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U can get all my wallpaper in my Channel on Telegram

U also can join my group too - - >
requests are welcome

Nice ppl in there though! 
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These are the first fusion-wallpaper for one of the biggest and greatest projects in the androidland:: Bliss Family of ROMs

On the wallpaper u can see the Bliss and XOSP logo. More will come.

If u are asking urself now wtf is this Bliss Family of ROMs simply visit either:

or have a look here 👇👇👇👇

Links to project included in Bliss Family of ROMs

Bliss ROMs - Bliss-CAF, Bliss-deCAF(AOSP) & Bliss-x86 (PC Builds):

Official Team Bliss Chat

Official Bliss-x86 Chat

Bliss ROMs G+ Community

Bliss ROMs Facebook

Desolation ROM:
Telegram Chat:

Project.Xtremis - ROM:
Telegram Chat:


Customworx Designs:



RULEZ for the Telegram Groups:

1) Please add an avatar to distinguish yourself from others.
2) Think twice before posting something (and especially something NSFW). Some of us view this in public.
3) Do not bash or send hurtful messages to others. It will earn you a ban. This includes things like racism, sexism, and so on. Remember, this is an open community with lots of different people so please keep that in mind.
4) Existentialism or deep thoughts are only allowed in moderation. We don't want to scare people (right?)
5) No links to piracy (warez apps, etc.) This will earn you a ban.
6) Causing ANY drama will result in you being booted for 5 min. After 3 of those, you will be banned, and team leader notified.

if u wanna help me to spread the word, reshare, reshare, reshare... Thank u all
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Some lock screen mods and alternative sublime original style that will be included in theme.
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Finally have more time to get this theme going again. ✌
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Hey guys, I'm sorry if this isn't the right place, but I don't really know my way around Jesse's phone and I'm just trying to find his friends.
My name is Kathy Jensen, I'm Jesse Smith's employer and friend. He has spoken to me many times about his love of customizing and coding his phone and he loved to talk about his techie groups and show me the didn't things he's done to his phone, so I thought I would try to find some of those groups on his phone.
Jesse is in a coma in the ICU at intermountain hospital in St George. I asked his wife to give me access to his phone, so that I could try to reach out to people who might have known him.. His situation is dire. He has suffered a massive brain injury and may not live. If you would like to offer your support to his wife and two little girls, please consider donating and sharing the GoFundMe account I created for him.
Thank you
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We NO longer support (official & unofficial) builds of Slim. Are you a pirate? Good news for you!

If you are using Slim, but want to continue using Substratum and Substratum Themes, please migrate to a supported ROM listed below:

- AOSP Extended (AEX)
- Beltz
- Benzo
- Broken
- Bliss + x86
- Carbon
- crDroid
- Citrus-CAF
- CosmicOS
- Darkness Redefined
- Desolation
- Dirty Unicorns
- Discovery ROM (HazyROM)
- Exodus
- FireHound
- Flash
- halogenOS (XOS)
- idprophecy's Unofficial Lineage
- JDC (JflteDevConnection)
- Krexus
- LegendROM
- LiquidNougat
- Maple
- NitrogenOS
- noobbuilds
- NucleaROM
- Omni
- Paranoid Android
- PureNexus
- Resurrection Remix
- Screw'd
- Tesla
- Tipsy
- TugaPower
- Twisted
- Validus
- VanillaNexus
- Vanir
- Velvet
- VertexOS
- XPerience
- Zephyr

The news: Slim has released an “alternative” Substratum (Slimstratum):


Rest assured themers, we do not want to affiliate with people who try to bypass our antipiracy algorithm -> Slim Theme Manager only checks for LP (not even yet! while it ignores ALL checks on themes! This means it bypasses all the checks that we put in place for you guys.

Pirates? Good news! You now have an outlet to look out for Substratum themes -> Head over to SlimRoms Community over here: (Official site here:

You also will receive no support if you are running on a Slim based device for themes, so please do not bug our themers with regards to theme bugs (black on black, colors showing off, not compiling) as WE WILL NOT HELP YOU, YOUR POSTS WILL BE DELETED

We tried working with Slim developers, but Griffin shied away from our recent conversation because he thought Mike (+Syko Pompos) was selling him about using Subs. His argument was that Slim did not feel happy with what we didn’t give them - their own AAPT compiled with the theme application (which they said DIDN’T WORK) but evidence shown even more recently that our AAPT works perfectly with their “Slim Framework” consisting of Slim SystemUI, Slim Framework-Res, Slim Tinder, Slimchat, Slimstagram, Slim Period Tracker and now Slim Theme Manager!

