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Apple Humor Day | Throwback Thursday

This one's so old it came around even before Apple actually did buy Beats!

Thanks +Marques Brownlee 

#throwbackthursday   #apple   #beats   #applehumor  
#blastfromthepast   #rememberwhen   #oldiebutgoodie  
If Apple actually acquires Beats...

and puts "Beats Audio" on the next iPhone...
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Herb Firestone

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Apple Humor Day
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+Herb Firestone thank you & nice day here all 
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Portofino, Italy | Enjoy the Spectacular View

Photo credit: Santiago Rodriguez
Thank you +Ender Şimşek 

#portofino   #italy   #harbor   #harbour   #spectacularviews  
#seaside   #enjoytheview   #landscape   #landscapephotos  
Portofino is an Italian fishing village, and upmarket resort famous for its picturesque harbour and historical association with celebrity visitors.
Photo by : Santiago Rodriguez
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Herb Firestone

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Wednesday in the Funny Technology Community

Google Humor Day
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#geekhumor #funny #geekfunny #techfunny #lol #lmao  
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21 Awesome Google Tips by +Daniel Futerman 

Google Favorites 

Tip #15 is here now! Check it out above.

#googletips   #googletipsandtricks     #favorites  
21 Google Tips, Part 2/3 Favorites!
14 tips done, 7 to go - a great time to say thank you and highlight your favorite tips from part two of the series!

Most +1’s:
Tip 9/21: #GoogleLocationHistory  
Where You've Been & When:

Most Shares:
Tip 12/21: #GoogleTranslate  
More Awesome than you thought:

Most Comments:
Tip 13/21: #GoogleCalendar  
All In One:

I took into account data from my own posts and top re/shares

People I want to especially thank for getting the word out!

+Christine DeGraff _(The 1st sharer!), +Herb Firestone (Such a great guy!)_ & +Circloscope - Thank you for sharing all of my tips and helping them reach a much broader audience!

A very special thanks to +Denis Labelle who created a list of all tips in the series and shared it with his incredible amount of follower. This led to a tremendous boost of engagement and exposure to the series! Here's a link to his post:

I also wanted to really thank the awesome +martin shervington who shared several of my tips both here on Google+ and on Twitter. Thanks for all the support Martin!

And finally wanted to highlight two shares that lead incredible amounts of traffic to my blog post! The first by +Jaana Nyström from the +Gplus Expertise (, and the second was a tweet by the +Social Media Examiner (

Thank you so much for all the engagement, connections, +1’s, reshares and comments. I truly appreciate it!

Analyzing the data
I gathered and analyzed all the data above using +CircleCount, +Circloscope & +NOD3x - be sure to check them out!

Animated reactions graph
+CircleCount went a step further and created an awesome animated reactions graph for the series - (more about this tomorrow)!

For the full list of tips visit:

See you later today with Tip #15!

#21GoogleTips #Google #Thankyou
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Thanks for sharing +Herb Firestone! :) It's actually Tip #15 today, and it's out now!
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Sunset Around the World |The Smokey Mountains of Tennessee 

Photo credit: Dean Fikar on Flickr

#sunset   #sunsetphotos   #sunsetphotography   #smokeymountains  
#tennessee #mountains   #mountainsunset   #fog   
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21 Awesome Google Tips

Android Device Manaager:
Locate, Lock, Erase

Tip #16 in a Series of 21 Google Tips by +Daniel Futerman 

#androidtips   #androidtipsandtricks  
Tip 16/21: Android Device Manager: Locate, Lock, Erase.
Yesterday we talked about how important securing your Google account is, and took measures to ensure your account isn't compromised. But what happens if your phone or tablet is stolen?

There are a few things you can do but first note as Google strongly recommends - “If you believe your device has been stolen, contact law enforcement. Don't attempt to retrieve the device yourself”.

Things you should you do if you can't find your device:

(In order for the following things to work - your device must be connected to the internet, and you need to enable your device's manager settings as described below).


If you can't find your phone don't panic right away, start by trying to locate it. Perhaps you just left it in the car or have it lying down somewhere at home on silent?

So the first thing you should do is try to understand where your device actually is. And this can be easily done by using the Locate Device command in the Android Device Manager website.

