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We help ensure children enjoy movies and avoid unsuitable content
We help ensure children enjoy movies and avoid unsuitable content

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The Smurfs may by mostly obnoxious to adult viewers, but cute blueness and fun from Hank Azaria is enough to ensnare #SmurfsMovie

The Smurfs – The evil wizard Gargamel extracts the ‘essence’ of Smurfs – tiny, blue peace-loving creatures – in order to power his magic. During preparation for the Blue Moon festival he chases them through a magic portal which opens up into the real…

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Excitement surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi keeps pushing higher and higher, but how much do you know about director Rian Johnson?

You may have seen the superb time travel paradox movie Looper, but if you haven’t seen his debut movie, ‘Brick’ - the noir soaked teenage mystery tale – then do yourself a favour and give it a go.

We loved this movie although must point out it’s rated 15 and not for kids.

#rianjohnson #brick #movies #thelastjedi

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What do teenagers think is cool these days?

This study asked the question. It is unclear if eyerolling and sarcasm was delivered in return and ‘you just don’t get it’ filled in an answer.

We jest, teenagers. Love ya.

#teenagers #parenting #cool #survey

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Morning all!

Following on from our link yesterday about Chris Evans / Captain America doing a CBeebies Bedtime Story, The Metro has covered the same but with some amusing shade thrown at The Hoff.


#davidhasslehoff #thehoff #cbeebies #bedtime


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Getting enough sleep isn’t just important for your children, it is for you as well! Make sure to catch enough z’s.

#parenting #sleep

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The Smurfs are named after their defining characteristic (Grouchy, Clumsy, Brainy, etc.). So….what about lone female, Smurfette? Apparently Smurfs: The Lost Village will address this old-as-time question.

We haven’t been able to get to see the new Smurf movie: The Lost Village so we are making up for it by posting up reviews of the original Smurfs movie tomorrow at 16:00 GMT and Smurfs 2 following soon after.

#smurfs #smurfsmovie #movies #smurfette #thelostvillage

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Is it ever too young to teach coding?

To be honest – we’d probably need to start at this level ourselves in order to learn…

#coding #parenting #toys #toddlers

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Have you found yourself using any of these terms?

We particularly like ‘Dadtronising’! We’ll be using that from now on!

#parenting #slang
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