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"Be the best version of you"
"Be the best version of you"

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10 random facts about me
Hey guys I just wanted to share with you some random and personal facts about me.   I am unemployed and have been for the past 9 months My favourite colour is purple I have never tasted seafood and yet I don't like it I lost my virginity at 19 years old I c...

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Moview Review: Get Out
This movie was the most talked about movie when it came out and I just had to see what the hype was about. One of the best decisions I have made. It was a mixture of suspense, action and comedy. It was about this black guy who was dating a white girl and sh...

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NOTD #5: La Colors Masquerade
Hey Guys we are at the end of yet another month. I am honestly shocked as to how fast time is flying by. I have been obsessed with this nail polish lately from L.A. Colors Color Craze Gel in the shade Masquerade. The only thing I don't like about the brand ...

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FOTD: Carnival Sunday
For Carnival Sunday, I did a really pretty glitter look. It wasn't anything too extra because I was just going to watch kiddies mas. The colours I used were from a Coastal scents palette, a jet setter palette and a beauty treats palette. The glitter was fro...

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OOTD: Carnival Sunday
Ever since I was small, together with my mom and my family, we would all go to the capital of my country on Carnival Sunday to watch the kiddies play mas. Now that I have gotten older we still carry on the tradition. Here is my ootd from that day, Grunge Dr...

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Mega Growth Profectiv Products For Relaxed Hair
I first relaxed my hair when I was twelve (12) years old. My mom actually did it so it wasn't completely straight. I started off using Motions products but because my hair was so thick and it still is, the motions product wasn't working great at all. I also...

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The top 5 editing apps for android phones
Hey guys, I have decided to take a two month hiatus because I needed some time to brainstorm ideas and I also haven't been feeling to write lately. But I am back and better than ever and I hope you guys are doing great. I have been team android android for ...

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Life after university
Good Morning Guys and Happy Sunday!!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend like I did. And it's still not over yet. I am about to go to my cousin's house for a pool lime today. I recently finished university about a month ago and honestly it has been horri...

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Bh Cosmetics 36 PC Brush Set Review
In November, I bought the 36 PC Brush Set from Bh Cosmetics during the Cyber Monday Extended Sale. The Black Friday Sale and the actual Cyber Monday Sale it was retailing at it's original price of 34 U.S but at that time I wasn't ready to buy it so when I w...

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Movie Review: Sleepless
On Friday I decided to go out and see the movie sleepless. It was the best decision I made. I am a sucker for action and theatrics. This movie stars Jamie Foxx, Gabrielle Union and T.I. The plot of the movie is that Jamie Foxx is an undercover cop who stole...
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