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Sat down this morning with Jordana Brewster from several of the Fast & Furious movies and the returning Dallas.  She's a big of a fan of Showtime's Homeland as we here at GotR are!
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Excellent hangout.  My apologies for having to put up with +DeAno Jackson though.  :-)  Just kidding DeAno.
Fantastic, +Maria Quiban; now your mental midget minions are finding their way onto my page!  LOL!
You've hit the big time, DeAno!
Haha, awesome +DeAno Jackson. I think +Maria Quiban needs to install that "Nuke" extension that deletes the comment and blocks the person to clean up some of this nonsense :) 
+Kyle Salewski: Actually there was an update a couple of months ago to G+ that makes that extension irrelevant; you can do that instantly the second you delete a person's comment.
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