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have you tried to connect with them on facebook...they usually help you with alot of things.
will straight talk use a samssung omnia II 2 I920 touch cell phone
thats  good question +Wayne Starnes  & +Ron Bird Jr  what do you mean dont use FB @ all. I've had them answer questions on there alot better then here. LOL...like you said they +Straight Talk  have not even popped in here to answer the couple of questions on here. Oh well. But I must say I've saved alot of money w/ both my husbands and daughters phone. My son prefers AT&T{ yeah not me sorry} and my other daughter still is stuck on TMOBILE as I. I'm ready to break the contract but need $250 to break the contract. But I'll be saving over $950 this year. I have another $100 to go then I'll be a ST user also :-) 
omg +Ron Bird Jr  yes this is one of their +Straight Talk 's downfall and especially no weekend hours...and if your lucky you may get someone that speaks and understands english...I understand your frustration. Like my dearly departed dad used to say{and I cant believe I'm saying this} "You have to pay a price when you want to save money or when you go cheaper".....
Activated Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM) on StraightTalk with no problems. Even ported my existing phone number from Sprint. Choose the AT&T sim /network for my area. VERY HAPPY  
800-876-5753 try this number 24/7 no wait time english speeking
My phone flew out the window while goin sown the road is it possible to be sent a replacement for it
did u wont this model with or with out wings
@cheryl-  you know I cant wait to switch either. Even though I'm paying more in the long run JUST THIS YEAR w/ the cancellation fees, prorated bill, last months bill then purchasing of the new phone and purchasing of a $45min card. Yes @ 1st I'll be spending alot of money...but man oh man in the long run. I'll be saving over $1200 a yr. 

+Rafael Martinez  you can also call them an purchase them over the phone as long as you have a C/C or Debit Card

+Jeff Goldrich  -  So your saying you CHOSE the AT&T network or WE should choose that network. 
+cheryl orey   sure my email addy is mcruzamaro@gmail.com or mamaro1967@yahoo.com... I'm also on google talk most of the time when I'm not working from home. I already added you to my circle of friends on here
+cheryl orey   LOL...sounds like a plan. So wait you mentioned that you purchased your phone on on EBAY. A straight talk phone? really...So I can go on ST look for a phone then go on EBAY and see if they have it for cheaper? then call ST finally so they can switch me? is this what you did

+Stephen Easley - Can you explain how that happened. LOL...I'm trying to picture this w/ different scenarios but I sure can not picture this..lol

+Tammey Hewell  I know sometimes if you call in the afternoon kinda like maybe between 11a-2p you may luck out by getting someone "english speaking" that under stands and speak english clearly
Need your folks opinion, currently I am on ATT (good reception, too expensive) with an iPhone 4 and live in Reno, NV. My plan is to do what Jeff did and purchase a Galaxy Nexus GSM (just got a Nexus 7-I'm hooked) and use a ST ATT Sim. What has me concerned is when looking at the service area maps the difference between iPhone and Android is significant with the Android area of coverage not looking good. I'm not clear on why my coverage wouldn't be the same as I have now. Any ideas??
I have had trouble getting on my email for a while now. Can anyone help? When I called for customer service they didn't understand what I was talking about.  I think something is set up wrong in my phone and they didn't know how to help me. Now I am trying to add international calling minutes to my phone and can't seem to do that without a number to call. I just wanted to added general minutes. Help me please!!!
Cheryl...your are such a great help...so glad your my friend....   ;-)
Hi. I got into my account and saw a Internatonal Minutes (Add as you go) link. So I found that. My email is another issue.  It's still says that there is a systems error or connection refused by server, check user name and password, something like that.
Can't get through to C.S. .My cell calls seem to go right to voice mail ???? Have unlimited plan ,so call me . Like to see if thi phone rings. Thanks 1-845-239-2851.
What's the average delivery time after ordering a SIM card?
Can I get the SIM card at any Walmart, ready to go?
im trying to get my ringtones downloaded to this lg phone but cant download
So ive had a huge issue with this service. Long story short.. i ordered a nokia e5 from the website overnight shipped because of my old phone wearing out. i was given the wrong sim card with phone. and spent 5 hours on the phone with customer service in 2 days. not exaggerated got my sim card ordered which i was okay with since we figured out the issue. and one day later they deactivated my current sim. so now i have no service for 3-5 days. & customer service wont help and wont answer emails!
I still haven't been able to figure out why I can't get my email on my phone. No one has been able to help me. If they called, they never left a message so I could return the call. I am so frustrated with the service. Then sometimes if I do get a call, I can't understand the person on the other end of the phone. So much for outsourcing....
Familydollar stores sell minutes and phones too and they r usually discounted
Can someone else confirm if StraightTalk is limited to the state you have bought it in? Or did +Francisco Guillen just experience bad network coverage?
Thanks +Steven Sauls
According to Walmart they start selling the Sim cards around the 4th of September. Right now they only offer the refills.
Francisco Guillen is full of it.  I bought a Straight Talk Nokia E71, which happens to be on the at&t network. I also bought a at&t network Straight Talk Sim for my android phone.  Now my family has two Straight Talk phones that get cost to cost service with no roaming charges.  I've used them for almost 2 years and have never been with out service.  I travel a lot for work.  I've been back and forth from cost to cost many times with Straight talk.  This makes Straight Talk the best deal ever!
Ok. I can explain it. Straight talk uses many different carries to give you service. Including Verizon, tmobile, and at&t. When you buy a phone they ask you for your zip code. They only sell you phones with carriers that have coverage in your area, but these phones still have no roaming and cost to cost coverage. You probably bought a phone from tmobile or sprint through straight talk. They have smaller coverage areas. You simply wondered outside of your coverage area when you traveled. If you kept going you would eventually got service again. Do a google search and get a phone from verizon. They have the best coverage. Or at least at&t like mine. At&t has the next best coverage.
Yes, you might need to buy another phone.  My advice is to use the Straight Talk website and punch in the zip code where you live, to make sure you have service.  Next do another search or two and use zip codes of where you travel to most often.  If you see the same phone coming up in the search results then you know the phone you are about to purchase will work there.  The good news is that some of these phones on the Straight Talk website are FREE!  Then sell your new $200 phone on craig's list or eBay.
Good luck my friend.
I wonder if the international plan includes unlimited international SMS and MMS? 
I would really like if it did... I'd probably use international messaging more than international voice... my spoken Chinese is not that great. LOL
I have my own phone. Can I ask for an AT&T sim or ST deside for you?
Yes. If you have an AT&T phone, you will need the AT&T SIM from Straight Talk.
So, what if I buy an unlocked phone, how does it decide which carrier network to run off of?  Will it switch to AT&T service I leave a T-Mobile area?
No if you buy an unlocked GSM phone (SIM CARD PHONE), then be sure you buy the AT&T SIM from Straight Talk. It will only use the AT&T network, but that network has the best coverage.  
You are in control of what network the phone uses when you buy the SIM from Straight Talk.
Most likely you live in an area that has both networks, if this is correct then choose AT&T.  If not choose T-Mobile.  Both of them will let you roam coast to coast for free.
So, how much is the SIM card?  Do you by it and then pay monthly?  
I couldn't imagine anybody not understanding YOU Tammey Hewell, especially in a video chat.
Nick. Go to the straight talk website and pick out a SIM. Then you will have a no contract phone with a monthly plan.
I like how she's SHOUTING and I can't help but read her poor grammar with a poorly stereotyped Chinese accent. FacePalm (I have no idea what nationality she is - can't see her icon pic and didn't bother to view her profile.
Hey,I have the galaxy note (AT&T) on straight talk, but I want to get the note II from Verizon (better 4g coverage) can I get i6 on straight talk, it bring a cdma phone?
All straight talk phones are NOT 4GLTE.
All Straight talk Verizon phones are 3g only.
Straight talk AT&T phones are 4g (hsdpa+) and are very fast.
You can not bring your own Verizon phone and if you did it would be very
slow and you would not like the speed.
Get another AT&T phone bro.
No, its actually trac phone but you can bring your own device from either AT&T or t mobile
You could also look at getting a T-mobile phone since they are also 4g (HSPDA+) on Straight Talk, but T-mobile coverage is lacking compared to AT&T.
Since both are the same price on Straight Talk I chose AT&T since they have better coverage. I travel from coast to coast and have never been out of service with Straight Talk using the AT&T network; except for a brief stretch of highway in New Mexico, out in the middle of nowhere. 
EVERYONE! Best unlocked phone EVER at a $299 price tag.
Get the new Nexus 4 from Google. They are currently sold out but keep watching this link. Fastest phone your money can buy right now. Quad core processor with 2GB RAM and a large screen.
The only downside is you can not change the battery or add storeage via a micro SD card, the phone is sealed shut. Still a very nice option this Christmas. Very powerful phone!
This phone will work with Straight Talk on the AT&T network OR the T-mobile network. Buy a Straight Talk SIM for the BYOP plan.
so i should  go to  at&t and  they  will have  straight  stalk.?/ cuz  i  got my  phone  packet  along  with  straight talk  at  walmart./  do i  need to  talk  to tracephone or  what?
so  straight talk  is  with  at&t/ my  cell carrier  is  tracephone  which  is  who  im going  to  switch  to another  carrier.....question    can  straight  talk  switch  on to  a boost  moble  phone?
You aren't making much since. Straight talk and boost are not compatible. Straight talk and boost mobile both buy and resell AT&T network air time.
Yea I was thinking about that to Joe, yes T-Mobile doesn't have LTE yet but their hspa + is damn fast, the most I can muster on AT&T is 7 down most of the time, and I will lose my gps signal from time to time so maybe T-Mobile wins out.......
I saw the nexus 4 but I'm in love with that note II, hey I do have a question can I get a tablet on straight talk? If I just place the sim in it...
1 Yea you can put a SIM in the tablet but then you are paying $45 a month for only 2gb of data. I wouldn't do that. You could pop it in from time to time but that's a hassle. I tether my tablet to my Straight Talk phone. That is against the user agreement but the only way they will find out is off I tell them. Lol
2 You will never aces LTE with Straight Talk anyway. You will always be on hspda+, which is fast enough on both T-Mobile and AT&T so I recommend AT&T since coverage is so much better. In my area T-mobile coverage is a joke.
The Nexus 4 is a great phone for Straight Talk users who want a phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy S 3 but can't afford the SGS3. The Nexus is priced lower and had more powerful hardware. The screen is about the same size too. If I didn't have a SGS3 I would get the Nexus 4
See I almost always go over that 2 gb and never have a problem,I wouldn't mine paying the $45 just to always have it connected, just wish someone would either carry the Asus infinity or nexus 10 
Hspa +......the now only shows 4g it would explain why I only pull 7 down most of the time
The nexus 4 is a great phone just wish the HTC DNA was the new nexus that thing is sic!
I have  stighttalk home phone and i love it 15.00 a mouth over 140. for fairpoint
I just got home phone. And I paid for the home base and paid 15.00 for
unlittme. Phone calls
Thanks for letting us know Fred. That is way cool!
Straight talk now has home phone service for$15 a month!
$99 device that connects to Verizon wireless that you plug your home phone into. It's even portable
yes  you can  keep your land line it takes 3 to 5 business  days to complete
I plan to get one soon , my concern is will it pick up on cdma towers ?? Thats all the coverage area, we have here ???
it uses the Verizon network which is CDMA.
The Straight Talk website will ask you for your zip code before you
purchase it, to be sure you will have coverage.
Everyone, ill be selling my Galaxy S II soon after Christmas. I loaded Galaxy S III software onto it so it has lots of similar features of the S3. Including Wi-Fi tethering. Turn your phone into a free WiFi hotspot at home or on the go! Straight Talk and net10 compatible on AT&T. THE FIRST ONE TO OFFER ME $350 TAKES IT HOME after Dec. 25
AT&T offers 3G/4G coverage in my area; T-Mobile does not. Does this mean that if I got the AT&T SIM card and used it with my GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone; it would finally get 3G/4G speeds?
Chances are both at t and t mobile offer 4g in your area. Check with your phone manufacturer and make sure it supports hspda+ speeds on both networks. These networks use different cellular frequencies for hspda+ so check for both. Hspda+ is another name for 4g.
Straight talk will not support 4G LTE on either network by the way, so don't expect to use ST for 4G LTE any time soon. For now regular 4g is just as fast anyway, provided the radio in your phone is compatible with a fast version of hspda+
I looked up the specs for my phone and it said this... 3G Network & Data: HSPA+ 21
+Dorothy Buchanan Did you ever find out what the problem was with your phone? I just bought the LG Optimus Zip & transferred my # from my older phone. Three days with my new phone and I can't get my email or anything else? It lets me use the phone and send texts (without attachments). My email says "unable to open connection to server". Web sites like FB, eBay, etc.. say web page not available. I have a signal?? Anyone? HELP!!?!? Called Straight Talk & when the recorded voice finally sent me to tech-"busy with large volume of calls" & disconnected me.  It worked great the first 3 days. 
+Straight Talk I have been calling for tech support all day to be told have a longer than thirty minute wait well when they did finally call back two hours later i was working i have sent two emails  with no response and since getting home from work i call get all the way thru the automated things to be told im sorry there is no representative available please call back later and it hangs up on me
It happens every year at Christmas. The above stories aren't really that bad, it's usually way worse than that! Lol
Straight talk's customer service is there weakness. If you have a problem you are pretty much on your own to figure it out. I suggest googling their corporate number based in Miami, FL. They speak English and know what they are doing. It's a different number than their published one.
You should be fine. They have info on the site about that. It can be locked
but make sure it is locked to the att network.
Yes, when choosing an AT&T SIM card however, make sure you get the Micro SIM rather than the larger SIM since that is the SIM card type that the iPhone 4 uses. Keep in mind that you will need to update your APN settings (Data settings) after activating to enable your internet and MMS capabilities.

