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Chef's Pizza this week is stunning. Peppadews, Smoked Mozzarella, Goat Cheese, White Sauce, Arugula and Balsamic Reduction.

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Can you handle the Triple Green Chile Burger?

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Don't forget to order your Paczki's. We are taking pre-orders for a dozen or more until Sunday, February 7th (we are closing at 2:00pm that Sunday).

This year LaDawn is making Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Bean Custard and Raspberry Jam filled Paczki. Tuesday, February 9th is Paczki day, first come first served until we run out! 

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Making each one GORGEOUS!

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Sometimes you need a little motivation to get through the rest of the week. Might I suggest a Lavender Honey Macaron for this week's motivation. 

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Roasting some peppers is the beginning of a great salsa!

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Two days of New Year's celebration with the return of Red Velvet Cake. New Year's Eve and New Year's day ONLY! Come grab a slice and celebrate the start of 2016.

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The Thanksgiving Burger! Turkey Patty, House Made Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce on a Hawaiian Bun.

We will be closed Thanksgiving day. We will be serving breakfast until 1:00 on Wednesday AND Friday!

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So many great pastry specials this week:
Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
Tiramisu Bread Pudding
Rice Crispy Macarons
Maple Bacon Macarons
Pumpkin Cheesecake Eclairs
Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

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Burger Daze 2015 is off and running. Join us!

Remember to save your receipts. Try 10 Different Burger Daze burgers, and bring in your receipts by September 7th, you will receive a $25 gift card. If you try all 31 burgers - a $100 gift card.
Here's the schedule so you can plan ahead:

1.    Weekender Burger with beef patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and sunny side up egg.

2.    Pad Thai Burger with beef patty, seared Tofu, peanut sauce, bean sprouts, julienned vegetables, and lime.

3.    Roasted Corn Poblano Burger with beef patty, roasted corn, poblano, jalapeno, pepper jack cheese, on jalapeno ciabatta.

4.    Buffalo Blue Burger with beef patty, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, celery.

5.    Cowboy Burger with beef patty, smoked cheddar, bacon, grilled onion, housemade steak sauce, pickled jalapenos.

6.    Salmon Cake Burger with housemade remoulade, mixed greens, veg.

7.    Pasta House Burger with beef patty, linguine, and marinara on garlic bread.

8.    Shepherd's Pie Burger with mashed potatoes, vegetable medley, and gravy.

9.    Rustic Guacamole Burger with beef patty, chipotle-gouda cheese, roasted vegetable guacamole, cotija, and tortilla chips.

10.  Portobello Burger with marinated and grilled portobello patty, avocados, alfalfa sprouts, and tomato. 

11.  Lamb Burger with ground lamb patty, housemade jalapeno mint jelly, and arugula, and tomato.

12.  Herbed Goat Cheese Burger with beef patty, red wine and onion marmalade, arugula, and of course, herbed goat cheese.

13.  Cubano Burger with beef patty, smoked pork, pickles, whole grain mustard, and cabbage.

14.  Shrimp and Crispy Bacon Burger with beef patty, sauteed shrimp, crispy candied bacon, and sriracha aioli.

15.  Ahi Burger with a seared ahi patty with wasabi aioli, and pickled julienned vegetable slaw.

16.  Brie Burger with beef patty, brie, wild mushrooms, spring mix, and guava glaze.

17.  Bestie Burger with beef patty, monterey jack cheese, spicy avocado, chipotle vin, and veg.

18.  Hollywood Cobb Burger with beef patty, chopped greens, egg, bacon, tomato, and blue cheese dressing.

19.  Italian Stallion Burger with ground sausage patty, roasted peppers, and provolone.

20.  Chile Con Queso Burger with beef patty, queso with chorizo, and fritos.

21.  Juicy Lucy Burger with American cheese stuffed beef patty, bacon, bbq sauce, and onion ring.

22.  Chicken Parmesan Burger with chicken parm patty, marinara, and mozzarella on brioche bun.

23.  Prosciutto Burger with beef patty, sliced prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic reduction, and date jam.

24.  Pork Belly BLT, beef patty with pork belly, heirloom tomato, arugula, and pesto.

25.  Jamaican Jerk Burger with beef patty, mango salsa, and chipotle aioli.

26.  Barbacoa Burger with beef patty, barbacoa pork, pico de gallo, lime slaw, and avocado crema.

27.  Grinder Burger with beef patty, sliced meat, pepperoncini, and lettuce, onion, tomato.

28.  Roast Beef Burger with roast beef, vermont cheddar, horseradish sauce.

29.  Billionaire Burger

30.  Savory Waffle Burger with beef patty, cheese and vegetables.

31.  Truffle Mushroom Burger with beef patty, havarti, truffle mushrooms, and arugula.
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