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Question: If I were to do daily "marketing" tips videos. Would any of you be interested to watch them & share them with friends? I've been debating on doing videos that give people daily motivation, and help them with their business.
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You should totally have a Youtube channel stocked with great content.
It would be interesting, but I'd tread carefully for marketing videos on YouTube, as a lot of marketers have had their accounts (and all their videos) deleted recently. If you can host them yourself, then that would be a great idea.
+Thom Lancaster That is true... Thanks for reminding me, using the term "how to make money" or "make money" won't work.. I'm going to go with the Business Tips angle.

I would go self hosted, or on S3, if it were not for the fact that Youtube is a social system, that gets you organic traffic...

And there will not be Ads on my videos of course, my adsense account was closed back in the day....
As long as you aren't promoting get rich quick products or affiliate links you should be okay. Keep the videos on generic web building, promotional strategies and community building like topics. Do a lot of "how-to" and demonstration style videos. You can safely do a marketing channel without getting the YT banhammer.
What surprises me is that Tiffany Dow got banned.. She did one video called "how to make money on Squidoo" and she thinks thats what got her banned... Was it that or her cat videos? Or daily vlogs? Anyone who knows Tiff, knows she doesn't tread on rules..

That's the plan Michael. :)
Outline a project which people watching can complete in 1 hour or less.
Asking my list for "Questions" That they want to ask me...
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