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Anne Wojcicki

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Go Mom!
I will be speaking at the Cuidad de las Ideas conference in Puebla, Mexico on SATURDAY morning 9 am Pacific Time and afternoon 2:30 pm Pacific Time I am debating Amy Chua (Tiger Mom) about parenting techniques. Here is the live stream link.  Hope you can watch!
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l o l 
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Anne Wojcicki

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Thanks to +FastCompany for a great conference!
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Congrats anne

Fastest way i could ask

Can you tell me if this is fisable or if you can run with the idea

Instead convert this test to come as a big tablet ( like the bleech toilet cleaner tablet that sits behind the toilet in the water reservoir and disolves into the bowl cleaning it)

It will slowly disolve disapatiting a urin test into the water. When ever sick or something reacts within your pee to the "test strip toilet tablet" it will change color informing you to go to the doctors.
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Anne Wojcicki

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My DNA turned into music....
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Anne, what u think about fresh Google restyling logo? See last post on my page! Please, show to Sergey
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Anne Wojcicki

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Great shot
alright.. here's another #eclipse picture... probably my favorite so far..

from Kevin of FB:
This is one of the most Spectacular photos taken from the Eclipse only yesterday!


NZ 11.47am 21st AUST EST 9.47am 21st GMT 11.47pm MAY 20th
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Thanks +Andrew Hintz
Nevertheless it's an awesome picture to me ;-).
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Anne Wojcicki

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Would you change the activities your children do if you knew they were higher risk for having degenerative brain disease from traumatic brain injuries?
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yes I would change the activity of our little "sunshine"
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Anne Wojcicki

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23andMe launches into TV! Check out Finding Your Roots on PBS with Skip Gates. Sunday nights at 8p.
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Hey, Anne, you know there was a picture of you in the newspaper yesterday trumpeting how you were going to stay offline today. :-) I know, I can stop any time I want.
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Anne Wojcicki

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Love the Michael J Fox Foundation and their mission to cure Parkinson's disease. They are an exceptional organization. We are lucky to work with you. #foxgala
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Parkinson is a disease which until now have no guaranteed cure. Most researcher are looking at both stem cell and genetic therapy as probable cure for Parkinson.
I do hope for more advance breakthrough on what actually influence the 23 pair of human chromosome to allow Parkinson disease manifest in human being. 
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Anne Wojcicki

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More TV! Maria Bartiromo this Sunday morning. +MariaBartiromo +CNBC
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Hi anne
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Anne Wojcicki

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Anne Wojcicki originally shared:
Thanks to CBS This Morning for the discussion! On at 8a today. 
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Nice, very well done.   Maybe try to get Charlie Rose to do a whole show with you...he only got one question in.
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Anne Wojcicki

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This post has generated a lot of discussion in the Wojcicki household!
A woman riding on the back of a motorbike stark naked was pulled over by police - because she wasn't wearing her helmet.
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¿Could you please end Black Sea crisis, build rain evolution Sea, crop exponential growth logistic machine? Using High Air Pressure Container aeration propelling with hydrofoil or propellor string / connect continuously From Mississippi River Delta to Florida Keys & Cancun onto Mediterranean, a giant sea train, lattice exterior with wood timber dodecahedron. Recharge Everglades FL. Mediterranean Sea Aquatic variety.
1. Bubbles - Evaporation ocean surface - cloud to rain
2. Wood dodecahedron - Barnacle Algae, pressure washer at turnstile / lift Loading (vessel pulling) - petrified shell / alabaster / calcified tree.
3. pull between warm and cool current with aeration opposite vector hurricane spin cycle to slow hurricane vector.
4. I wrote BP nectar Dundee, England mark brunberg 5559 wagon road gap forwarded to liaison BP USA they did not respond to estuary healing request to rectify BP oil disaster : Haliburton 2013 oil disaster no response.
Please help this will be essential with hydroelectric dam the system is more viable than a wind energy turbine.

Dodecahedron through sea & ocean process evaporation add 1" per day to cloud alter thermal ocean surface: you will be able to redirect cloud and storm from distant calculation. This too will establish fish and wildlife habitat BLM, USFS & private land vacant. Too open canary row on a global level, can you forward to Russian counterpart Black Sea? To refill spent oilfield and plant North Korea 2 x saline rice field in abandoned low population rural lost farm areas, pesticide free?

