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How Much Money Can You Make With #YouTube?

Passive #income from YouTube becoming a main stream of revenue for people around the world. Unique, funny and exciting videos that go viral often receive #millionsofhits per month and some have even reached over a million hits in one day.

Just like any other job or small business, in order to reach a point where you can live off of YouTube earnings, you must work hard to create content on a daily basis, research a niche that sells and promote your videos online.

Once you you’ve created enough content, are well known among YouTube viewers and have been accepted into the YouTube Partner program, the sky is the limit.

What Type of Income Can I Expect From My YouTube Videos?

The income you #generate from YouTube all depends on how much hard work you put in and how consistently you update your videos. Some people earn less than a dollar a day while others earn a stable five to six figure yearly income.

If you’re hoping for a stable income from your #YouTubevideos over an extended amount of time, you must gain a large amount of #subscribers. While some videos go #viral instantly, for the vast majority of YouTube entrepreneurs, it takes years to build up a decent stream of monthly income.

Some Tips to Help You Get Started

If you have a great idea for a YouTube video or series of videos, the following tips may help you get your project off the ground:

When creating a YouTube account, make sure to choose a username that isn’t too long and is easy to remember. People can easily recall videos you’ve made or refer you to their friends if you have an easy-to-remember username.
The vast majority of people who are looking for videos to watch on YouTube find what they’re looking for by entering specific keywords into the search box. Make sure you have included some keywords that relate to each video when you are finished uploading. This will increase your visibility and may even get your video onto Google search results.
Like any other online income-generating venture, content is king. Make sure you upload quality videos that aren’t too short or aren’t too long. People like to browse through videos quickly and often jump from one video to the next within a few minutes. The time of your video will vary depending on what type of content you plan to upload to YouTube.
Gain an audience by consistently uploading quality content. Make sure to promote your videos in other places on the web, such as Facebook, blogs, forums and so on. Because the amount of subscribers you have is essential to becoming a YouTube partner, try to get people hooked on your videos and have them coming back for more on a daily basis.
The Partnership program consists primarily of channels which #YouTubeadvertises on personally. Joining the program is the best way to #earnmoney on YouTube. Make sure you don’t have any copyrighted material included in your videos, including #songs, copyrighted video clips or images that may get you into trouble.
The Application Process

The application process for YouTube’s Partnership program can be difficult to deal with. If you are one of the lucky few and have experienced great success with one of your videos, you may receive an email from YouTube asking you to join their program.

If you have not received an email from YouTube but still think your videos may qualify for the program, head to the Partnership Program section of their website. Read the tutorial on that page to make sure you haven’t violated any of their policies.

Once you have applied to the program, YouTube will either accept or deny your application. If they deny your application, you won’t be able to apply again for another two months. If your application is approved, you may then manually turn on ads in your videos or next to your videos on their individual pages.

Before you freak out about not being accepted, remember that the review process takes approximately two weeks to complete.

The Best of the Best

Some of YouTube’s most successful members include Phillip DeFranco, Shane Dawson and the individual behind the Annoying Orange. Each of these members made six figure incomes in 2012 and will likely make even more this year.

These individuals were successful because they created and #uploaded content that they knew would work well among YouTube’s viewing audience. Their content is creative, catchy and can be easily shared among friends.

Another key to their success is determination. Like any other business, you must be determined to make a lot of money and to maintain your YouTube presence in order to succeed in the future. It often takes people many months of trial and error to find the one video that will someday make them rich.

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10 Steps to a Solid Facebook Business Plan :-

Its crucial that you make the right decisions when building a social identity for your business on the largest social network in the world. We’ve devised 10 perfect tips to make sure your Facebook page has the perfect head start.

1. Set Up a Personal Account

Even though you are using #Facebook for business purposes, you’ll want to have a personal account in your business name as well. There are a number of reasons for this. One is that you need a personal account in order to set up a business page, but even if you already have a personal Facebook account (which you could really use, as no one can see which personal account has started the business page), you should have a personal account in your business name as well. If you are your business (in the case of a writer, musician, or similar one-man profession) you can use your preexisting account. But even if you have a company, setting up a personal account in that company name is important.

Thanks to a helpful tip from #TheNextWeb, one of the main drawbacks of a business page is that it doesn’t allow you to “friend” others on Facebook. Only a personal account can do that; “friending” is where a lot of the most important connections and interactions come about. By making sure that you have a business profile as well as page, you’ll have all the options ready to work to your benefit.

2. Create a Page for Your Business

Having a page means that people will be able to “like” your #business and subscribe to your feed.

Having a #Facebookfanpage is extremely valuable, as every time you make a Facebook post, the people who have liked your page will see your updates on their #newsfeed, including #sales, #promotions, and news.

There’s a lot you’ll want to do with your page, and once you have it set up, you’re on your way to creating a solid Facebook presence.

3. Upload a Cover Photo

Cover Photo ExampleCover photos are a great new addition to Facebook.

In addition to the Profile Photo, which is likely to be your company’s logo or a picture of your product, the cover photo takes up the whole top of your Facebook page, and offers you a chance to get your business’s message and personality out there.

It’s almost like a high profile billboard spot that you can advertise on. Just make sure to check with Facebook’s cover photo guidelines, since there are restrictions as to the type of content you can post.