Source: Straight Talk Support Site
Link: http://www.straighttalksim.com/
Can I use a straight talk phone as a mobile hot spot for my laptop?
You sure can Clifton, until Straight Talk catches you and shuts off your cell phone and you lose your number. It's against their terms of service
sir i have loaded  and refill my cell no 2083166241 on 9th january but not acessing the web could u plz help me to web acess as soon as possible.thank u.
We tried Straight talk. We bought a $16 sim card and put it in our Android Smart Phone. It worked like a charm Big problem though.
We bought this service for $45 a month because we wanted to use this phone as a Hotspot - tethered to our two computers.  We were doing this quite nicely for a month. Then they cut us off and said we were not allowed to use it as a hotspot. True. It is written as a no no in their 19,500 word Terms and Conditions. (Microsoft Word counted them). We did not pre-read these terms and conditions. Neither did Walmart, who told us we could use this phone as a hotspot and installed the Sim Card for us.   WE used it as a Hot Spot for a month before they cut us off all Internet Access.   Anyway, now all the phone is good for is voice calling.   Tracfone is much more feasible and economical  for this purpose.   Before you buy,   know that you cannot use Straight Talk as a HotSpot from your iPhone or Android Phone.   At least not for long.  Straight Talk is strictly good for VOICE and perhaps TEXT.  It cannot be a HotSpot device but none of their Advertising will tell you this.  
i have a samsung galaxy precedent and the notification ringers stopped working, the vibration fails to work also. any ideas how to fix this problem?
You cannot tether with this service if you have an issue with your android phone do a master reset on the phone or contact the manufacturer or simply get a better phone I have the Samsung galaxy S3 on net10/straight talk. I love it
Scott, to do a factory reset all you have to do is hand your phone to the nearest 5th grader. Open up your settings and do some reading dude. Lol
thanx for reminding me to read. guess i never would have got it myself
reset idea was not solution either, thanx anyway
I've had several staighttalk phones, one each for my wife and myself and three for each of my grandkids.  Last year I starting having problems with the changes on their website not showing the number of minutes left on the "on demand" plan that I use for my grandkids.  Now I am unable to logon to the straighttalk website at all.  I called staighttalk and they put a different email address that I also use, still unable to logon to straighttalk.  I'm ready to change carriers so I can track the cell phones on my account.  Do you hear me straighttalk????
Joseph,  WE finally got our problem resolved by ST.   They had cut off our Internet Access and it took several long, long phone conversations with various members of the ST Staff to get them to resolve the problem and restore our Internet Service.   How can they continually ADVERTISE Unlimited Talk, TEXT, and Data but then accuse you of "excessive and abnormal" usage?    I don't get it.   Two senior citizens with a phone connected to The Internet and WE are using it excessively?    What about UNLIMITED?   Thanks to someone named VINCENT our service was restored but it took some doing!
Hi ,
I have taken a Prepaid Straight Talk connection last month with a $60 unlimited international call facility.
With my 1 month of experience i will recommend please DO NOT take StraightTalk connection. Really it's horrible , literally they are cheating the customer by saying "unlimited international call " .
I have taken the unlimited international plan , so that i can be in touch with my family members in INDIA . But that does not happen. when i have tried to call it's able to connect intial 10-12 distinct numbers . after that when i am trying any new number [ which interstringly showing as covered by the plan in their own site ] the IVR respond me with an error message " WE HAVE TO HANG UP NOW ... GOOD BYE". Now i can able to connect only the limited numbers not all the numbers where as those numbers can be connected using the calling card.

The customer care service of Straight talk it's really a pain to discuss with them, i am trying to inform this issue from last 5 days and the everyday i am listening they are just escalating to higher level and at the end they are saying these numbers are ISD restricted number, when i said how it is able to connect from calling card then the support team says this is what as per the process document that they have. They can't do anything. They are just good for nothing.

Now i am helpless. Paying the money but not getting the service.Though i have taken unlimited international plan , still ihave to take additional calling card to call to my country which as per the straight talk site covered with in the plan.

Can anyone help me in finding out the proper forum to raise complain about this cheating and doing fraud activity by straight talk.

That's funny, you used Straight Talk to call India and it didn't work, but when you call the Straight Talk Customer Service number, which is also in India, it does work.
Sorry to hear Debadutta.
This thread has been the best source of information for making ST (StraightTalk) prepurchase decisions.  ST support is dismal and their web site is not much better.  Some of my findings in case they may be of help to others;

Walmart stores (at least in Central Texas) DO NOT SELL StraightTalk SIMs

While SIMs can be orded from the ST web site, StraightTalk does not allow you to select the carrier you want... the only SIM options offered for our zip codes were T-Mobile

Google searches finally turned up the fact that carrier specific SIMS can be purchased from walmart.com

Go to the walmart site and search for the following numbers to find the two AT&T SIM options

21550824 standard sim
21550826 micro sim
Another observation while I was at a Central Texas Walmart.

All of the phone offerings at that store were CDMA (Verizon)
fwiw, I just discovered that if you have straighttalk and are on AT&T service, the sms email address of your phone is;


no dashes or spaces in the phone number

This makes it possible for someone to send a short text message to your phone from any pc or email program.

Hope that this information is of value.
Beverly Howard
Also, in an earlier post, I mentioned that ST support while trying to get prepurchase information was terrible.

However, after I activated my sim, I found on three tech support calls to "sim support" (855-222-2355) the help has been accurate and excellent.

Beverly Howard
I activated my daughter's phone 24 hrs ago and it still doesn't have data.
Did you go in and enter all of the APN information on the phone? 

fwiw, I typoed "phone" instead of "fone" within one of the server addresses... took me a while to spot it and nothing worked until I found it and corrected it.

