, they steal and what they can't, they degrade... 
Ok its like this, so called ebonics, is a trap set out by akedemia to disenfranchise, its users. Folks dont say people with a irish brouge are ignorant, londeners are stupid, or any other people who have augmented english language. How can a bastirdized lang, discredit peeps who add on to it....the mass world sayz "Diss, shout out, yo, sup, holla, hit me back" so Dr umar is right, the war of words is the weapon they weild...
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