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The Big Picture - ISIS, NATO and Russia
Clarion: Journal of Spirituality and Justice - The Big Picture ~ ISIS, NATO and Russia The civilized world, especially those in the West and ​in ​Russia, is disgusted by and extremely angry about the recent terrorist acts of radical militant Muslims in Mali...

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The Masonic Symbolism of the U.S. Capitol
TradCatKnight - The Masonic Symbolism of the U.S. Capitol The US Capitol is not simply another governmental building. It is the
spiritual center of the United States. Its structure, its art and its symbols
all reveal the great importance of secret Fratern...

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free Catholic audios
EWTN Audio Library Series Institute of Catholic Culture The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology MP3 Religious Debates, Christian Apologetics Talks, Catholic EWTN Sonitus Sanctus Discerning Hearts Bishop Sheen Audio - Life Is Worth Living Dr. Peter Kreeft ...

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David Bentley Hart and Lawrence Feingold - The Natural Desire to See God

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Candida Moss on the Purpose of Hell
The Daily Beast - What the Hell Is the Purpose of Hell? Whether hell is other people, a place, or just a bad date, it’s deeply ingrained in society’s collective consciousness. But why? by Candida Moss Related Posts

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Is Sacramentalism the Answer to Secularism?
There is a growing chorus of scholars across the ecumenical boundaries (Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant) that are making the argument that sacramentalism, a sacramental worldview which recognizes the centrality of the liturgy, as the antidote tha...

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Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt on Empire
Bergoglio’s Pendulum, Between Capitalism and Revolution - Marxist, libertarian, Peronist. They have applied the most disparate labels to him. The contrasting judgments of the Acton Institute and the “Friends of Pope Francis” by Sandro Magister Wikipedia on ...

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Going to Hell with the Terrorists and Torturers
Glory to God for All Things - Going to Hell with the Terrorists and Torturers Torture is wrong. Justify it if you will, but it remains wrong. ...But there is something of far greater value that is too easily missed in our current round of hand-wringing. It ...

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Letting Go Of Hell
Letting Go Of Hell (Without Letting Go Of The Bible) Posts on Hell by Scott McKnight Related Posts: The Real Hell – Is There Such a Thing? Voris vs. Barron on Hell Hell - Barron, Voris, Martin, Jersak, Dart, Lazar and Alfeyev Fr. Aidan (Al) Kimel on Hell UP...

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Catholic Showdown
EP (ongoing dialog) Markets, Liberalism, and G.K. Chesterton Different Kinds of Liberalism: Chesterton and Burke v. Storck What’s Really at Stake in the Catholic Showdown? Two Catholic Camps Worth Debating Faith, Reason, and the Two Camps Related Posts: The...
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