Another heads up... google, facebook and others may issue a security lockout the first time you access them using the phone since the phone's ip address may be located a thousand or more miles away from your normal location... if they do, take the time to read what you need to do as this can potentially lead to problems if you misunderstand and take the wrong steps.

Beverly Howard
Yes, I did the APN. My wife & I have had it for a year. This is our daughter's. We are adding her phone. I know APN's well. Thanks...
Here is something I thought I should post,  I can no longer find straight talk at&t sim cards.  I have one google nexus 4 phone in the family that has att we just got another one and can not find an att sim just t-mobile which is not good here.  I found some on ebay and from what i understand straight talke will no longer have att sim cards so if you have or are getting and unlocked gms phone and want att you better get one now. anyone out there have any more news
We bought an AT&T Straight Talk Sim card through Wal-Mart.com a couple of weeks ago. It was $14.95 + 2.95 or so for shipping.
go look for one now. my 1st card was a no brainer they had lots came in
2days. i got to talk 2 straight talk management this morning they tried to
order 1 for me and could not. she told me how simple it is to cut large 1
to Micro. buzz on eBay my daughters a PowerSeller is that they're going to
discontinue the Micro AT&T card for straight talk. i do not no if
any of this is true or not but I am right now kind of person and I've got
my beautiful phone sitting here waiting for a SIM card so l got one from
ebay last night &this am they have doubled in price
+Straight Talk Could you help me? I need a Micro SIM Card to be used on your network. I have a Google LG Nexus 4. All that is shown on your site is the Standard SIM.
I've got an old t mobile htc sensation and I ordered a t mobile compatible sim from straight talk. Will I have to change the apn settings?
Yes.I've almost always had to update the APN settings.
I was porting my number over to straight talk. I have not been with service for a week. I am getting the run around because the representatives have put the information in incorrectly. I was told that the service was going to take 2 hours, 2 days, and then another 24 hours. I have ordered the sim card kit and the monthly plan off the website. I am getting tired of the poor service and the representatives keep transferring me to different departments saying that they will be able to help me. I asked if they are unable to get my service active can I return the stuff back and get my money back. I was told no. I am frustated that it has been a week and my service is not working. All I want is to have my service working. After my first month that I have to have the service because I am unable to send my stuff back. I am going to cancel my service with your company. I am sick of the service that I am getting from your company before I even get service active with your company. This is the worst service that I have ever had. You  can bet that I will never tell anyone to get service through straight talk. If anyone ever calls to see if it is worth getting your service. I really hate the service that your company offers. I really hate your service. I wish I never switched to your company. I just want to let you know that I really and truly hate the service, your company, and the representatives that you have on the lines. I will not be a returning customers or advocate of your service. I have been dealing with issues with your tracfone service. If I would have known that straight talk is part of tracfone, I wouldn't have gotten the service. I have an account with tracfone. I wasn't compensated for that. I was out of phone service with them for a week. I am out of service for a week now and now I am being told that I have to wait another 48-72 hours before my service is active. This is almost 2 weeks and this is ridiculous. I will not, ever in life, or give to my worst enemy tell them to get straight talk because the service stinks. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!

Very dissatisfied customer
P.s. I forgot I dont even have service yet and it stinks already!!!!!
Here is # for straight talk management 877-430-2355 also when going through all the prompts when you get to the one that asks if you phon is avtive and you know the # do NOT  press on press 2 to get faster service.  When dealing with straight talk service remember that english is their second language speak in short direct sentences.  ( example:If you know a little spanish an than a truly spanish speaking person assumes  you are fluent in the language an launches  into a normal speed conversation you are lost in 1 sentence) They are in Taiwan you are dealing with an asian culture being extremely polite is the norm for them like yes sir and yes mam try it you will get a long way unfortunately we americans (me too) are more inclined to get mad and talk even faster.  In closing I have had straight talk for  2 years came over from verizon I went from $80 to $30 for unlimited talk and text.  I got my 1st smart phone and get unlimited talk text and data on samsung for $45 $42 if you buy 6 months at a time.  Remember everyone is moving things to asia but at least straight talk is passing savings on to customers. I really have been very pleased.  I think too they are trying to put to many new things on the market and service is getting super overloaded. But now I too am having service issues about straight answers about sim card avaliblility they are being less then direct about what is happening and not telling their front line support people.
It seems it is official att is ending its relationship   with straight talk.  I have a brand new nexus 4 phone and needed att micro sim card. The are no longer available at Walmart.com they are available @ ebay I paid $26  but the next day the prices are doubled .  $50 for buy it now.  If you are in the same boat I am buy one now I am now 90% sure that no more att micro sim will be available in the near future for straight talk.  I get no coverage from  t-mobile has no coverage here in central pa. but straight talk will tell you it does. We have to be either verizon or att. you also can get a standard card and cut it down they are still at walmart .com I would also sa the same will be true for their phones I would highly recommend go to a walmart store to by your phones and speak with the sales people and ask what carrier is on the model you want.
I am sure that if I cannot get a micro sd att I will sell my beautiful amazing best phone i have ever seen beats iphone 5 by lots and i am/was an apple disciple rather than go to contract and pay $120 month to contract service from att.
I think they got more business than AT&T ever dreamed they'd get. I think we'll likely get to stay with AT&T unless we let it go.
Yes they did  ST did all this big advertisement that you are getting service from att "the best network"  well att started  loosing customers in droves so were verizon as people started to understand CDMA vs GMS and unlocked vs locked and jailbreak phones.  Then google released the LG nexus 4 unlocked 8 gig for $299.00.
I just had (this very minute) this conspiracy not conspiracy but business strategy thought bear with me.  ST is owned by Walmart walmart made a deal with verizon to release iPhone 4, 4s, 5 locked cdma phones but you have you have to pay $400 - $650 to buy the phone from Walmart.  If walmart continued to sell ATT sims for any unlocked gms phone the smart customer would buy a cheaper unlocked phone and put in the $15 card for exactly same service so walmart looses the sale of this phenomenally priced phone. Continuing to sell these cards puts them in direct competition with themselves.
They are now priced at EBAY $50. 
article covering this issue
both phones are samsung galaxy exhibit 4G and near peoria Illinois...
Is there any MicroSIM Cards coming back to Straight Talk? I need one for the Nexus 4
You can only find regular AT&T ST Sim cards on eBay now and they're going for about $50 nowadays.
They're only selling T-Mobile Sim cards anymore
If you get a regular size att sim, get a pair of scissors and look up ''how to'' on you tube.
I think their company will go to Hell in a hand basket because they lost AT&T. I will leave them so fast their head will spin if they force me over to T-mobile.
I've got the galaxy a LLC and I need to no where case for it can someone help me?
straight talk is a shit, they dont treat people good and cuts off your service even though its unlimited.
I never that that problem but when buying  one the store can help u pick a verizon phone that will pickup better since they r the #1 service
I am having a problem getting everything going.  I don't have a phone at home right now working.  I have a 60 min card but I can't find it
Happy with the phone and pricing!  Calling is a challenge at times but they eventually get you what you need. It's defnitely worth it and they took care of my phone number transfer seamlessly overnight.
Does anyone here have experience taking a verizon phone (I have a DroidX) into this service? Can I just buy a new sim? Or do I need to buy a phone?
Do you Think?
I switched to Straight Talk and now I'm getting Spam callers.
They would sell my # would they?
So far so good. Wish. There were more phone oops .
You have to buy the phone from them. Verizon phone even with sim change don't work. I tried.
Sorry. If you have a AT&T phone . It will work . GSM phone .
do u no if straight talk has a 3g/4g card for a laptop?
+Larry Hall 
I was curious if the micro card for ATT would work in a nexus 7 or 10? just for data if nothing else.
Straight talk don't deal in 4g I don't think
IDK, but I know their new "TMobile" Sim Cards boast 4G now... I know , I purchased 5 cards that were stated to be compatible with At&t phones, which turned out to be nothing but T-Mobile cards... Thats twice that this happened to me.. the first time I thought the mistake was l mine... but after the 2nd time, and more research... I now know that some strange is up in Straight Talk Ville... 
+Rob Long I was a little tict that ST didn't automatically give me their discount for auto-renew (yeah, I know, $2.50 per month, Principle) so I subscribed to a deal site that would alert me when the 180 day cards became available. I've since cancelled the auto subscription, and I'm good for a year. (@ $36. per mo)
does anybody know if mobile to mobile minutes (between two Straight Talk phones) deduct from your monthly minutes? Other plans they don't, but don't know about ST.
According to S.T.'s terms and conditions they offer no incentive what so
ever for mobile to mobile calls... in fact, they have tightened up their
gracious service so much at this point, that even their "Unlimited Plans"
are beginning to enforce many limitations... and at this point the service
can not be described by any stretch of the imagination as unlimited...
Having said that, the "All U Need" plan that you are referring to will
probably better be described as " Barely as agreed"... I read through the
terms and conditions again after seeing your post (Always saddens me to do
so because straight talk is the only phone service I have ever truly been
happy with in my life, and I have been using a mobile phone for twenty
years.. and now they have trimmed down their services until theirs nothing

ANyway, before getting off on that tangeant (Sorry about that) as I was
saying, their terms and conditions are very specific, and mobile to mobile
minutes are minutes... According to straight talk, if you are connected to
any cell tower in their service, nomatter the location, cell tower, network
affiliation, etc... minutes are rounded up from the moment you click send
till you click end, with minutes rounded up to the next full minute..
Mobile to mobile, mobile to land line, or mobile to VOIP... (They are still
better than most other companies, but they are looking more and more like
AT&T clones...all that's left to change are the prices!
And yet even with that fault, it's the best deal out there for cellular? I'm switching my family from Verizon, saving a bunch, but the mobile-to-mobile thing, on which we relied heavily, is kind of a buzz-kill....
Yea... I totally agree... However you should take a look at the unlimited
plan... Although the terms and conditions as I mentioned before are
becoming more and more stringent, $45 per month is still pretty for
unlimited use... Basically, from all that I can gather in their terms, all
they are trying to do is to keep people from turning their good deal into
something that they didn't intend, such as a party line, a mobile internet
connection (That bytes... pun intended), a web chat host or web camera
host... etc.. But if you need a good phone with plenty of time to use it as
a phone (Even a smart phone)... then its still a great deal...

