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So the sunshine seems to be easing off again for another year. Normal service resuming soon I'd say...
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More idiocy from American Lawyers...
WTF Hollywood? A pub in Southampton does not impact the revenue of #TheHobbit. Your stupidity does. Because me and my family will boycott those movies if you follow through with your lawsuit.

Are you publicly offensive about other peoples philosophies and beliefs? Do you think that being offensive is "just telling it as it is"? Do you think that your philosophy makes you superior to other people and gives you the right to insult them? Do you think that people who disagree with your philosophy and beliefs are delusional idiots? Do you think people who disagree with your philosophy shouldn't be allowed teach their philosophy to their children, and that all children should be taught yours instead? Do you respect and admire anyone who is directly, deliberately and intentionally offensive about other peoples philosophies?

If you answered Yes, well congratulations!

You're a bigot!
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