マーク brunberg
RECHARGE PLUTONIUM DEtOXIFY Mercury (Hg) Uranium, Cesium,
strung retaining wall Hgwy Timber 21 m dodecahedron 54.80 ft lowest uranium leak into ocean Fukushima to Tropical storm wave break height. Stack strung dodecahedron above shoreline break Fukushima leak below Lowest RADS report by Ms / Mr scuba diver! tow from USA a super nuclear cesspool! add potassium
Baja, Gulf of California based on air current & sea directional current annual rainfall & hypoxia dead zone, land formation surrounding it maybe the most beneficial build for a wood timber dodecahedron 21 m or 54.80 ft with a interior high compression propellor or aileron flapping motion to propel the structure through the sea the evaporation for aeration and evaporation for additional watershed aquifer recharging & creation add high crop yield potential. the wood lattice dodecahedron strung in looping fashion at major port and to open channel to shuttle large sea vessel, sherpa cargo under the passenger vessel's saddle or hull add x-wing front and back clips, wing clips, double aileron fins and high compression PSI (pounds square inch) nose, fuselage. run through warm and cold ocean current to lower hurricane, typhoon vector to renew storm protection. barnacle and algae growth for high sea / ocean edible fish production end dead zone. with pressure washer - turning the barnacle into a calcium builder to petrify tree. Again a excellent location to ferry people between Baja and Panama add to San Diego with line to Japan, Russia, China, korea, India, Australia, South America, Africa
Puget Sound Washington to assist in nuclear fallout ocean emissions from Fukushima Japan! Submersible with emergent parts for tow capacity!
place in front threatened Hypoxia estuary 167 in USA! You can begin by building one
Do same for Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean
Easiest Merry-Go-Round, Carousel is cutting with half cut, welded with middle plate 4-12" lowest cost stone blade on a 100ft-400ft chainsaw. underwater or hill.

recharge Everglades, detoxify California lower Mercurry (Hg) through ocean, sea, gulf coast... increase food harness Plutonium into uranium by Hoberon Sphere around sun with organic matter or compost.

Shoe underwater Fukushima with extra pollution recycle pool retaining wall inside dodecahedron.
Ewe, being consumed Earth a force civilization burning more fossil fuel and decreasing annual birth rate to extinction wildlife through a modernization known as the Digital Age. Proclaimed by a specie called Human

Himalaya bamboo scaffold rope tie 8,000 meter to low earth orbitfollow with Hoberman sphere mars, mercury, venus... or easy entry Eero saarrin style structure bamboo rope tie
launch in zero or low earth orbit: Hoberman Spheres around sun for recharging Plutonium, Add

mark brunbrg would like geog-econ nobel please build, to Sweden for my Nobel prize :|
コア 5、6 バルブしてください。
くしゃみくしゃみ今日わずかに高いがはるかに大きいかもしれません !
ライトポール ハイテク 1000年シーケンスの宇宙服の下で洞窟探検をスケーリング リード スーツ魚を追加します。
(おかげで、道教) 地震 5.9 6.9 no の津波

あまりにも、(CEC) ミリントン テネシー州軍 (防衛) 海軍に供給バルブ ・ コア 5、6 を適用してください。
放射線スーツ薄いウェット スーツ フラット鉛 Pb 魚スケール
(アメリカ合衆国原子力訓練学校 (道教、天使に感謝))
十二面体の木。21 m
沿岸地質地震基盤福島チェーン ロック福島水牽引石の下で 100 メートルを見た
"ミシシッピー川南地理を知られている十二面体会話地平線を教える教授 bt Gershmehl - 1991 年、8 ホールド土壌の侵食を失った"
デポ役員土木技師 fax 書かれて東京電力会社を通過する彼の電話に配置されます。ちょうど 2 つの原子力発電所原子力発電所で大規模なフィールド日本の修復システムを簡単に拡張するには

フジツボ フィルター十二面体中国と日本の日本の沖縄除染核放射線に 21 m 木正十二面体と圧縮圧力でダイビング ボートのための昇進ごとメートル インチ間の連続的なループ
日本における中国、ハワイと日本のフジツボ圧力に日本洗う沖縄泡 - 蒸発 - 雲エアフィルター、土地の解毒の海

