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You Only Write So Much
writing, teens, stories, advice, tips, fiction, YA, books
writing, teens, stories, advice, tips, fiction, YA, books

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Hey Guys! Here is a small teaser from the soon to come second installment of my short story series, Total Fangirling!
Kelsey cries out sobbing into her hands. Jeff looks away and as tears slowly prickle in his eyes. Toby look down and covers his mouth sobbing quietly.
Kelsey: "I....I can't... it's just so..." Kelsey tries talking between tears.
Anne looks over at them surprised, quite unsure what to do.
Anne: Guys, what's wrong? Did you finish the Fault in our Stars yet?
Jeff: "Yeah... yeah we did..."
Toby: "Dam* cancer! If he didn't.... if he never had..." Toby yelled.
Enters Sean from the door. His eyes obviously red and puffy.
Sean: Anne, we have a problem. I tried to find Rachel but she's not anywhere in the school.....
Anne: "What are you talkin about?"


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Hey guys! So I just created tis page if you want to like overdose on my blog updates and more things for writing and books. Well I thought it would be pretty fun to make a page, please follow! :)
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