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So I decided I needed something to fight for. I found it in fighting blood cancers. Please consider taking a charitable donation on your taxes and helping me fight for a good cause while I try and do a couch to half-marathon.

Watching some guy try to trap pigeons in Daley Plaza with his coat #ILoveTourists

Win for the day: 2 French tourists thought I was from France and would not accept that I was an American. /me dances

Who is playing Glitch?! Send me your names so we can be friends!

Life is hard enough as is right now. Why is there a HORRIBLE mariachi/marching band playing outside my house? The brass section sounds like they're using cats as baffles. #crapweek

This earth has lost one of the truly great men of any era. Dr. J was a prolific scholar, superb mentor, and good friend. I truly would not be where I am today in my academic and life pursuits without the aid of great men like Chris. He will be deeply and sorely missed.

The Legend of Zelda theme always makes me smile. I don't know why. Remixed, it makes me smile even more.

GAH WHY WON'T GOOGLE PLUS LET ME COMMENT ON ANYONE'S POSTS TONIGHT!!!!!! This is a common problem. I can't post from my phone so I transfer to computer but even that won't work. what the hell!

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This is why I'm a foodie, and it's why I watch Bourdain.

Total win for the week (I'm such a dork): I got the DJ on the radio to give a shout out to all the Bar takers and request David Guetta -- "Memories" because by Thursday this'll all just be a bad memory. I'm ecstatic for some reason.
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