Along those lines, just out of curiosity .. You mentioned changing your
family over.. are you bringing your own phones and purchasing SIM cards, or
are you buying straight talk phones? If your bringing smart phones I don't
think you can use the $30 all I need plan with a smart phone such as iPhone
or an android type phone... I think the only phones that this will work
with are the CDMA phones that you purchase at Walmart specifically for use
with straight talk... You may want to check into that depending on what
route you plan to take..


Yeah, that's what I did -- bought two Wal-Mart flip phones for my wife and daughter, neither of whom want or need smartphones. The question now: Will 1000 monthly minutes apiece contain them?
lol... yea... that is the question. I have been a computer tech for over 15
years, but being a dad of a 14 year old daughter is the only thing that
qualifies me to answer that one... lol... (My wife might be able to make it
with 1,000 minutes, but my daughter ... never. ) On the bright side though,
you can always start out with the $30 plan the first month, and if its not
enough you can change to the $45 the next month without losing your number.
Good luck with that one... !
Hey, heard something interesting from ST in the process of provisioning my daughter's phone: For $15, ST will put your Verizon/Sprint phone on their network. But you have to buy the $45 plan to get the access code. Still, saves you from having to buy a new phone, if you're not in the market for one. Should be available "in a few days."
That "BROD"~*Bring Your Own Device~* (I think it started out as "BROP" ~*Bring
Your Own Phone~) has completely changed the face of the Straight Talk... , *Now
if we can just persuade their customer service operators to have a change
of heart.
Up until today, I had no knowledge of this -- I'd always been told you had to have a sim card to make it work, which meant GSM phones, of which we've never had any, ever. So this was welcome news. Hope ST has ironclad contracts with the networks, because they're going to eat the other firms' lunches....
i just bought a straight talk galaxy procliam and my internets not working does anyone no how to fix it
I am not terribly happy with straighttalk/ATT network for upstate NY, but I bought a Nexus 4, and for $36 a month for a years' service it's doable.
If you get a decent signal, and be sure that the APN settings are correct
for your phone... then you should be able to access the internet and all of
your resources without any problems... But without the APN settings
properly setup you won't even have access to the internet..
Do they use only one Sim? I just have enter in the correct atn settings. I went to the web site clicked on the unlocked gsm phone and it gave the one choice.
Will my life its on the right way and it feels great
have been getting straight talk since over a yr ago. but lately it has been over and above a pain to use. got a new $45. card adding to pervious time on my phone. now my phone constantly shuts off  inabling me to use tex & in and out calls. so because of this I will have to switch even though I have 30 days it is stealing useage of time .                     thank you fergie
Straight Talk gives you unlimited everything finally communication Freedom wish it was free like the power from the Sun that powers it and the rest of my households. My book Solar Independent Utility Systems Manual by:kyle william loshure is available starting march 2 2011 ebook ISBN:9781456739843. h
Loretta (McCarthy), I don't have you in my direct friends list... but I have a question for you... What do you mean reset it with *22890 ? is  that for a certain model phone form Straight talk, or is that to reset your service in some way??... you have sparked my curiousity... lol
When IS had problems with my ST service, I called ST's customer service in Miami Florida. The person IS spoke to said to call *22890...it's over the air programming...activation...to fix phone's problems. It works.
Rob, you Can add me to your direct friends' List. Do you like music? Visit www.sistersisterylosmisters.com.
Thank you,
When are you guys going to get micro sim cards? 2013 is calling...
I don't know if they are going to start using the micro SIM cards again or
not, but if you have a full size SIM card and you have an old micro SIM
card. Ill share a little trick with you that I have used on 3 separate
occasions personally.... Once was for me personally and twice I did it for
my customers ( if you need me too help you with it just let me know.... But
if you have a decent eye for detail and steady hands you can do this) ....
What is it.... ? Cut down the SIM card .... Now if you don't think you can
do it then do not try because it possible to ruin your SIM card.... If any
of you want instructions on how to do this, let me know and i will post
instuctions on my webaite and aend you a link or something.

just pease keep in mind, you are taking a risk by trying this, because if
you do it wrong your gonna lose your SIM card. I have done this so I know
it will work... If you have a tmobile type sim from ST then you will notice
that the chip on the sim is slightly larger than the chip on a micro sim...
Don't panic, I have done this with both types... AT&T and TMobile types.
And it worked for me without any failures .

Please dont get me wrong, You can damage or ruin your sim card... I am not saying that this WILL work for you, but if your careful, take your time and use common since then you can do it... Don't get in a hurry though, if you don't really have the time to do it but you gotta have a phone right now... then use the neighbor's phone or use a pay phone (If they are still around...lol)
This is importnt, when you start cutting on that sim, make absolutely sure, all else aside, make sure that you DO NOT CUT INTO THE CHIP ON YOUR SIM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!!! If the chip is still together without being damaged then I can fix it, which means that you probably could too... 

If you want a step by step or a video you can probably find one on the web if you search... but if you don't like searching through old web sites or unknown places for fear of viruses and malware, drop me an email and I'll try to do a quick video to post on you tube or on mhy website and send you a link to it.. 

I hope it helps! 

This is the worse phone company I've ever used, they disconnect my data service out of the blue.. i'm cancelling and never recommend this company to anyone, bad customer service and you cannot understand the customer service people when you are lucky to get hold of them..
TO cut down your sim card, all you have to do is follow these steps to the
letter... and remember that messing up is not the end of the world, but it
would be the end of this sim card... But if you have fairly steady hands
and a little patiences, the greenest novice could pull this off... Here's
how to do it..

1) lay your full sized sim card on the table , face up so you can see the
chip on there....
2) Lay the old micro sim beside your new card and turn it the same
TO cut down your sim card, all you have to do is follow these steps to the
letter... and remember that messing up is not the end of the world, but it
would be the end of this sim card... But if you have fairly steady hands
and a little patiences, the greenest novice could pull this off... Here's
how to do it..

1) lay your full sized sim card on the table , face up so you can see the
chip on there....
2) Lay the old micro sim beside your new card and turn it the same
With the two cards facing the same direction, look at the chip on both
cards... especially the subdividing lines on the chip... You'll notice that
although the cards are not the same size, the chips on the cards are almost
identical... (From this point forward lets call the large sim "Big Sim"
and the micro sim you are going by "Little Sim"..)
3) Place Little Sim on top of Big Sim , taking special care to line them up
by the chips on the cards... Don't worry about any other aspect of this
besides the chips... line those chips up exactly the Little Sim on top with
the big sim on the bottom.... When you have these perfectly aligned , you
should take a sharpie or other fine point marker, hold the little sim down
with your finger and carefully draw a thin line all the way around the
4) Set Little Sim aside, and look at what you've done... Compare
your drawing on Big Sim to the actuality of Little Sim and the two should
look virtually identical... As stated previously some Big Sims , especially
the ones that straight talk are now selling, may have a chip that is ever
so slightly larger than the chip on the Micro Sim... but that's ok. So long
as you line then up well then it will work..
5) Look at Big Sim... note that the line you have drawn on there is
probably pretty thick, but that will be alright, just remember on this cut
you want to follow *the "**INSIDE EDGE of that LINE" *This is very
important .... With a good pair of sharp steel scissors trim all of the
outside away , and remove all of
Anyone thinking of getting Straight Talk . Don't do it. You will regret it. They cut your service of with no warning. When you call to ask why they tell you your speeds have been reduced with no answer why. The last plan I brought I was told my service would be restored upon renewal. Total bull. They lie to you so you'll buy another plan. Half the people that work there don't speak English. They'll just send you to a recording telling you why you were disconnected. This is the worst phone company ever. I brought three plans so far and was able to use data 3 days. I'm done with them for good. It's alright if you never use data. Trust me, the minute you do you're cut off for good. Save yourself a headache and pay a little more for a real carrier or an mvno with a clearly defined data policy.
Total rip off. You get what you pay for. This is worst phone company ever. Save yourself a headache and pay a little more money.
So I have unlimited txt calling and data well about 5 days ago i lost my internet connection i called 3 times got told it was bc of my data usage or something to do with 6 and 7 somethings ne how when i called the 3rd time i asked when it wld be bk on n they said when i refilled... well i refilled and still have nothing... does ne one know when this will be fixed
+Ashley Ritenour I had the same thing happen to me. I sent an email last time and they said it would be restored upon renewal. I've had 2 plans now with no data. Every time I call I can't get a straight answer and they send me to this high data usage message. Do yourself a favor and save some money by dripping them. They won't answer my emails now. They just lie to get your money. They don't care about their customers. Straight Talk is straight shit.I paid over $150.00 for maybe a week of data service. You should try Net10 or some other mvno.
ok thank you... jst pisses me off ive been w them for 3 yrs now in all of a sudden this shit happens... im gonna call n see what they can do bt thanks
My name is Patrick Frank I am straight talk customer When trying to change my phone number doing it by automated The program that they told me to and herb Deleted my phone from the system
My name is Patrick Frank I am a straight talk customer I was trying to change my phone number by automation When I entered the code that they gave me it deleted my phone from the system I need to speak to a straighttalk representative via the Internet so they can tell me how to reprogram my phone because I cannot even dial it out I can send no text messages all I have is the web access not straight up dude wanna lose me the customer I think somebody I get in touch with me
@MyStraightTalk did a colossal bad job for me today, they "accidentally" deactivated both old att & new Nexus phone, now NO phone for 5-7 days, amazing I went from 2 good phones and phone numbers that worked to ZERO phones. Dealt with over 12 different reps, I can tell them exactly how to fix the problem they created but I am not sure they care.
filled my phone  was told it was good to june9thshould july
Al R
Couldn't agree more!
No Doubt... Straight talk had me working as a free sales rep for a while... I was in love with their service... They were the best in the biz.. but I suppose all good (Earthly) things must come to an end... and so it did... Now they have At&t compatible cards that are not compatible with at&t phones... Unlimited data and phone service with too many limitations.... and a customer service force that seems to be totally clueless as to the remote possibility that some of these issues are their own fault... As Jack Palance always said at the end of each ripley's segment... "Believe it or not"
How do I improve my signal. I switched to Straight Talk and now my signal is terrible just 5 miles from town.
Marilyn, What kind of phone are you using? Is it a smart phone? If it is, you can go into your settings and turn off your "3G" capability, and it should help a lot... You will notice the "3G" will disappear from the top of the phone, and an "E" appears... This stands for "Edge" , the older, slower and more reliable edge network... 
You can always turn  nack on when you need that boost of data speed... but to get that signal strength up, turn the "3G" off ... 

