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Happy New Year 2071 BS to ALL.

Happy New Year BS 2071! 
Maybe, someone might think it is too late to celebrate the New Year…. However, today is the New Year’s Day in Nepali calendar, BS.
 Most of them are taking a rest today, but I am gonna finish my task today haha.
Today, I woke up at 6 o’clock and went to some temples, including Golden Temple in Lalitpur (Patan) as my first visit of the year to a temple. As the name, Lalitpur means, “Beautiful Town”, Lalitpur in the morning time is mysterious and beautiful, but I felt it more in this New Year’s Day. This morning, there are many people, coming to pray at some temples as a first visit of the year. Here in Nepal, when people pray in front of the temple, they touch their head and heart by their hand and repeat this motion for a couple of times. This means that they hope their heart to the God will be connected with their mind. This photo shows people are coming back from praying at the temple, which was taken at the Patan Durbar Square. What did they pray at temples this time? 
 In Nepal, we will begin the new year from now. Again, Happy New Year to All from Sarthak Shiksha. Wish all in the world can receive quality learning.
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