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John Love (CuriousJohn)

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Whoa. I just blogged! That doesn't happen often...

It's a pretty vulnerable post about some of the challenges I've been facing these last few months as I confront my abuse history and seek healing at a weekend retreat in the midst of relocating to the other side of the country. I hope you'll take a few minutes to read it and let me know what you think!

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A taste of the scene at +Hub Oakland's launch party Monday night.
HUB Oakland Party
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Curious John salutes you, oh young and curious one!

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Perhaps the most important detail of Stanford's recent breakthrough in Biological Computing is that "Stanford has contributed the BIL gate design to the public domain, which should allow other research institutes, such as Harvard’s Wyss Institute, to also begin work on the first biological computer."

#biologicalcomputing   #bioengineering   #opensource  

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That amazing feeling when you're doing good things for yourself and the world, and building capacity to do even more. #levelingup   #thriving  

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The perception, "ideal," and REALITY of wealth inequality in America.

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Watching +Reinventors Network "Reinvent Learning" roundtable with +Howard Rheingold, +Mimi Ito+Jerry Michalski and more. Watch live and join in the discussion on the future of connected learning using the hashtag #reinventors .
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