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David Webb
Tried it the easy way, now doing it the hard way.
Tried it the easy way, now doing it the hard way.

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Today my little Joy Joy is having eye muscle surgery to correct her lazy eye in BOTH eyes. +Stephanie Webb​ and I are very nervous, but Aubrey is very excited! She can't wait to be able to see and read better. Please say a prayer for us today.

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I have an iPhone 5s, but this is too funny! ROFL...

Love this GIF!

(I take no sides in the phone war... As long as it works on a regular basis and is easy to use, I'm ok with it).

#Apple #Bendgate #iPhone6 
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Just had a classic eBay bid battle for a car stereo, after my faceplate was stolen.

20 seconds left, I increased my bid... You're the high bidder!

10 second left... You've been outbid 😲😲

1 second left... increasing bid by $1... click click click click click


Oh nooos!! I didn't get it in time.

Notification - You have won the item!

VICTORY!!! #howsweetitis

Day two of my attempt to quit Dr. Pepper, not forever, but for a fair amount of time, as I've been drinking way too many a day. And in my new office position I have been putting on a few pounds the past few months.

The struggle is real.

Our shop got broken into last night at work. We're in a pretty bad neighborhood on the edge of Mesquite near Dallas. They took a rinky dink laptop...and my tool bag out of my office, with around $1,000 of tools in it. Yes, it sucks, but I'm really not too bummed about it. God is still good, and I have yet to be let down by Him when there is anything I need.

Got to see the +Texas Rangers #tipthehat to the great Derek Jeter tonight. This is my 1st and probably last time to see him play. This is also my 1st Yankees game.

They showed a clip from when George W. Bush was throwing out the 1st pitch at the World Series, and how Jeter was putting a little pressure on him to do well. After the clip was over, George W came out on the field and met Jeter at home plate. It was a truly special moment and I was thrilled to be a part of it! 

Hello all, new to the community, and slightly new to theming. Using a Nexus 5 and Paranoid Android as my daily driver. Love the Objects theme and +Carlo Savignano's work! I have a question, is there any plans to theme the left side of all the settings menus? 

The new update to the Google Keyboard has really thrown a wrench in my works, they moved the comma to the left side, and I've had to retrain my thumbs! Am I the only one?

I feel all Googly.


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