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Which is more rude: to reject an opinion that was not requested, or to offer an opinion that was not requested?

Imagine a situation where you are working on a task by yourself. Someone walks up to you and offers their opinion about the task. You reject their opinion. They act offended that you rejected them.

I would assert that offering an unrequested opinion is far more rude than rejecting said opinion. Just because the person offering the opinion thought they were being helpful, doesn't mean they were actually being helpful.

Thoughts, opinion, comments, or suggestions?

by Chad Wilson

a weird world
whirling wearily,
while whimsical
wonderful wit
wafts wishfully
without weight
worry or want.

words whispered
whistled and warbled
wallowing willfully,
wistfully wandering,
within a wilderness,
wavering, winding
of wondrous wisdom.

whales and wrens
witness the waltz
of wild wind
whooshing waywardly
where it wends
to withdrawn woods
and water's womb

a weird world
whirling wearily
wayward weaving

Copyright © 2019 Chad Wilson


Apples and Oranges
by Chad Wilson

where are you derived?

raise one's self on high

allowing one to hide

from a source divine

search for soul's resign

in the mirror to find

Copyright © 2019 Chad Wilson


The Day Before Vacation
by Chad Wilson

Twas the day before vacation
and all through the company
employees were laughing
and joking funnily

accounting was preparing
for end of year
for soon to come
new rules to adhere

material handling
was driving about
moving pallets with care
for shipping out

HR sent out messages
for they would not be here
to approve our timecards early
before the new year

gifts were exchanged
and goodbyes expressed
as each bid adieu
for holidays blessed

as each employee leaves
right down to the last
a silence will fall
over the factory vast

i say to all that reads this
until we meet in the new year
have a blessed holiday season
and may we return in good cheer

Copyright © 2018 Chad Wilson


Thought Subjugation
by Chad Wilson

a vast landscape
fraught with risk

mangling of intention
forced compliance
by self-elected
thought tyrants

a new form of bullying
under a false guise
draped in hypocrisy
and obscured lies

don't say that
don't write that
don't think that

everything is wrong
except what i consider right
you had better agree
or you will receive spite

give in, submit
to this conflagration
in a world now dominated
by thought subjugation

Copyright © 2018 Chad Wilson


by Chad Wilson

can the sun choose
not to rise in the east?
can the moon choose
not to reflect the sun?
that is how my love is for you

from the first moment
of your vision in my mind
my waking thought
and sleeping dream
have been of you

like the wind across the Earth
pushed by highs and lows
so my love moves
between moments of peace
and moments of strife with you

but always as two
as if stuck by glue
through moments bright
and moments of blue
i will always be with you

Copyright © 2018 Chad Wilson


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Since Google is taking the cowardly way out and shutting down G+, a platform that is superior to FB, then that means there is no point in creating an new content here.

I can be found at the following social media platforms...

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Should any of you wish to continue following my writings or sporadic photography.
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Another Lonely Holiday
by Chad Wilson

alone in a room
but surrounded by many
no family to hug
just people that are friendly

just another day
just another year
the streets look the same
not much to cheer

ghosts of the past
wonder in and out of memory
conjured by the busy
of holiday revelry

one day of excess
so many left in need
but that is the life
of a ghost on the street

just another

Copyright © 2018 Chad Wilson


Ode To The Post-It Note
by Chad Wilson

oh post-it note
the result of an accident
what was meant to be strong
an even better advent

in every color imaginable
from the subdued to the blinding
you keep my day organized
and my productivity flying

you decorate my monitor
you cover my desk
despite your functionality
you can be quite the visual mess

but you soldier on
oh post-it note
reminding me to stretch
and an old reminder to vote

to the post-it note i declare
thank you for your work
continue reminding me
of what i am trying to shirk

Copyright © 2018 Chad Wilson


Ode To The Paper Clip
by Chad Wilson

oh, paper clip

how you bring together
my loose pile of paper

keeping together my hard work
so i can find it later

your simple geometric shape
a wonder of physics

you teach us a lesson
about life we should learn

you do not gripe or complain
you do not judge the papers

your use is not limited to paper
you can even open a stuck CD tray

crossbows, a hair clip, a zipper substitute
i even once made an antenna from you

oh mighty paper clip
your invention a great wonder

continue holding our stuff together
oh paper clip

Copyright © 2018 Chad Wilson

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