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Quincy Koetz
Outdoor adventurer and Nurse Practitioner working in Chicago
Outdoor adventurer and Nurse Practitioner working in Chicago


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Hiking the Remote Sweetwater Range and Mt Patterson
The Sweetwater Range, on the very eastern border of California, is a solitude seeker's dream.  The Sweetwaters, viewed from the Sierras There was something powerfully nostalgic about traveling to the Sierras for the first time in nearly 7 years. Coming up o...

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Hiking Boundary Peak, Highpoint of Nevada
If there's one thing that could be said about Nevada, it is a mountainous state! Even a visit to Las Vegas can't shroud the looming desert peaks that surround the fabulous city. I love Las Vegas as much as anyone but what has always drawn me to the Silver S...

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Hiking Gossip Rock, Garin Regional Park, East Bay, CA
Garin Regional Park and it's neighbor Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park are two beloved parks of the East Bay and well worth the trip from anywhere in the region. Towering high above the East Bay are the ridgelines of the Diablo Range. For me, they are tantal...

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Hiking Mt St Helena, Napa Valley, California
Mt St Helena is the tallest mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area. At 4,342' it is one of the rare coastal summits that receives measurable snow in the winter. A true classic for any hiker in the region The summit views of Mt St Helena Boy is it ever refre...

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Hiking Canyon Falls, Upper Peninsula, Michigan
Continuing with the wonderful theme of amazing waterfalls after thunderstorms, I visited Canyon Falls. While the name itself is not very imaginable, the sights to behold are glorious.  Canyon Falls is right off of Route 41 South of L'Anse Michigan. The hike...

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First Visit to Copper Harbor Mountain Biking Trails of the Upper Peninsula
At the northern Terminus of my journey through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, arrived at to Copper Harbor. I've known about this place for many years as a mountain biking destination, once I finally arrived I was filled with anticipation.  By the end of m...

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Hiking and Waterfalls of the Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness, Upper Peninsula, Michigan
The Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness exemplifies everything that I love about the Northwoods. Secluded, rugged and photogenic!  Like standing next to a tsunami This is a classic example of a magnificent place that I would not have known about had I not been ...

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Mountain Biking Mt Arvon, Michigan State Highpoint
Mt Arvon, at 1,979ft is not a very tall point when compared to other state high points. However, it is set in an extremely vast wilderness of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is a fine destination for peakbaggers and casual travelers alike Looking toward...

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Hike of Agate Falls, Upper Peninsula, Michigan
My adventure up north ended up being a great tour of all the waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula Michigan. While I knew that there were many waterfalls that ran in the Pictured rocks National Lakeshore, I suppose I was somewhat oblivious to the myriad of othe...

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Magnificent Hike of Bond Falls after a Severe Thunderstorm
It had been almost 6 years to the date since I had last visited the Upper Peninsula. A torrent of memories rushed in the moment I crossed the state line. My last visit was during a very iconic time of my life when I was making a great trek from California t...
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