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Building Relationships - Love God, Love Me, Love You!
Building Relationships - Love God, Love Me, Love You!

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Dear Daddy
My Dear Daddy, Awesome Wonder, the One who orchestrates my life's journey, the One who makes a way where there seems to be no way, the One who makes all things beautiful in its time! My Lord, my Saviour, my Redeemer, my King, my Crown, my Shield, my Buckler...

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Whatsapp Video Calls - Hello LDR!!
Today I made my first Whatsapp video call and I am very very excited!!! Yayyy.... Mark Zuckerberg just stepped in and changed the game.. One of the first things I thought about was that Long Distance Relationships (LDR) don't have to be that tedious or expe...

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Don't Forget to LIVE!!!
I remember being asked once what one thing I'd like to say to my younger self.  As this was with regards to relationships and life, I knew there was certainly one thing I would like to tell the younger Ayo if given the opportunity: "Enjoy your youth, don't ...

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You Won't Even Smell Like Smoke!
Thank God! I was ill over the weekend and the kind of job that I do, you can't afford to be ill too often or at worst, no matter what happens, or how you're feeling - the show must go on! lol (I love my job by the way). So I tried to rest on Sunday, getting...

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Waiting and Loving It!!! feat Sewa and 'Laolu Olubiyi
I am so excited! Yes, yes, yes!! We are back! I have missed featuring this series and I am really glad that it is back.  If this is your first time reading about Waiting and Loving It then it might help to read an introduction to the series/project, please ...

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The God that Compensates!
I will never forget an incident that happened when I was a child. It was a birthday party and of course we were slugging it out on the dance floor (In case you didn't know, we are champion dancers in the Thompson family LOL). Dancing is in our blood! We wer...

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Where do Broken Hearts Go...
"I feel like such a fool!! I feel disappointed. I feel hurt. I feel like I don't have sense. I feel unloveable." Those were real words from a text I sent to a dear friend once. At the time of sending that message I was a heart-broken girl. At that point, I ...

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You Deserve More! #MOP16
It's the grand finale and I am very very grateful to God for seeing us through the month of September! It is indeed a September to remember! What a great and awesome God we serve! Lord if I had a thousand songs, it wouldn't do You justice If I had a thousan...

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My Utmost for His Highest - Bamidele Adenipekun (Bams) #MOP16
I was really pleased to receive my dear friend and sister Bami's email, containing her praise to God! Bami is a strong woman! An amazingly strong and beautiful woman of God. I admire her strength and passion for God, her resilient spirit and her faith in Go...

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Praise Him with my Talent - Ayobami Soetan (Lightchild) #MOP16
It's still the month of praise and I thank God for what He is has done so far. Hope you caught up with Love, Life & Lightchild yesterday! Now, one of the areas I consider Lightchild's greatest talents is his dexterity on the keys. It's not just talent, I be...
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