4. Customize a Welcome tab on your Page

Facebook Welcome tab exampleThis is where you get to offer the virtual version of your elevator pitch.

Pictured here in the thumbnail to the left is Starbucks’ example of this; by creating an enticing welcome image, your visitors are more likely to like your page.

The welcome tab is the first thing that visitors will see when they arrive at your Facebook page, so make sure you’ve got a friendly message that makes it clear to the visitor why they will want to “like” your page and find out more about you. This can be one of the most effective ways to build your Facebook following.

5. Go Tab Happy

Facebook tabs exampleFlesh out your page by adding multiple tabs.

They don’t all have to be about your products. Think wide and add tabs about topics relevant to your niche.

A good example: if you sell exercise equipment, consider adding a “workouts” tab, as well as one for “diet tips”.

Adding multiple tabs can provide additional content to your visitors, making your fan page more valuable to your fans.

6. Like a Lot

Get Facebook likes imageUse both your business profile and page to like all other pages in your niche.

Yes, they’re your competitors, but Facebook is a site where it pays to be friendly. When you “like” them, they’ll “like” you back, and you’ll increase your range of exposure because their fans will find out about you.

By liking relevant pages (and leaving comments on status posts, if you are feeling social), you are increasing your exposure and increasing your chances of gaining valuable relevant likes on your page.

7. Stay Targeted

Get Targeted Facebook fansStick to people who are interested in your business. The more targeted you are, the more successful you’ll be.

To increase your targeted fans, do your best to get likes within the tight circle that is your industry.

Use proven strategies, such as putting your Facebook fan page in your email signature, being active on similar pages in your niche, and leaving your Facebook fan page wherever you think it may gain positive exposure. You’d be surprised how effective this can be in growing your audience.

8. Keep the Conversation Coming

Facebook conversation exampleUpdate your status often and use the discussions app to generate conversation. There is no reason for people to keep coming back to your fan page if there is no active discussions.

Engage your fans and friends, and pay attention to what they have to say. The more often they see you in their feed, the greater brand recognition you’ll achieve.

Remember, Facebook is a #social platform all about friends – so show them that you value their feedback and opinions, and you’ll be the one to profit.

9. Gain Insights in Insights

Use the Insights tool located on the “Fan” page to gain valuable data about you campaigns.

Being able to see stats such as your daily likes and your daily shares will help you spot patterns and trends and may help you in the future.

The more you can learn about your fan base and their response to your Facebook marketing, the more successfully you can fine tune your page to your Facebook fans. You can sign up for a weekly email report from Facebook for most of your fan page stats.

10. Facebook Ads Add Up

Facebook ads exampleBottom line: buying Facebook #Ads increases your exposure.

Take advantage of these highly customizable ads to target the segments of Facebook users that you haven’t reached yet. The new Facebooks CRM advertisement feature allows you to target specific audiences for lower costs; you can select exactly which users you want to see your ads, and vastly increase your customer base.

Facebook ads takes a link to your fan page and puts it in front of thousands of interested people in your niche; you can filter by age, interests, location, and more. It may be worth trying a campaign for a couple of months to see how well it increases your Facebook fan page audience.

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 3 Simple Tips to Get More Facebook Shares :->

As many #onlinemarketers know, Facebook is one of the most effective resources for building buzz around a website or business. With nearly 1 billion users worldwide and counting, it doesn’t appear that this social media powerhouse is going out of style any time soon. Of the different actions that users can perform on Facebook, shares are the most powerful. Besides driving direct #traffic, they also generate valuable backlink juice which can help boost a site’s ranking on #Google and other search engines. With that being said, here are 3 simple tips for increasing your Facebook shares.

Install a Share Button

Perhaps the easiest and most straightforward thing you can do to produce quick results is to simply install a Facebook share button. This is relatively easy to do and can help a lot. If you use the WordPress platform, you can simply browse the plugins list for a Facebook share plugin and install it. You can even include buttons for other social media sites like #Twitter and #Pinterest if you wish. Once a share button is installed, it will usually appear underneath the content you create like #articles and #blog posts. Whenever someone wants to post your content on Facebook, they can conveniently click the share button and it will automatically be posted. This saves your audience time and can increase the number of shares you receive.

Keep Text on Posts Simple

Another way to maximize your #Facebookshares is to avoid going overboard when writing text. For example, if you post a picture to your timeline, you should try to keep your text characters under 80. This is because studies have shown that less than 80 characters leads to a 27 percent higher engagement rate. It’s also smart to include your friends or followers rather than exclude them when creating posts. This can often be done by avoiding writing in first person where you say “I,” “my,” “mine,” etc. Instead, you could simply post a general question or write in second person by using words like “you” and “your.” The bottom line is that people have limited attention spans, so condensing your text in less content is a good idea. Also, you should try to encourage interaction and involve your audience as much as possible.

Be Relevant

In addition, it’s critical that you post relevant content to your Facebook profile. If you really want to engage your #audience and get them to share, you need to post content that naturally appeals to them. For example, a business that sells athletic equipment might want to post sports related pictures from recent games. At the same time, they wouldn’t want to post pictures from a cosmetics or #fashionmagazine. By maintaining relevancy with your audience, you should be able to pique their interest, keep them coming back for more and ultimately get them to share your content with others. Over time, this can boost your number of followers considerably while driving traffic to your website
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