Let me know if that helps... 
Did that work for you ? (Turning off Your 3G to increase your telephone signal "E" (Edge Network) signal strength)?  I see where you posting 'interested' (I suppose you meant "interesting", I just wanted to make sure that I didn't miss anything important... 

If you need any more help just let me know, and I'm sure between me, and the other 200+ people in this discussion alone, someone is bound to be of some help .. (More than likely someone other than me will have more input for you... buy you new know). 

can I synchronize my straight talk contacts with my gmail account?
I canceled it. It would be ok if I was retired.

Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S™4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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i  will never buy a straight talk phone again  once defaulted you have no contact service to call for repair  old hunter
We want to upgrade my husband's phone, then use the old phone to activate a new account for our son. Is this possible?
Straight talk rocks. Love the service.. I have my sprint galaxy s3 flashed to straight talk and I love it. These guys do the straight talk flashing www.remoteflashit.com
Straight talk has a 1800 # guys, not the BEST customer support but they do have it 
You should be able to login to your account at Straight Talk and reactivate
it... Has it been a while since your service was active, or were you just
reloading your phone like you usually would?
Looks good. But does this support data transmission including fax? Does long distance here include African countries?
Sucks .. cannot get activated in an a timely manner and once i did , it failed and cannot get any help , after spending 400 on phone ,, they want you to call customer service , but guess what , i dont have a phone to call on and no web site to help me !!! 
I don't like the phone I have from straighttalk I want to speak with a chat representative now....
How is the galaxy s3 on straight talk? 
Using S3 with Straight Talk everything is working. Struggling to find a way
to send intentional SMS but that is not an S3 thing. Registered with AT&T
SIM card.
+Tony Vovers You say registered with att sim card can you explain what u mean by that. Did you have difficulty activating etc. Is there any feature you could speak on that may convince me to go ahead and purchase it?
I purchased a so-called "unlocked" AT&T iphone 4 from Ebay some time ago.  I can't say enough about the information Straight Talk has on its websight for me about how to set my APN correctly.  After a few changes I was sending pics in messages and receiving them as well as group send text messages and of course the internet.  I can't say enough about Straight Talk!  My loyalty is yours!
Eiji N
I cannot activate my phone online even the site shows my phone has a compatibility!!!!!!
I have a samsung precedent worse phone for connection ever. I have no signal from internet it drops calls. Can't wait until after xmas to get one that runs through verizon towers instead of sprint. Checked zip before I bought it and read reviews which said it wasn't a good phone. I should of listened.
WOW! Exactly what I am trying to avoid after 10 years of dropping calls or no internet connection with AT&T. I thought this phone would operate on Verizon Towers. Your comments saved me from another nightmare. Thanks. I want Verizon and NOT Sprint or AT&T. 
Man this blog is super long. The National service talk text is working great in Houston and surrounding areas. International plan is a waste of time, doesn't calf any where, texts don't go through. Better off to buy a separate calling card from Chinese store. 
Eiji N
Please make a list of the phones that work for Straight Talk.
Yeah, I agree with Eiji N. I'm thinking about getting the Nexus 5 from Google, will your sim cards work with this new phone from Google?
ordered my Samsung T404G and the 30 dollar plan yesterday morning and picked the slow shipping that would take a week and it came this afternoon, ty guys!
LG not enough storage space Cannot connect on facebook, very unhappy about this. 3rd year with straight talk, 2nd phone
did you get a SD card? theres many phones with better storage... I had a bit of that prob too I had to uninstall apps I didnt use and keep the caches cleaned up. it was constant maintenance but it worked for me. Now I have the Samsung Galaxy Mega with an SD card too.  
Straight talk does not work with Latest Motorola X phone.  When you call their support, they don't have a clue how to get it done.  I purchased a brand new ATT nano sim card and then called the support number.  talked to 2 support people who had no clue how to add a new phone.  They just lost my business. Going to another prepaid service now.
How do you add time to a phone without a card
Your rates arent as good as T mobile no walmart close to add time on a phone for a friend. That sucks
You can refill online, that is true. But the fact is that once you hit your allotted 30 days of Unlimited Plans of 2.5 GB of high speed data (remember it is a 30 day cycle). After 2.5 GB, your data speed will be reduced for the remainder of the 30 day cycle.
Blake W
You should be able to us foxfi on any smart phone through straight talk 
I have a Samsung galaxy s3, I love it and looking for a good GPS NAVIGATION anyone know of a good one for this device? Thank you
+Margaret Rickards I got a Samsung galaxy s3 on eBay 250 with 6month no interest on bill me later version towers the bomb phone, it is so great
Can a Verizon wireless I phone4 be used with straight talk?? 
Yes.. I have a Samsung galaxy s3 which was a s4 converted over to straight talk it is on the Verizon network, it's fantastic. What kind of phone do you have?
Nice... I have an IPhone4 I got it connected a few says ago I love it! Before that I had a simple touch screen phone I picked up at wall mart lol
SIM card unlock code for Motorola EX431G does somebody know the cause I really need it to use your help thank you
Bought a Samsung galaxy s2 from straight talk less than a year ago. Loved the phone and had great experience work the customer service until I did a little research and found out that straight talk is absolutely not offering the android updates on this phone that are available. So, even though this could be updated to the android kit kat, I am stuck with the ancient gingerbread version. I was willing to live with this until I started getting alerts from the play store that soon many of my apps will no longer work without an android update.

I've been on the phone with customer service numerous times and it's always the same story. Straight talk will not offer the update and Samsung will not provide it because the do not support phones sold through straight talk.

The best was when the last customer service rep told me to "Google it"and proceeded to tell me how to search the instructions for "how to root your phone." WOW!

No longer a satisfied customer. I am definitely searching for a new provider for myself, my husband, and my four children! 
I have a Samsung galaxy s3 totally happy bought it off E bay,going on my 4 yr with ST, very happy
How do we get in touch with your advertising team? 
Please come out with new phones that have kitkat
Hi Joy, I am really good! How about you <3
Worst company ever DONT buy their service! Their customer service people are stupid ..I have waited for a replacement Sim card for 2 weeks now and received it to only find out the stupid lady who did the order , ordered the wrong one. This is even after chatting with service on Feb and twitter and people looking up my order and knowing why kind of phone I was using NO ONE was smart enough to I want right.. You don't want incompetent people taking your money or helping you.!

hey there straight talk ever since the problems this week my phone or alarms or alerts or touch tones are nt working what do i do all settings say on.evn speaker doesnt work and no sounds
+Straight Talk what carriers network do you piggy back off of in central PA area? zip codes 15901-15909? Is it AT&T? Looking to leave Verizon.
our staighttalk phone is saying it has been deactivated but we paid for 30 days that are not over until the 13th.
i have had straight talk for over 2 months i hate it . i am constantly having to reset my phone for-it to work, i have been on the phone for hours trying to fix problems..i do not recommend buying this  phone
hey man i have just ad much problems as joann freezes alot hence the
rebooting.if you remember a few weeks there zync went on the fritz and now
my phone dont ring no speaker phone.no external sounds .even after they
tried to fix it on there end nothing.you would think theyd send me new
phone.but then how will they make more money.ill tell dude when i can
afford better service IM gone forever.thanks to straight talk

