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Joseph Paiusco

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Holy crap this needs to happen
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Joseph Paiusco

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I have three (3) beta keys for the crew (pc). Just leave a comment with your email address and I will send you a key. First come first serve. 
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Joseph Paiusco

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Great kernel, and great developer.
The time has come, as promised, today, Sunday, FKU v11 has been pushed to production!! It should be up in an hour or so. I'm very happy with the final results - thanks to all of you that sent me feedback and suggestions along the way. 100% coded from scratch for over two months. I'm happy - hope ya'll be happy too.

I'd also like to thank +Crowdin for the fabulous translation tool (translations for this v11 are already on the way and coming in the next update, gotta give the translators some buffer) and also +DigitalOcean for the awesome servers which are now hosting 100% of the files through FKU.

Here's a couple of screenshots highlighting some of the changes. The official changelog is the following:

* Application wrote completely from scratch
* Fully supports the Nexus 5 and KitKat
* Helping tutorials all around the place
* New connected page where I can push messages and if you click them you can e-mail me directly
* Set on boot is now done individually - long press an option to read its description and to set it on boot
* KitKat'ish look & feel
* Phone & Tablet UI
* High-resolution drawer icon
* Its a new world to discover, but yet so familar

#francoKernel   #francoKernelUpdater  
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Joseph Paiusco

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This is too funny
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Joseph Paiusco

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Root for the Nexus 9

This took a few hours more than I had hoped, because it's both the first firmware on a new Android version as well as 64-bit. While there have been 64-bit builds of the SuperSU binary for a while now, they were untested until now, and unsurprisingly there were a few (minor) issues to fix before it worked properly.

As such, this root includes SuperSU v2.18, which is a special build for the Nexus 9, which you should definitely not try to put on any other device, nor should you put an older version of SuperSU on the Nexus 9.

I have not yet updated the CF-Auto-Root framework to be able to patch the kernels live (needed on 5.0) or support 64-bit, so this is a more manual root than usual.

It pretty much comes down do:
- enable oem unlocking in Android's developer options
- fastboot oem unlock
- fastboot boot inject.img
- fastboot flash boot patched.img

The included README.TXT is a little bit more extensive, but not by much, and if you don't know what the above does then maybe you shouldn't bother (yet).

Please note that many root apps will have issues with both Android 5.0 as well as 64-bit. There may also be more issues with SuperSU on 64-bit that I have not found yet.

The discussion thread on XDA can be found here:

Guess it's time to fix up CFAR and update the new How-To SU with all the 5.0 specifics. That'll all take some time, though.
Downloads served: CF-Root: 34 413 713. CF-Auto-Root: 16 674 745. This file: 0. Maintaining CF-Root takes a lot of work, please consider donating for my efforts, and/or trying some of my other apps! Imagine if only one out of every ten users donated only a single dollar ... ! Follow @ChainfireXDA ...
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Joseph Paiusco

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