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Greg Guma
Author, editor, post-industrial thinker...
Author, editor, post-industrial thinker...
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Able to serve? Even if a president has a mental disorder, that may say little about his fitness to serve. After all, Lincoln had severe depression, Theodore Roosevelt was probably bipolar, and Grant was an alcoholic. According to a study based on biographical data, 18 of America’s first 37 presidents met criteria suggesting they suffered from a psychiatric disorder during their lifetime: 24 % from depression, 8 % from anxiety, 8 % from bipolar disorder and 8 % from alcohol abuse or dependence. And 10 of those presidents showed signs of mental illness while they were in office.... You can be psychiatrically ill and perfectly competent, just as you can be mentally healthy but totally unfit... So the nation doesn’t need a shrink to help it to decide whether President Trump is fit to serve, mentally or otherwise.

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How can we get out of this mess in less than a month? Here's the 25th Amendment (Sec. 4) solution. VP Mike Pence and a majority of Trump's cabinet write to Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, currently Senate President pro tempore. They also write to House Speaker Paul Ryan. They've finally had enough, and their "written declaration" states that President Trump "is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office." Therefore, Pence will immediately "assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President."

Of course, Trump doesn't take this lying down. In reply he sends Ryan and Hatch his own "written declaration that no inability exists." And he will retake control, he warns, unless -- within four days -- the VP and a majority of either the cabinet or another body established by Congress, says he's unable to do his job.

After receiving that statement, Congress assembles within 48 hours. Less that 21 days later they vote. It takes two-thirds of both Houses, but they finally decide that Trump simply can't do the job. Once they vote, Pence continues on as Acting President.

In the end, it's a no-brainer. If they failed to act, Trump would regain control of the Presidency and we'd all be in bigger trouble than ever.

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UNWITTING: "It was a summer of suspicion"
Chapter Two: Naming Names (The Secret War on William Pierce) Pierce felt strongly that security clearances were out of place in the academic community and  didn’t hesitate to say so publicly. In April 1953, for example, he spoke out about a Presidential Exe...

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Unwitting: The Secret War on William Pierce
By Greg Guma * Chapter One: Wrong Turn -- He had nightmares when he was wide awake. Nervous and garrulous, he couldn’t resist running over the accomplishments in his past – prestigious places he had taught, famous scientists and intellectuals he had known, mathe...

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Coming Soon: Momentum II: Huge!
People were ready for something different. This time they got it! But will it be billionaire rule... or real democracy? The fight for the future has begun. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump dominate all screens in Momentum II.
What will we do next?

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"In this kind of war, borders are ultimately unimportant. Battles are waged everywhere, even in communities far from a frontier. This blurs the line between police and the military, and further threatens basic rights." 

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A Few Words on... Narcissists
"They're everywhere... and perfect for power, narcissist leaders willing to sell themselves at any price."

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The Vermont Way
...from the time before the settlers to the age of Bernie. Rare photos, film segments and dozens of unique, dramatic stories are collected on this site. Recent additions include Dark Shadows in Vermont's Past; Class Struggle: From Socialism to the American Plan; Vermont's Decentralists, and videos like Serenade in Green and The Parkway That Never Was.

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The Vermont Way - It's a delicate balance. A serenade in green.
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