bryan blondiet
Straight talk is the worst cell service you can could ever get. DO NOT USE THESE CROOKS! Their coverage stinks and there customer service is atrocious. I was with them for 2 months and never could use data on my phone. I spent endless hours on the phone with them trying to rectify the problem. Only thing that was rectified was them being a pain in my rectum by switching service. Which I had to get a new phone number due to them hijacking my  number and trying to extort me in order to carrying it to a real cell phone company. If you're a glutton for punishment use this jack leg provider. Don't say you wasn't warn! I've already sent a mass text to all my 600 plus contacts to make them aware of the cell phone pirates. 
Straight talk is the worst cell service you can could ever get. DO NOT USE THESE CROOKS! Their coverage stinks and there customer service is atrocious. I was with them for 2 months and never could use data on my phone. I spent endless hours on the phone with them trying to rectify the problem. Only thing that was rectified was them being a pain in my rectum by switching service. Which I had to get a new phone number due to them hijacking my number and trying to extort me in order to carrying it to a real cell phone company. If you're a glutton for punishment use this jack leg provider. Don't say you wasn't warn! I've already sent a mass text to all my 600 plus contacts to make them aware of the cell phone pirates.
I agree lost all my contacts they told me i had to write out a written statement for this an would take up to 30 days to get them bak ill have another phone by then just what they want straight talk people suk need jobs over here not over seas STUPID 
I love it it good straight talk save your money a lot I have Verizon for 2yeah. Dirty money I decide get straight talk because of my mom and my aunt told me that straight talk save your money a lot I get it it unlimited everything 
Just hope you never have to deal with customer lack of support. Unless your fluent in broken English. 
Contact straight talk at Facebook for decent customer service! Calling them is a joke! They just read a script.
Yeah, their customer service is lacking in the way of speaking English and understanding what you need. I have a One Plus One and couldn't get the phone set up after installing the AT&T SIM card. There instructions included with BYOP kit are obtrusive and totally screwed up. One page says see the instructions on the back of this page, when you flip it over, it's in Spanish! What the hell! Then they say to use the code under the silver scratch off. They fail to mention there are two silver scratch off codes in the kit! Anyway, I got that resolved and then had to work on changing the APN settings so I could have data and MMS messaging when I was away from my home Wi-fi. I did a Google search on that and watched a You Tube video, then was able to get those codes put in using a second phone. I had my Wi-fi off, and tested my phone. I was getting data, was able to text with pictures, everything was working fine so far. I've only had it up a few days so we will see how it goes. I was about ready to throw the whole kit in the trash and go sign up with AT&T, since my phone requires a GSM carrier, but I managed through all the BS and won. Straight Talk needs to redo their instructions big time! 
After dealing with straight talk tecnical support all I can say is that if you are a male, then you'll get much better results placing you penis in a blender set to high. Sorry don't have advice for women, but ST is rated near the bottom for good reasons. Wasted time and a wasted effort. 
I can't register - my zip code isn't accepted
consider yourself lucky. Go with another carrier don't make the mistake of using straight junk.
I just had worse experience, I followed porting process online to just get an assigned number. After receiving a new SIM card I got the run around. Very poor customer service. Boost mobile much better customer service. I lost 45 dollars.
On 2-14-15 I started the process to port my number over to straight talk from Verizon. On 2-15-15 I finally had them cancel the report because they just kept telling me there was an unknown error on the line and please wait 24-48 hours. So i requested to cancel the port and just do it as a new activation. 5 hours later and 12 phone calls I finally got the sim card released so we could set up a new number. At that time we became aware that the pin for the prepaid card had already been used on the ported number that was never actually ported. So another 2 hours on the phone and finally someone who will try to help. The gentleman actually listened to me instead of interrupting and got everything set up for us and told us to wait up to one hour for the service to activate and the number to be generated. Well after 2 hours I called back and again got the run around and told it could be up to 4 hours. Then at 8am which was 13 hours later I again called back only to get the run around again about unexpected errors. I finally have a phone number for the line. So I have been charged 2 days of service when I didn't even have a phone number as well as spent over 2 days and 30 phone calls to try to get this service started.
This company is a joke unfortunately the joke is on us, the consumers. The FCC needs to pull they're license and never allowed to operated in the US again.
How can i get straight talk to activate my phone now!!! I have been waiting for at least five hours and still nothing!!!!
Mine was a s4 the idiots never could get it right. I went with Verizon and got another s4 through them for $1 w/ 2 yr contract. Yeah I pay a little more a month but I have service every where I go. Customer service is like day light and dark Verizon vs. Straight rip off. 
Been waiting 24 hours. This is no way to run a business.
My phone zte keeps kicking off a few times a day
If your with straight rip off I feel sorry for you. Get a real cell service.
Tay ford keep posting. Show everyone just how ignorant you can be. 
A fool and their money soon part. Keep wasting money with straight chumps. 
It so nice going to rural areas and still have cell coverage. Need to email for work at the beach. No problem with Verizon. Straight chumps can't say that. Well they do but it's dishonest and fraudulent. The FCC needs to shut them down. Kick them back to the 3rd world countries where their customer support is located.
Tay from reading your post I assume your one of those customer support idiots I spent endless hours trying to understand and get my problems resolved. Which was futile.
how come my voice is working but not text or data. Been almost 20 hours since I reported to customer service & no resolution yet?
I've been with Verizon for over a year now. Yes a pay a little more but it's well worth it. No dropped calls. Data anywhere and on the rare occasion I have to use customer support I speak to someone that  I can actually understand and is very helpful with my needs. I feel bad for all you straight junk customers.  
Tee Off
Here you go,order right line

This service SUCKS. I've been waiting over 4 days to get my phone to work. Their website encourages you to call a phone number, but if you can't make or receive phone calls, that's not much bloody good, is it? Total crapola.
5 days without phone service. Customer representative told me 24 hours ago I'd have it in 12 hours. Still no service. 
No straight talk from these assholes, just a bunch of bullshit. I've been waiting over 5 days for my phone to work. 
I feel your pain. I messed around with these yahoos for 2 months. Never did get my data to work. Switched to Verizon. Yeah I pay a few bucks more but well worth it. English speaking customer service and no hassles. 
Day 6 and still no service. I have no phone, so what do the geniuses at StraightTalk propose: call them at a 1-800- number. Pretty damn useless when your phone isn't working. I should have known not to EVER STEP FOOT INTO WALMART (for the first time in my life, against all my principles). WALMART = STRAIGHTTALK = PILE OF SHIT. 
Tee Off
+Azrielarn Lithanos thats why tracfone is the way to go if u use so much data for that month the rest keeps rolling over the trick is get on wifi when u can
Tengo un lg l31l, me encuentro en venezuela es de su compañia y no agarra linea ni cobertura... favor podran solucionar
Day 6, and my phone has NOT been activated. I will report this company to the regulators in California, because they are clearly operating a fraudulent business. 
Day 7, and my phone has NOT been activated. These people are total MORONS. They give me a 1-800 number to call, but since they haven't activated my phone, I obviously can't call them. 
Straight customer service SUCKS!!!!
I got my sons phone the 1st part of March, and paid 450.00 for it, now all it does is rejects the SIMS card and has no service. so i call on Aug.21 talked with a Michael which said he would have to sent a new SIMS, i ask what happen if this doesn't work he told me they have had issues with this type of phone and they may have to just send a new phone. we got the new sims card we call when we got it and they told us what we needed to do well the next day the phone is doing the same thing. Aug 26 most of my day was on the phone with straight talk 6 times all 6 times i was on the phone for over 35mins,until they was unable to help so i got hung up on. The 4th call when i ask for a mgr. i was told she was the mgr and their was no one else but her, and she hung up on be. the 5th call after 51mins on the phone the lady said she would have to send a new SIMS card and hung up before i could say anything. call 6 was witha mgr. which said he would sent me a return label to my email and i should have it in just a few mins that was aug. 26th about 7pm i still have not got that email. so now i have to call again, but that will be after i call the BBB.
Not only call the BBB but call the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and report them as well. Hopefully they will pull their license and effectively put them out of business in the US. Then they can go sell their crappy service in the 3rd world nations where their tech support is located. 
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554
Phone: 1-888-225-5322
TTY: 1-888-835-5322
Videophone: 1-844-432-2275
Fax: 1-866-418-0232
DONT BUY THE I phone 5 c from straight talk.,.doesn't offer anything but at&t service....it suxs and they want explain why they only offer this......but 1 honest emplyee @straight talk advised that it the top ceo's lining their pockets with a deal between the 2 companies......STAY AWSY from THE I phone 5 C FROM STRAIGHT TALK DIESNT PICK UP .....SUXS BAD
como se puede comunicar con esta empresa, que no sea atraves del numero telofonico... no jodax-- alguien conoce el correo email de la empresa donde atiendan o respondan....
Tee Off
+Odie Garfield it don't work like that i get a better deal with tracfone at least what u don't use it rolls over
Hey can someone answer how does the warranty work on the phone 
 STRAIGHT TALK just LOST another CUSTOMER because of NO 'service'.

Called with problem, got 'offshore' rep who had such accented English she was mostly unintelligible and told there was nothing to be done.
A refil card was purchased at a Safeway for the phone, Safeway said tracphone was same and would work. It didn't. No refund. NO Service. No one cared. $32.73 down the drain. IT is 120 mile trip to town to buy. Trip wasted, phone dying, SAME company 'does not honor' the card.
Guess just as well, phone was garbage anyway-couldn't even do email because 'browser not secure' - 3 different email servers...what a waste.

