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The details make up the big picture. The details make the joy. Life is in the details. There are so many details to remember. We don't want to forget a thing. Here are our details. The little things that make our son so special. So many things to cherish. D...

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Noah Matthew - From Daddy's Side
So Michelle shared her version of Noah’s story and I
decided to share my version. August 25! We had a date!! Noah
was to come on the 25th. It was a day after he was suppose to be here but at
least we knew and weren’t playing the labor guessing game. Though,...

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Introducing Noah Matthew
On August 24, 2014 our lives changed forever. For the better. Better than what we could have even imagined. So, here is Noah's birth story. I need to write this down as I don't want to forget a thing. No one could have prepared us for the gamete of emotions...

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Home Sweet America
I've been a terrible blogger. I don't know if I can call myself that at this point. Oh well. Obviously America and this baby have me all occupied, so what can I say. I'll try and recap our experience repatriating, but there will surely be gaps. No one's got...

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Valley Hem Geh
Valley hem what? Valley hem geh means 'let's go home' in the Amish language. My dad always said this growing up as he was raised Amish, and it was a one of the few phrases that have stuck which I still know. Besides shany bay, which means nice legs. I don't...

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One Week
I can't believe there's just about one week left in Dominica. If I'm being completely honest, the last few weeks have seemed to drag on and on because we are so ready to go home. But I know there will be much of Dominica I'll miss once we're gone. It's impo...

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Month 20
Wow - We are in our final month living abroad. It doesn't seem like it's been nearly two years since we packed up and left for the Bahamas; not to mention, another year and a half of living here in Dominica. We fly out on April 26, overnight in San Juan, th...

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Pregnancy In Dominica
Sure, women are pregnant here in Dominica every day. I know I'm not the first. I know I'm not the last. But this is my first pregnancy, so that counts for something, right? Overall, being here in Dom during the first trimester was probably a good thing. Sin...

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Next Stop, Michigan
We are officially headed back to the Midwest! I can't even tell you how heartwarming it is to be able to say that. We've been living in the Caribbean for 19 months. 19 months that have flown by in all honesty. But it's still quite a while. Matt got his assi...

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A Dominican Ultrasound
Matt and I have both adapted quite a bit to the Dominican culture and have tried to embrace our surroundings to get a full, well-rounded experience. But beyond the medical clinic on campus at Ross, we haven't had to delve into the local medical care. Well, ...
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