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Generic nerd.
Generic nerd.

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Hey artists! 
What sort of editor are you using to create ANSI graphics in this day and age? Is it TheDraw or ACiDDraw in Dosbox or do you use a Linux equivalent or a browserbased editor such as the one on 16 colors ?

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Took my girls out for a short hike in a local wildlife preserve. Who said autumn can't beautiful after all the leaves have fallen?
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Hi fellow ultralighters,

I'm going to ditch my hammock for a ground shelter but I'm a bit lost in the jungle. Can you help me decide on a good shelter.

I'm mainly interested in a tarp that can protect me from wind and rain. Like the Zpacks Hexamid Solo Plus but other options are welcome.

I hike in Sweden where do rain and wind are more trouble than dangerous bugs and snakes. However the mosquitos can be quite pesky in season.

I want a solo option that will host two in a pinch or me and my kid I.e. 1,5.

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How I managed to screw up in more ways than one. 
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Found this while watching tv with my kids. I'd say it's rather relevant to our interest:

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Does anyone know of a place that sells the Mors Bushpot in Europe?

Alternatively interested in selling me one used or new. I've got a Hultafors Mini Hatchet if barter is your game. 

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Something for your best friend?

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Why not Zoidberg?

Woob woob woob....
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Lägg ut, lägg ut, lägg ut!
There’s an old joke that says USB cables do not exist in three-dimensional Euclidian space. Try to plug a USB cable in a socket, and the first try will always be wrong. Flip it, try to plug it in, and that will also be wrong. You will only succeed on the…
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