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Review: A Giving Heart coloring book for Mom's
        ` A Giving Heart ` is a coloring book especially for mom's designed by Stephanie Corfee. The thing I most enjoyed about this color book is the positive quotes throughout the book. Each design is quite detailed, but to spend time just reading the quo...

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Q & A with author MaryLu Tyndall
                                         It is my pleasure to have  author MaryLu Tyndall visit my blog today.          MaryLu is the author of the `Protectors of the Spear`  series. Please give her a warm welcome. Q & A with author MaryLu Tyndall: (1) What...

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Review: She Walks in Power
        ` She Walks in Power ` is a science fiction/fantasy novel written by author MaryLu Tyndall. I chose to read this novel because of the intriguing cover. I felt the cover added depth to the story. The setting is in England, the Middle Ages. This is bo...

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Review: David Baloche
        Artist  David Baloche’s album, Labyrinth, has a calming, soothing effect. After a long day, it's perfect to help settle the soul, body, and mind. Much of his lyrics come from the Holy Bible. King David used scripture and song to help him overcome fe...

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Q & A with author Linore Burkard
          It is my pleasure to have author Linore Burkard visit my blog today. Linore is the author of the Pulse Effex  series.                        Please give her a warm welcome as you read her interview. Thanks! Q & A with Linore Burkard : (1) Besides ...

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Review: Defiance
        Seven months ago an EMP knocked out the electric grid causing all technology to quit working. It was in the middle of winter leaving people to fight for their life. All of America was affected, along with parts of Canada. Cars would not work, comput...

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Review: BIG Picture Interactive Bible
        `The BIG Picture Interactive Bible` is a hardback Christian Standard Bible for kids. I love the layout and structure of this Bible. There are sections throughout the Bible that give the definitions of big words, those that help with Seeing the Big p...

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Review: Too Deep for Words
Too Deep for Words A Civil War Novel Andrea Boeshaar                                                                                                                                    Carrie Ann Collier has been a newlywed for nineteen blissful days--as bli...

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Q & A with author Jennifer Slattery
              It is my pleasure to have author Jennifer Slattery visit my blog today. Jennifer is the author of `Restoring Love`. If you are one of my regular blog readers you may remember my `Restoring Love` book review. But, just in case, here is a link t...

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Review: Bible Sleuth: New Testament
        `Bible Sleuth: New Testament` Is a puzzle book for children illustrated by Jose Perez Montero. Each page has a summarized Bible story with the scripture address listed with it. This book reminds me of the hunt & find books my children had when they ...
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