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A funny thing happened on the way to site-building
It all started when I tried to sql-sync my database from my local setup to my remote test server. drush sql-sync @dev @test ssh: Could not resolve hostname @dev: Name or service not known hm. So I google my error and find an issue on the Drush Github projec...

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Getting up to speed on CSS tools
Singularity  (compass extension)- ratio-based grids ( quick walkthrough video here ), very easy to make different widths $grids: 1 2 3 2; Also can use px, pt. Integrates with breakpoint- add an  @include breakpoint(30em){@include grid-span(2, 3);} . Very co...

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That avocado-quinoa thing
Last week in Austin I had the pleasure of dining at Lambert's BBQ with a couple of fellow Drupalists . We ordered a fleet of tasty dishes, but made particular note of an avocado/quinoa confabulation that lay beneath a trout:  Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout,  Avo...

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The Joy of "The Joy"
This article originally appeared in the Mountain Courier in March 2013, and I completely forgot to post it to my blog! My friend Suzanne, who edits and writes for the paper, suggested I write the article after seeing my collection of Joys in my kitchen pant...

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In which I talk to myself a lot
More on setting up my first Drupal/Git/Drush site... I've opted to ignore the multitudinous potential php settings for now, and am hoping things just work for the moment. Otherwise I'll keep procrastinating by fussing with server settings forever. I did fin...

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Useful things I just did
Environment setup for ssh stuff on my server. Eventually found and edited my bash_profile. Remembered how to vi and unix properly. Can't remember what I was originally trying to do. Setting up SSH . Basic stuff. Understanding SSH . Oh yeah, here's where I s...

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Comparison of Arrays, briefly
So. Everything is an object. That was js, right ? An object is an association between a key (name) and a value. Which makes an object sort of an array, right? Because an array is a collection of key:value pairs. If key is a name, that's an object, if it's a...

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Useful bits of Drupal doc + site building init
Warning: contents are entirely stream of conscious/notes. The best practices guide for Drupal has a lot of very important points to consider, but for my own technical edification, I'm focusing on just a few aspects. Handy list of core modules   to become fa...

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Becoming a Drupal Core Mentor
t's finally time to start doing something I should have done long ago: mentoring new core contributors! I've spent a small chunk of time as a mentee, setting up my own development environment (dev env), finding issues in the mentoring queue and on Drupal.or...

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Drupalcon Prague notes
s one might expect, my lofty goal of watching the 20 or so DrupalCon Prague sessions I would have attended in person didn't quite work out... But here are some brief notes on the sessions I've looked at so far: Frontend development; dancing on the tip of a ...
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