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The one you can always trust.


I am facing a bug:
Goto App & Widget drawer > Drawer Groups > Folders tab and click + menu item to add new folder. Give a title and press Add. Instead of adding new folder, it adds new tab. Adding same second time adds folder. Anybody experiencing the same?

When will be KDE-Neon 5.9 iso images be available?

How do you make nova look like Touchwiz launcher?

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I process gmail's email using .Net framwork and C#.I have .html files and they need to downloaded and opened in browser. It has some ajax code that connects to server online and I need to enter password and then it display data if password is correct. I want to automate this and so far I am able to download attachment. How do I open this attachment programitically and process attachment?

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What is change from M2 to M3 for i9300? Worth upgrading or just bug fixes?

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