BE Very careful if YOU obtain 'SERVICE' with this company-because they could care less about anything except taking YOUR money and giving NO service.
Why is it impossible to log in to my account. You sent this to my gmail address...you acknowledge my phone number if I call...I use my facebook information...
Do you need a blood sample before I can find out how much data I have?
Ask any thing not hiding shut don't think I'm the only one useing my imfomation delete I have been trying shut down computer jerks sorry to anyone u am 
"Straight" talk = give shitty or no service, take your money, tell you go away, just Pay.
Tee Off
I just can't beleave that i have to buy service card to get some ringtones off my old phone
Hello out there is there going to be any conversation that isn't just bitching about the site
I'm trying to inter my account and it won't take my father's middle name
I was going to create an account but it keeps saying the last 4 of my credit card # are wrong. I never gave you a number before. How can mine be wrong? Your app & website are so weird. You need better programmers.
I have a Sprint Apple iPhone C. When I looked on straight talk Web site it said it will accept a sprint service. Can I put straight talk on this phone? It was hooked up with sprint carrier before. Please help me Christina 
Good luck with that, StraightTalk gives NO service and No help- just takes money and limits APPS you can use with it
What in the world is wrong w straight talk my husband needs his fone! ! I have been trying to add minutes for hours! !?
straighttalk is a joke - a bad one - service sucks - phone I bought from them sucks-couldn't even do email because their crappy browser wouldn't support enough security to access 3 different email accounts--then I buy a service card that they refused to honor..I just shut it down and went elsewhere.
I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN THIS SERVICE AND YOUR SALES PEOPLE !!!!!!!  I needed a mobile hot spot for seasonal purpose  WHAT A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT AND SCAM!!!  I learned to not trust certain companies and would never recommend this service to anybody.  It was an expensive lesson but I learned.   I m just sorry your salespeople are inept or just out for the sales.  The customer service portal wont even work and feedback wont accept feedback what a joke. 
Just pay Radio Shack they'll help you out.What do u people think you're going to get from the retards they hire
Tee Off
+Sidney Crossley if u have unlimited u don't need to know except your phone will start slowing down after 2.5 gb
Stop bull shitting about straight talk I am waiting for my phone for three weeks Walmart sold me defective phone this is my number 3609266656
Most of customer service are brain dead anyways they have no idea.
Exactly right, Balraj.  Brain dead would be an improvement for them.  "just buy our crap and shut up"  NO help NO service.
I got my cell and it was opened and put in a smaller box it was not in the plastic like it should have been not right.😤😕
you expected a 'new' one ?, Al, Silly you...
No but I did not want a hacked one silly you😆
it looks like a sim clip  but it flips up and the sd will fit right in there
Tee Off
+Paul Morin yeah they just want your money i have ringtones on my old phone so i called a rep up and they told me i'd have to buy and reactivate the phone i just can't beleave it's not possible to get this done by a cp even the tech man at malmart told me this i have over 100 ringtones on it maybe it would be worth it there's got to be a way
Tee Off
+Bill Johnson yes i went with tracfone it's cheaper i had mine for over a year it cost me about $11 a month to run mine the way to to go is buy a triple minute for life phone
Tee Off
+Dirty Bastard can u help me get some ringtones off my old phone without buying service
Tee Off
+Sidney Crossley if u have unlimited u don't need to know how much data u have unless u exceeded the 2.5 gb allowed per month straight-talk sucks
Tee Off
+Odie Garfield shouldn't have too unlimited mean's 2.5 GiGs then your shit slows down or shuts off even if your not pass the 30 the days
Tee Off
+Thomas Jones go with tracfone its cheaper if u use the phone right it cost me about $11 month 
j cody
Why don't i ever get emailed back. ..when I'm trying to change my password. ...I even called straight talk ...getting ridiculous
you guys have ripped me off of twop months of no service waiting for a replacement phone twice and it was finally delivered and to the wrong address and now is missing because you didn't ask for a signature required. so i am basically out almost $200. AND i got a new phone and since the other one was SENT you switched my service and on top of that i can't switch my service back to the phone that i have because no one has that phone to turn it on and off. wtf????
I am very , very disappointed in my  "Staight Talk" service.

My phone has failed me for the past month, and I can't get it repaired, because it is not a Phone problem, but a "Straight Talk" SERVICE PROBLEM.  Oh, well, ....... soon I will be getting another phone and dropping this VERY POOR SERVICE. So Sorry. No way to get hands-on , Field help, no local shops to find help.. Just phone and Text help from the other side of the world. How sad ....
Can't get phone # changed on new phone and called tect support four times. Had new Sim card and paid $45 and never was able to even make a call. Phone is now distroyed. What a joke.
Yes, they played us all like fiddles. Well, "fool me once ......, etc. "  Many say i should go try Verizon. Gonna look into it.
Yes Verizon customer service is so much better. That's way I went.
Im getting cheated out of time and data on my phone
Has anyone received any android os updates from straight talk? 
Your hotspots are shit can't get any answers from you to help with it
+Dave Kay I work with Straight Talk Wireless. I see that you need help with your phone. We can help you. Send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com; we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW .
+jerry leon Hello Jerry, We would need you to send us your account information to this email address ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com for further assistance. Please include your name, contact number and your cell phone number or serial number. Thank you^Sara
QUESTION: how do I reset voicemail password on straight talk LG Lucky Android phone?
+Anna Edwards Please contact us so we can reset the voicemail feature for you. Send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com; we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW. Thank you. ^SaraST
+Jillian Leann Perkins Depending on your phone model, you can download the Call Detector App from the Google Play Store to block unwanted phone calls. This application will automatically block all known scam callers. ^SaraST
+Ashley The Unicorn I work with Straight Talk Wireless. I see that you need help with your phone. We can help you. Send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com; we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW. Thank you. ^SaraST 
My phone was illegally accessed through my companies public network and this system for a third time. My accident pictures living will and intellectual design property in picture form has been illegally accessed without a legally binding warrant and an individual has done this 3 separate times. I would like to report this because I just backed up my phone again for a third time and it still happened. Can you please help in finding and restoring. I am contacting FCC and F.B.I. about this.
+Charles M. Johnson We're sorry to hear that. Please send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com; we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW. Thank you. ^SaraST  
+Dirk Richardson We are not offering data cards for our phone service to refill the data. You can only add using our service plans. Be advised that redeeming the service plan right away will erase the remaining services left from the previous plan. Thanks. ^SaraST
my phone doesn't have any cellular data and it won't allow me to access it on your website, telling me in is no longer there. But I'm still able to refill my phone for the month. What do I do? 
Thank you ^SaraST and I will. Just letting you know that I have contacted G.B.I. and F.B.I. and have them looking into this to. I was hacked at both my places of work and in public so hope you figure it out before they do. I also told them about my attorney's system at there office being illegally accessed. My pictures are not loading back and I reported this to g+to google and to you. Please fix this. I am also getting messages of your phones storage is full and storage is full SMS/MMS messages and I only have received 5 texts and deleted 2 of them. Please fix. Thanks
+Jenny Lopez We're sorry to hear that. Please send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com; we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW. Thank you. ^SaraST  
How is it I am being notified I've used up my use limit when I've not done anything more as far as use, than any other time. I joined with (unlimited) straighttalk.com plan? Seriously?
I'm being told by you folks i've used up my GBs? How when I joined my phone had (unlimited access)? Nothings been done any different this month than any other month and we're only half way thru the month. (Unlimited Data)? Val Gomez.
Buenas tardes adquiri un telefono en Dallas LG L33L IMEI 357657065582963, como podria utilizarlo en Caracas Venezuela
+henry mijares  The phone is not supported in Venezuela and other foreign countries. The service is only available within the United States, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and Alaska. Thanks. ^SaraST
Watch out for these folk. Though the price is good they will out and out lie to you if you have an issue. I have had an on going issue with them that has me at talking to seven people and getting seven different replies. They do not train support very well. Read the fine print and as soon as you can afford it run as far away from them as you can. Good luck all.
+Ron Bird Jr We're sorry to hear that. Please send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com; we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW. Thank you. ^SaraST  
+Terry Bell ..unless you already solved te issue, when ever there is a problem sending reciving text, in particular with attachments it is easily fix in the phones settings settings. Do a search on the 'straight talk forum'. Good info.
I need to use my new phone and Google this is the second phone I'm Ihaving
trouble with Iim not happy please help me I am a heart patient and I need
my services help
+Joan Sheeran We're sorry to hear you're having a problem. Please send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com; we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW. Thank you. ^SaraST  
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Facebook" <****@**>
Date: Mar 24, 2016 9:23 PM
Subject: Somebody requested a new password for your Facebook account
To: "Joan Sheeran" <****@**>

here to change your password. Alternatively, you can enter the following
password reset code: 795946 Didn't request this change? If you didn't
request a new password, let us know immediately .
After calling 4 times and being hung up on, I finally got my problem resolved. However, the attitude from the operator is not appreciated. She doesn't pay me for phone service, I pay you and I can leave at any time. 
+Gfry Arbuckle We're sorry for the trouble. Please edit your post without indicating your contact information for security reasons. Then, send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com; we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW. Thank you. ^SaraST
I know this isn't the proper place for this but my battery is fixing to crap out and I can't keep spending so much time trying to get someone to help me out. You need to change the process you use somehow so that your customers aren't left with no service what-so-ever after a rep disconnects service for things such as changing phone numbers or even upgrading phones. I am having a hard time sticking with straight talk right now. I was on net10 and changed phones and somehow got stuck here. I've had ST for 3 months now and 3 times I've found myself with no service at all for simple crap that your reps should have under control. This is incredibly frustrating to have to put my life on hold and go find a hotspot to try and get you people to turn my phone back on. You have left me without service 3timws in three months. Every time I suffer some kind of collateral damage from lost business directly related to my inability to communicate with my customers. Not to mention the fact that you assured me that I would not lose my long time phone number the 1st time I had to go through this and guess what. You lost it, nobody has a clue as to what happened to it, at least thats what I have been told. At this point straight talk has been the most frustrating company I've dealt with in my life time. The phone number on my acct yesterday was 620 349 xxxx. Which is a Kansas area code and I live in Oklahoma. So I wanted to keep the Verizon number that I had to activate the 1st time ST LEFT ME WITH NOTHING. And scrambling to stay connected somehow. A expense that I am enduring again by the way that number is 918 500 xxxx Which according to the gentleman that "assisted" me should've been active on my phone hours ago. After I hung up from talking with your rep about changing my number I put in the SIM card that ST sent me and have restarted my phone 3 times and still have no service. I am going home now and when I get up in the morning I will stop everything that I have to do and drive into town to get on a hotspot once again and waste my day as I am right now and I'm sure that I will have to go through most of the same motions that I've made today again tomorrow. Not happy at all. 
Will straight talk be compatible with my kyocera cell phone?
+Joe Delao If you are using a GSM device, which is an AT&T compatible GSM phone, T-Mobile compatible GSM or unlocked GSM phone, it should work in our service. For CDMA devices, you can check the eligibility of the device at www.straighttalkbyop.com. Thanks. ^SaraST
How do I get auto pay for my phone it is a straight talk phone please help me out with this problem please somebody
I have a mobile hotspot my computer are whatever else will con to the box bit it say no internet connection iv put money on it twice because I thought the first one wasnt enough so I lost that money not doing it again so what do I need to do ty
Roger I have as well as searching as I no Straight Talk has had my answers.
As the language As well As any languages are waiting on you check out my choices Google App Store. Your gonu speak all language's Text to Speach.

