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Technik-Fan, Blogger, Podcaster, Musiker, Kaffeejunkie

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Hey guys! My question is about the "At A Glance" Widget. Can I change the time of what events are shown? For instance I wanna see events that are coming up in 24 hours or more. (yeah, I don't have that many events... ;-)

What events are shown at all? Can I change from wich calendars events are shown? I'm pretty sure there are no settings for this (feature request?), but it's possible I'm overlooking something.


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Ok, I'm currently running Version 29.0 of Action Launcher and am on the beta track. I'm using it on a Galaxy S8. I use the option to turn off the navigation bar and status bar.

The problem is, when I return to the home screen from any app, most of the time the graphics on the bottom aren't in the right place. I've attached screenshots where you can clearly see the problem.

The touch targets on the other hand are where they are supposed to be. It's really annoying and I have this problem pretty much since I turned off the navigation bar. I'm using the built-in system method on the S8 for this.

It would be awesome if this could be fixed...
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Got a problem with the quickbar. I select the searchbar without color but it always changesbon its own...
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Hey! As you can see in my screenshot, there's an aweful lot of wasted space at the bottom of the screen. Any chance to adjust the margins of the space at the bottom?

Hey +Sam Ruston​ I love Flamingo! But I have one problem: since the last few updates, the app won't jump to the top of the timeline! I tap the unread counter, nothing happens. I tap the top of the tab, nothing happens... Help? 😭

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Feature request: there should be some indication that a tweet has more than one image. Look at the screenshot, there are three pictures in that post, but I'll never find out unless I click on the picture!

Love your app! 😍 The best feature in my opinion, is the quick response bar DOESN'T close automatically, when you perform an action! It stays open so I can easily fav AND RT a tweet! 😁 Please keep it that way!

One thing on my wishlist is a feature, which was present when you first launch the app: please let me swipe over an open pic or video to close it! The "swipe from the right" gesture is a bit problematic when you use pie controls from the right side also.

Sill: awesome app!

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This week's #‎RigRundown comes atop of Nashville's skyline as we were invited to hang with country picker Johnny Hiland. In this teaser clip, shredding twangster talks about and plays a few licks on his beloved #1—a 1998 Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Sport that's been heavily customized. Click to find out the details!

Watch the whole Rundown:

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Dicks... I wonder how many families in a poor country could have been fed for a whole year if they got the money spent on that watch...

But wait, you don't get Klicks on YouTube for that....
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