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Making a (Temporary) Rental House a Home: PART TWO
I've been wanting to show you some photos of our new house, but before I do that I want to catch up on sharing a few from our Oklahoma home that I never got around to posting. When I look back on these photos, I'm pretty proud of us for making our OK house ...

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Liesl is ONE! / Watch Liesl Grow
This news is a few weeks old, but I wanted to share here that our little girl is somehow a whole year old!  How has she been on this earth for more than 365 days?? It's hard to believe that a year ago today we were trying to figure out how to share our home...

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What We Learned During Our First Two Military Moves
I started this post when we were still living in Oklahoma, but I never had a chance to finish it.  Now we have TWO moves under our belts, so hopefully I can offer even better information than I'd originally planned! Although our house may not be in perfec...

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Hello from El Paso!
I don't have an appropriate photo for this post because my phone has no storage currently, so here's a sneak peek of Liesl from her Christmas photo shoot. : ) We arrived to our new home city of El Paso on Saturday night!  Liesl slept the whole four hours fr...

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We're on the Move Again!
We said goodbye to our Lawton, OK, rental house yesterday and set out for our new home in El Paso, TX. About 8 pm last night, we made it to our first destination of Midland, TX, and we're leaving soon to finish the last leg to our new home.  It's a much sho...

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A Few Thoughts on Modern Patriotism
I'm in the midst of writing/planning some other posts right now, but this one has been heavy on my heart since Independence Day and then was brought back to the forefront of my mind during the Olympics these last couple weeks, so I wanted to take the time t...

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Friday PIE Day: South of the Border
It's been a long time since I've done a Friday Pie Day post, but this recipe I made last was too good not to share! When the Mister's grandparents downsized to an apartment last year, they were kind enough to let us come by their house and grab some goodies...

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Watch Liesl Grow! - FOUR MONTHS
(I have been told it looks like she has a bug on her head in this photo.  Don't be alarmed - it's a bow, not a large insect.) New milestones: Holding her head up constantly and steadily Laughing a little! - it's more like a deep chuckle, and it's still pret...

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Making a (Temporary) Rental House a Home: PART ONE
Sorry for the brief hiatus!  We've been busy, busy bees cleaning, organizing, decorating, and taking care of little Liesl.  My parents drove out from NC to bring us the doggies and my car the weekend before last, so the whole gang's here now.  Hank and Luel...

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Watch Liesl Grow! - THREE MONTHS
When Liesl (Liesl Bird, Birdie, or Liesl Ann as she's known around here) had her one month "birthday," I knew I wanted to start taking monthly photos of her.  I perused the Apple app store to try to find an editing tool for labeling monthly baby pictures, a...
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