Who asked for Troops Go' Straight ahead 
Mike check your fast accessories, how much as well as many Pulling on hotspots 
Thomas I recently moved to an area signal so bad I am on top of dish. Now answering you my friend.
After calling trying all sorts of avenues. Dead zone is well known All say sorry you slow Access.
See A Tornado came through. My New yard 2013. f-4. Yes. Natural. Cleaning of All. So jest sharing muffins.
+Ashley Wilson To check the data usage you can send the word "USAGE" to 611611. We can also help you further with the account and add your phone. Please send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com; we will fix your phone right away. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW. Thank you. ^SaraST 
+Mike O'Hara Hey Mike do like call there dumbass up and cuss them out I've been with them for almost 4 yrs the last 3 months I needed losing all my data and they keep saying couldn't talk to a supervisor I sure proved them dumbass technicians wrong and got all my 5 gigabytes back
Okay I'll do that tomorrow because I just had to get a new phone and I'm still out money on my WiFi hotspot I'll go to dif comp if not and all my friends as well will change with me but thanks 
Yesterday I tried reactivate to straightalk and my gmail with a new card and pin number and nothing work. Google + nothing happen as in orignal state.Still not working as usual...
do i have to buy an activation card if i buy a referbished iphone 5s
How do. I down load the mcafee mobil security app or the pin number to unlock a lgl22c phone 
I refiled my service today but I didn't get a notification that it was sucsecfull and the phone didn't work either so I did it again so it charged me twice I want my money back how can I do that

+Timmy Mayes Please try to download the application from Google Play Store. The PIN can be modified via the phone's security settings. ^SaraST
I'm trying to find a clock and date to download I accidentally deleted mine...help!!!
why is there a refile card for straight talk that doesn’t refil my phone. no smartphones? Thats not straight forward.
My daughter is a new customer and can't connect to the internet. I thought data was unlimited
I understand that after 5gb @ high-speed that it drops to 2gb at a lower speed but still unlimited. Will you please explain that a little more clearer.
I'm trying to transfer my service to a new phone that's already active WhAt do I do
I cant refill my service on the phone OR online.... what is going on??
Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service.For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open M-Sun from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST.her assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355.
+happylady muller Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service. For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open M-Sun from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST.
+Audrey Humphrey Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service. For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open M-Sun from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST.
+Jasmine Doran Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service. For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open M-Sun from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST.
+Maggie Lloyd Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service. For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open M-Sun from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST.
+Carmen Coleman Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service. For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open M-Sun from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST.
+Makayla Ramsey Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service. For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open M-Sun from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST.
Everything has been going well...then I just got an email from you saying that it is no longer auto refill...I wonder why that could be, what change has been made???  Carol
+Carol Knickerbocker Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service. For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open M-Sun from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST
+Mark Carleton Yes, you can. However, if you have a GSM phone, you may need to have a new SIM card to reactivate. Should you need assistance, please contact us so we can assist you. Send us your account info to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com. Please include your name, cell phone number or serial number and a contact number. Copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW. Thank you. ^StephaineST 
Just bought another new phone and im not getting messages or i get them a week later or sometimes im getting a recent message with a week old message together. If my service dont get better im moving somewhere else ive been with yall for years but this is awful!
My phone won't get service. It's just the no service circle with the line.
I called to activate voice mail a couple days ago. I have a message but I don't have a password to retrieve it. I heard no prompts asking for a password when I set it up. Help! 
IMEI SIM CARD #89148000002419013997
I stupidly went from a $45, 5GB to a $55, 10GB and within 15 minutes had horrible chrome,slower than ever internet,can't reach them and the text number I have for them of course costs money to send. I guess they have enough money to get sued again and I'm tired of calling them . You not only can't understand them but they promise to fix the problem if you hang up and turn the phone off. Will be going with the cheapest plan they have until I can afford at&t in October. For the price and problems I am having with the three phone's from straighttalk I can get cheaper monthly bills and excellent service with at&t.
+Carla Jones Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service. For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open Mon-Sun from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.
I've had my replacement phone two weeks. I can't make outgoing calls at all not even to customer service. So trying calling me 8702814594 or I'm going back to Verizon!
They always respond with i'm sorry but don't fix the problems. Have emailed,text,called with no solutions. This will continue until next refill and believe me the time for refill comes every month on time not like the service.I'm going to get a text and a warning they my 10 GB have been used before i've used them. I have already received the warning that my 10 GB have been used on 8-17-2016 and I purchased my 10GB on 8-03-2016 for 8-13-2016.So that's five days of internet service for $55.00 . 
+wendie bennett Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your Straighttalk Wireless service. For further assistance please, call customer care number at 1-877-430-2355. You can also contact us via email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com(include your name, cell#, and serial number) or you can chat with us at http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.  We are open Mon-Sun from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.
they NEVER did help or answer my questions or even attempt to 'solve' any of my problems.....just TOOK money and gave NOTHING.
I got an email from both Peggy deader and Wendy Bennett stating they were sorry but neither one of them submitted the problems to the department that could eliminate the problems. I believe this is a foreign owned company that dos'nt believe or have complaint departments and the United States department of air waves,satellites, and communications should recieve complaints about straighttalk and the proof of complaints and if taxpayers paid for satellites,air waves, or communication taxes should have straighttalk removed from the United States communications ,if their employees are foreigners since they cannot communicate with Americans and are extremly rude they should be shut down until American english speaking, communicates well, understanding and handles paid consumer problems with diplomacy are put in place by communications,air waves,satellite authorities as soon as possible due to straighttalk (tracfone) has already been sued for $40 million and their service after the lawsuit by complaints on website including mine in which I have'nt had a decent day of service since I purchase the package eight days ago and every attempt at communicating with them has either beemmet with hostility,rudeness or computer generated apologies and links to other sites that offer help but when contacting them it costs money to send messages or that link has no service from postmaster. This means that straighttalk has been lying to customers about having a complaint department for customers hoping their problems would be solved by technical support but are met with employees directing them to none working chat and email addresses that lead you back to their rude, non helpful so called customer service personnel after you have paid for an expensive phone and countless months and payments with extremly poor service. Everyone please file complaints with your state departments communications ,air waves and division of satellites immediately. Keep all data of your complaints,emails,phone logs and chats for evidence.
My husband sent in his old phn 2 weeks ago with them telling him he would get replacement phn and never revived it.
Straight Talk is A JOKE' I ordered a phone and purchase plan Friday with FEDEX Overnight they sent me a bogus order number the website won't let me get any information and the customer service can't do anything without me giving them my credit vard information. Word of advise go to verizon prepaid they have a lease to own prepaid phone program and their unlimited package is only $5 more than straight talk with great customer service. and you get to speak with Americans

Straight Talk is a HORRIBLE Smart Phone service, and doesn’t have the proper service and or technical professionals to help when you have problems. I have had NOTHING but problems from the start with Straight Talk. Before I purchased Straight Talk, I called and was told by a Straight Talk representative that my area had 4G LTE coverage. I also checked their service coverage in my area. I entered my zip code to verify and see what the customer service representative said, and to see what their service coverage areas said on line. It clearly stated/showed that 80701 had 4G LTE coverage in the area? Their service and their maps are incorrect, misrepresented, and a complete lie and or fabrication. I have NEVER once had the 4G LTE coverage that Straight Talk claimed they provided in this area, and have had major problems getting on line with my Straight Talks plans. This is my first issue.
My second issue is with their ability to communicate with English speaking customers. It’s almost non-existent, and 99% of the time they can NOT understand or help you with technical issues. This is especially important when you’re having complicated technical problems. They still have NOT been able to help fix my Data/WiFi access after 12 days of problems!
My other issue is with my data and WiFi access. They do NOT work correctly. I have repeatedly asked to speak with someone in the US or a tech Manager/supervisor individual that could speak English clearly enough to help me, and actually help get my services/technical problems fixed. Only 1 out of the 9 people I spoke with was actually able to help me. Their customer service is somewhere in India. They use western names and say that they are in the US, which is not true, and causes multiple problems with customers.
This is what Straight Talk wants me to do to get my Wifi and Data plans to work:
To use the internet on my new Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 4G LTE GSM phone when I’m at home, I have to manually turn OFF my Data plan, then manually turn on my WiFi to make it work. Then, when I leave my house, I have to manually turn off my WiFi plan, and then manually turn on my Data plan? This should happen automatically like ALL of the other GSM Android phones I have owned. I wasn’t happy with how Straight Talk wants me to handle my data plan and asked for a manager in their technical department to call me back. I was told that they would have someone call me that understood my issues. It's now been 8 days and NOTHING!!!! Not one call, text or email to help me. When I called again today, I had to explain everything in detail again, and they said there was NOTHING in their notes, which is a problem in itself? This is a technical problem that needs special attention. Not fixing the issue and having me switch the phones internet setting to get my services to work is not the correct way to set up the services I pay for!!!! When I first got the phone, and decided to go with Straight Talk. I could not get the phone set up correctly, so I spoke with several supervisors, and finally spoke with one that understood the problems I was/am having, and that it’s a special phone that has different settings. The man that helped me get it set up properly and understood everything. But of course, there saying that there are not any notes to see who it was or what he did???

I just want my phone to work correctly, and it seems that Straight Talk does not care!!
Jason D or Jyrow

I heard from a friend of mine from the GED class I got to that straight talk will replace your phone if the volume does not work or if it doesn't come on at all they will send you a new phone for free
My friend also told. Me that if it on the part where your charger is a doesn't charge your phone straight talk will not replace your phone 4 3
I found out that straight talk buys from another company, but straight talk is owned by a rich mexican. Not only do they come to our country and take our jobs, cross the border because their people don't want them and they want the money they send home, and our businesses that recieved government Aamerican taxes to open their companies but also gave them money to stay afloat are moving to mexico. But we are boycotting all their products. Don't buy Kellogg products. There is a list of items not to buy that are made in mexico that you can boycott because their products are cheaply made and are no good like this phone service.