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We launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to cover the printing/publishing costs of the first official PerlDancer book. We need your help to make that book possible!

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PerlDancer is an open-source project for writing web applications. The core team is working on a book and needs help publishing it.

Help us make that book possible! Spread the word!  #perl  

Dear fellow PerlDancer users, developers and friends.

It's been a long time since we decided to start working on a book. Different attempts were made, by different core developers, and because of many reasons, we still don't have our official book finished.

We have a big plan in mind. Writing a comprehensive book that will go from the very beginning of the project's philosophy to the deepest secrets of the framework. A book any PerlDancer fan would love to have. We know what needs to be written, but we need help.

One of the main reason we don't have a book yet is the lack of time and focus, and the fact that hacking the code gets always a higher priority than focusing on a long-term brain-marathon such as writing a book.

But. We want this book. You want this book. It HAS TO BE :)

So during the Perl Dancer 2015 conference, we chatted a bit about that, and had an idea. What about making that project a real priority, and what about trying to raise some money to give us time, group efforts, and resources to print it?

Well, we did that. We launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds for buying us time and letting us print the book, it's here:

Please. If you use PerlDancer at work, speak about it to your boss, and ask about the opportunity to support the project, you'll get a printed copy of the book in the end.

If you use PerlDancer for personal use, consider supporting us even with a small contribution, 5 or 10 euros can make a difference if everyone in this list contributes.

In the end, when this book will be real and printed it'll be a major asset for all of us, PerlDancer users, and it will help make the project shine even more.

If you like Dancer, contribute, and spread the word, share this link everywhere! :)

Let's do this.

    Alexis, for the core team.

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"Our impressive list of speakers leaves no doubt: Perl Dancer 2015 is a must. Even if you are not a Perl Hacker our speakers will share knowledge useful to anyone working as a web developer. Don't miss the opportunity to meet them".

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Are we in the Feudal era?
I've been getting amazing feedback on this keynote I gave in Bulgaria, including one business owner in the US saying "This is pretty close to the most brilliant thing I've seen all year."

Please share this with other people.

You're Killing Managers (Keep It Up)‎ - Curtis Poe (‎Ovid‎)

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Impressive idea
One of our forum members has created a pretty snazzy 3D-printed amplifier dock. And he’s kind enough to let anyone download the file for free to make at home:

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Locked #1picperday 15/30

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Escape #1picperday 11/30

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"Going to work" #1picperday 8/30

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"Midday"  #1picperday  7/30 - because Mondays always require more fuel
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