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David Frosdick
A Product Developer and Digital Marketer. Crafts content over at OptimizePress and blogs about business and product creation.
A Product Developer and Digital Marketer. Crafts content over at OptimizePress and blogs about business and product creation.

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Off to SanDiego #tsc2017

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@njellering Love your video marketing guide post! It inspired me to write this I borrowed a couple of your links ;)

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How To Find And Restore Old Blog Content You Deleted

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I was working remotely this morning while juggling child care. Booked a squash court, gave the boys a racquet and got typing.

This is for all you dads who have to do the same during holiday times. Love it!! #workfromanywhere #freelance 

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Some people call this graffiti I call it content marketing #graffiti #contentmarketing #marketing #smallbusiness

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How Your Mood in the Morning Affects Your Productivity All Day

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Do you remember as a child when you wanted to climb that tree a little bit higher?

Or sing in the school play a little bit louder?

Or go a bit faster on your new bike or roller skates?

Those days when you took bigger leaps and smashed through your fears felt great! You remember those days right!

The picture is from the weekend of my eldest son at the top of the big ramp.

That look on his face when he went down for the first time was priceless...

He'd reached the next level and now wanted more.

Fear was nowhere to be seen.

Whatever you are trying to achieve in your personal or business life think back to those days as child when you had no fear. Think about that excitement when you tried something new and then wanted more.

When I started recording the first video for Vidvember I thought about those days as kid. I used those memories to push away the mental barriers I had created.

Yes, I had thoughts like...

Would they like my content?
How do I look on camera?
What if this wasn't right?
and what if that wasn't working?

It's these silly thoughts that stop us from progressing. In most cases people don't really care about the same things we are worrying about.

Once I was in the flow of making new videos it became fun!

Completely out of my comfort zone trying something new.

Back to being a kid and wanting more!

I've published a new blog post with the full list of Vidvember videos and some stats for the month.

Also look out for my Vidvember Guide. I documented everything and have lots to share with you.

So now over to you. Try something new this week. Stream live on Facebook, upload a new video to YouTube, contact some new clients you want to work with, create a mini course to grow your email list.

Go on! Go for it!

Feel free to post any comments over on the blog post:

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