All Slim did was complain that things were a security risk (which have been fixed promptly on the same day for them : and things aren’t working/installing. Obviously things would be weird if you don’t have masquerade back then...they never listened. While on my daily driver device that hasn’t been modified in MONTHS (no dalvik/art cache clear, no system reflash) has been running rootless perfectly…and there’s complaints on a freshly flashed Slim build? Clearly some salt has been rubbed into the wounds after Syko let Victor go after his 6 month break when Syko told them to work on a Layers reboot. Griffin did good work on experimental work on Layers and the Layers reboot, but decided to leave when I joined. It’s a shame Griffin still has Syko’s hammerhead and doesn’t even talk to Syko with a proper tone anymore, what a waste!

Please remember our open sourced project is licensed under GPLv3. You are allowed to modify and distribute as long as it is completely open sourced and attributed for. We are always open to open sourced development and projects. When it comes to cheating our themers, convoluting the system and affecting the stance of antipiracy, we will put our foot down. Also, I would like to add that taking code and rewriting it is copyright infringement and relicensing it is a GPL violation - where legal action is being considered. This goes against the very essence of open source that we strive to promote.

For more information:

I’d rather be using and doing original work with new ideas and contributions from the community that works to make a theming system. It takes a themer to know a themer. For the community, by the community!
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In addition to my MacBook Pro, I'm also selling my Nexus 6p (Graphite, 64GB)

- It is near mint, has a small mark on the back of the phone from a dirt particle that got caught in my case.
- I do have a dBrand skin over it now though that is black carbon fiber.
- I have the original box and charger.
- I have about 5 or 6 cases (I'll have to check the actual # and cases).
- I have a couple more dBrand skins
- Hoping to get around $350 for it, but willing to deal some as well.
- Will only ship to the US (Unless +setiawanjimmy wants and figures something out haha)
- Need to have a PayPal account that is verified.
- This is a refurbished phone straight from Google as my original 6p had battery issues. I got this refurbished phone a couple of months ago (I can look up the specific date if you're interested).

I think that is it, hit me up if you are interested in this or my MacBook Pro that I'm also selling...
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If you got some extra money please consider helping a brother out. #spreadtheword
For anyone who hadn't heard, I stepped down from my rom, and almost everything else I normally do for fun, to dedicate my time to trying to get a physical illness taken care of. It's fairly serious and has caused issues in my life for many years, but it is now beyond ignoring or living with. As I'm a self employed man, in a state that decided to not expand medicaid to adults under a specific income bracket, it's highly unlikely I will find somewhere to help for the money that we make. That being said, as much as it pains me, I have started a GoFundMe to see if anyone out there in android land wanted to help a dude out. I absolutely hate asking for help, I really do, so this is done with great reserve, but I figure it's worth a try. Thanks guys, much love, and #StayBroken 

For those unable to use GoFundMe, and must use something like paypal, my account address is:
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Help my bro out, if you can
As much as I hate to do it, and you guys all know we don't spam donate links or push for em in any way, I'm in a tight spot. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I could use a couple bucks to make it to the wife's next paycheck. It's been an excessively expensive week, I haven't been around much cause I've been playing catch up, and anything is appreciated. Of course I could go to a pawn shop, or sell something, but I figured I'd mention it here first...If need be, those are always still an option....If y'all wanna show a little love, emails for gwallet or PayPal are the same:

Again, this isn't something I like to do, or try to do regularly, but just putting it out there if anyone wants to help..Thanks guys and #StayBroken 
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substratum v150 public release

This marks the first release on Play Store! Woot! Congrats team and all our beta testers :)

A gentle reminder, please do NOT flood the Play Store inbox but instead look for these fine gentlemen + feline for more information when dealing with Substratum.

Team Substratum Project Leads and Developers
+Me = App/platform dev
+Syko Pompos  = Platform/ROM Dev
+George G.  = Platform/ROM
+cory collins  = Platform/ROM Dev
+Jacob McSwain = Platform/ROM Dev

Team Substratum Themers
+Branden  = Sublime Mint OMS
+setiawanjimmy  = Beltz/Magpie OMS
+David Wilson  = Domination OMS
+Jeremy Beck = Spectrum OMS

People you have to talk to about Substratum (our favorite contributors)
+Nathan Chancellor = <- this guy
+Char G = <- this cat too
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