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Light at the end of the tunnel
Some questions set by Russell for this week.  Here's the link to the Sermon:  Light at the end of the tunnel Reading: Amos 3  In v1 We
see the Lord standing close by as destruction is carried out - why does
Amos not want us to miss this point? Is ...

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Don't take that away!
Here's the link to the Sermon:  What is the thing you can't live without? Reading: Amos 8 What did the Lord show to Amos in Amos 8:1-2, what did
it mean and how does those verses apply to us today? In Amos 8: 3-6 there is a description of the
Israelites att...

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Courageous and Compassionate
Here's the link to the Sermon:  Courage and Compassion Reading: Amos 7 Take a few minutes to recap on what Amos has taught us so far. Verse 1 - what is a vision, and what is it not? What do the visions in verses 1-7 show about God's judgement? What does thi...

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Am I Bovvered?!
Here's the link to the Sermon:  Bovvered?! Reading: Amos 6  In the sermon we looked at this passage under 4 different headings. As a group take a look at these headings afresh - try not just to regurgitate the sermon J but go deeper and broader and look at ...

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‘For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was
rich yet for your sakes He became poor.’ 2 Corinthians 8v9 Sunday:
Pray for the families of Rev. Joe Pearce, Rev AD John and Rev Samuel Williams as they
have all recently been ‘promoted to...

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Fat Cows...
Here are some study questions from Gordon on the message he preached on Amos 4 and here's the link to the Sermon:  Fat Cows of Samaria Reading: Amos 4  Consider
the question, “What has God done for you lately?” Do we only think of things
which prosper us or...

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Prayer focus for the coming months
  Facilities We’ve been blessed for many years with the use of St Mary’s
School, and we hope this will be the case for some time to come, but the elders
feel it is right to seek the Lord on the possibility of a permanent building,
to enable us to further th...
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