- This is a added propulsion for ship vessel sherpa crossing the ocean with air double aileron and shopping cart style alignment:) x-wing fighter for above mentioned system a saddleback sherpa ocean cargo vessle workhorse. the laser guns and front rear connect to create a hydrafoil and lift saddle for passenger carrying and ocean cargo ocean ferry ship. x-wing has high pressure air charge to assist double aileron to speed ship vessle on and off continuous ocean rhumbic dodecahedron service system crossing continent to continent. the interior high pressure air fuselage has a ocean hitch nose with rear clamp to connect and swim ocean formation Add a sleeve for re-entry and to buttress typhoon hurricane. [400foot stone cutter with 100 x 100 x 400 foot column cut to straddle coastline subseptible to tidal flow. Tow to middle East to profit by Island build too aeration and barnacle sale mediterranean, x-wing secondary space entry heat shield]
-trapezoidal dodecahedron springs, belts, propellor or fan, added auger and either underwater or belt axel connected Electric Generation turbine generate energy or channel river proper during low watt consumption, aquatics enjoy motion and protection, good environmental add! with a rolling pin on-top for a wing flapping dodecahedron strung up and down river to carry logistic
or generate excessive wattage.
- add hydro-electric, hydropneumatic and giant dehumidifier to assist in added water from above mentioned systems. the greatest resource will be verticle mountain saddles and peaks where the clouds roll over most condenced add antenna for communication also addition scaffold, bamboo & composite to strengthen a dehumidifier style pin roller system to store seasonal watershed resource. Antennas reach near a mile on Gobi/Sierra Madres rain collection running a mesh and rolling pin at moisture cumulative points measured annually be national forest will insure profit / appropriate placement.
---- Hydro-Electric Hydro-pneumatic dams could end fossil coal nuclear powerplant generation current capacity needs for home and industrial use:

- Bamboo scaffold Himalaya peak with greatest area above 8,000 meter, 22,400 feet into low earth orbit 174,000 feet 80 kilometers! additional beyond build add high compression lift ocean level drilled to the mountain peak, magnetic rail or particle accelerator to achieve a DC/AC near light speed physically wrapped object space inter-planetary voyage. Simple bamboo & rope tied continuous at width and height to achieve zero gravity without a fossil fuel expenditure.
too continue lattice in tradition strength impact basket tested with time durability a tied in space low budget entry exit system for Mercury, Mars, Moon Venus. Saarinen table style lattice may accompany buckmiester fuller geodesic approach to climatize a habitable atmosphere. or tether planet together to create a goldilock achievable planet, solving Zero Population Growth (ZPG) estimate 10 billion people 2048!

- fishheads and spent lithium cell phone enter leaking Fukushima, Three mile Island and zones H-bomb discharged, Chernobyl for future helium

again created. 4x rainforest 4x current enegy production with bullseye on exponential. Pressure wash barnacle for calcified tree.
- Too butress nuclear & toxin area with rhumbic dodecahedron & retaining wall add centerfuge reactors to retain uranium and bi-products.
- proximate oil contamination multiple recyclable rug & carpet vacuum hoses, pump & channeled ditch with coal end butress, manure fecal matter and peat.
- Remember land contour after logging tree.
RFID (Radiation Frequency Invasive Device) Out below my body Barnacle with pressure washer a substantial food source.

Mark Brunberg, stolen drilled dripped sewn Extraterrestrial Spaceship communication pills -Terrorist cell known Gelhaus - ¿Stolen From Army General, FBI Eu claire WI Zielsdorf (married daughter) current user group Gelhaus, Jewitt, Metzer, Bridge to localization and association? ¡Is passing the Ambassador Person(s) Primary portable please recover! 662+ 3082+ Gap growing. 6+ controls with primary navigation S.I.S. S.A. no reason to have a four year old communicating interstellar or to whales to come visit on vacation.

SpaceSuit with Lead scale sequencing for Nuclear Radiation protection to turn reactor valves Fukushima?

Discarded glass windows double Triple pane fill each with polyethylene create aquarium surrounding reactor for secondary break Tsunami, low topography to shore.

thanks for a quick work-up on Dodecahedron Estuary, the stone cutter using 6"-8"-10" saw or stone blades half cut, then electrically pressed with center blade fastener is low budget.
Contract inflatables with long arm sewers throughout USA fabric stores!

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Anne Wojcicki

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Maybe I shouldn't have my son hit his head with the soccer ball...
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+Melody Polson you raise an interesting question: why do we love the speed? I'm not personally any kind of believer in "design" or "intended," so my version of the question is, why have (some of us) evolved to enjoy these kinds of thrills that, at least superficially, weren't available in earlier times?

I think of t-shirts I saw in Jackson Hole, probably the steepest ski resort in North America, that read "Faster! Until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death!" You can see my chosen thrill from my profile photo :-).
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Anne Wojcicki

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It all started after we watched Cars...
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Anne, what u think about fresh Google restyling logo? See last post on my page! Please, show to Sergey
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