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Important update rolling out to beta today.
SD Card support!
Improved background capture
New codec

Today marks a milestone for both myself and the community as we cross 1 million downloads. When I first created the app, I never would have thought we'd hit this goal in just over 2 years. Since the inital release, the app has improved massively, and that's thanks to you guys and everyone who supports us! I feel as though we should give something back to this group, so we have a competition for you :D.

We have 40 codes to be redeemed (20 for 4K, 20 for background capture), if you have already purchased these, you can send us your order number to be refunded if you want to, and then you can redeem the code.

All we want to see is your recorded timelapses, which need to be shared to this group from today 29th June until 12th July. 20 videos will be randomly selected and winners notified.

We look forward to your timelapses and your continued support :).

0.2.4 update now available.

Increased the max interval time from 10 seconds to 24 hours
Fixed an issue with the thumbnail
Fixed other issues
Default focus is now continuous-video
Setup for allowing promo codes - More on this soon...!

Hi guys,

I've enabled compatibility with the Z5 & compact but I haven't yet had a chance to confirm everything works smoothly as I haven't got hold of the phone yet. If you could let me know of any issues, I'd appreciate it.

I've been pretty busy lately so I haven't done much work on the app but I hope to soon.


Does anyone have an Android TV to possibly beta test a new app ?

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Just a quick poll guys. Have you bought an in app purchase in Time Lapse (4K or background capture) ?
47 votes
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Background Capture

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I did a time lapse earlier using an Xperia ZR. Please check it out below! :)

How is everyone finding the latest beta?

New update fixes a memory bug with touch to focus. Adds material design icon. Improves background capture bugs. 

Reminder - you must have followed this link before you receive beta updates

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Just pushing the new update to Google Play. There are still one or two things to be done before mass rollout, but I wanted you to test it out first. Background capture is free for you guys from 29/03/15 for one week.

Move to google play services location - less battery
Save to SD for 5.0+ (read and render from SD in KitKat)
Background capture properly - requires new permission
Limited Android wear support while recording (not tested!!)
All focus modes available
Dialog has transparency
Low memory indicator
Material look (app icon coming soon)
Better touch to focus
Slightly smaller APK
Save images checked by default
Bug fixes

If you haven't joined go onto this link
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