Head over to (or download the app: select one of your devices and click on the locate device icon (top right corner).

This will generate a circle on top of Google Maps showing where your device is located within an approximate 25 meters radius.


If you recognize (based on the map location) that your device is at home or located nearby, you can click on the Ring button in order to activate a 5 minutes ring at full volume (even if your device is set to silent or vibrate).

But, if you're unfamiliar with the location of your device - think twice before doing this. Because if it has been stolen, and you activate the ring - you might actually be helping the theft by letting him know that you're onto him.

If that’s the case, you should consider one of the following options.


If you think your phone has been stolen, locking the device is probably the first thing you should do since this will help prevent your personal data from being compromised.

When you click on the Lock icon in the device manager what happen is that your device's lock screen is replaced with a new password that you set via the device manager website or app.

After you enable the lock option, the only way to open your device is by inserting the correct password into the lock screen.


If you're certain your device cannot be retrieved, and you want to delete all the data on your device - click on the Erase icon.

This will perform a factory reset on your device and delete all your apps, photos, music, and settings.

Things you should do now, before it’s too late!

(1) In order for this to work, you have to first enable the device location manager on your device. Head over to the Google Settings, select Android Device Manager and enable both Remotely locate this device & Allow remote lock and erase.

(2) After activating the settings on your device you should ensure everything's working properly by heading over to and making sure it appears on the list of devices and that it is transmiting it's location.

What happens if your device is offline or powered off?

► If your device is offline, Android Device Manager won't be able to ring, lock, or erase the device until there’s a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. When you select any of the options, the action will be performed once the device is back online.

► Device Manager won't work for devices that are powered off.

If you found this helpful, feel free to Comment, +1 and Share! 

For more tips like this, extra info and detailed screenshots:

#21GoogleTips #Google #Security #Android #AndroidDeviceManager #Locate #Ring #Lock #Erase
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+Daniel Futerman As always, you're most welcome. Great tips!
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Cool Gif of the Day

Thanks +Oh So Shabby by Debbie 
H/t +Diane Hughes 

See the entire collection of #coolgifs

#coffee   #icedcoffee   #icedlatte  
#coffeelovers #gifoftheday #gif   
Coffee lovers delight! Iced Latte
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Good Morning/Evening Everyone

Something a little different tonight. Can you name the perfect song to go with this gorgeous image? 

The answer is My Girl by the Tempations
"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day"

Cloudscape from Fine Art America

#clouds   #sunshine   #sunlight   #sunrays  
#cloudscapes   #skyscapes   #enjoytheview  
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+Herb Firestone you got it!😄
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21 Awesome Google Tips

Secure Your Google Account Now

Tip #15 in a Series of 21 Google Tips by +Daniel Futerman 

#googletips   #security  
Tip 15/21: Secure your Google Account, now.
As we've seen throughout the series - Google has lot's of information about you. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to do everything you can to protect that data and keep it safe?

Your Photos are stored on #GooglePlus , Documents & Files on #GoogleDrive , Emails & Contacts on #Gmail , Schedule on #GoogleCalendar , Addresses on #GoogleMaps , Bookmarks & Passwords on #Chrome , Search History & Trends on #GoogleSearch ... You get the picture.

Surely, you don't want this information to fall into the wrong hands.

This tip is very important and I suggest taking it seriously. If you don't have time at the moment, bookmark it and come back to it later when you have time.

Things you can and should do right now to secure your account:

(1) Set a strong password.
Obvious, but at times not taken seriously enough.

► Bad Password: YourName123 (makes sense).
► Good Password: iWjl45q88-bp (makes no sense).

(2) Set up 2 step verification.
Boost your account's security by enabling 2 step verification. 

What is it & How does it work?

It’s a simple yet very powerful concept. Two step verification means that after you correctly submit your password, you reach a secondary screen which another code you're asked to enter.

The verification code is sent (for free) within 5 seconds to your phone, via sms or voice call. You then need to insert that 6 digits code into the password box in order to login to your account.

Why is this good?

Imagine someone is trying to hack into your account and managed to to get hold of your password, which you'll be surprised to hear - isn't that difficult (more at the end of the post).

If you've enabled two step verifications for your account, the evil hacker will have a slight problem after successfully typing in your password. He'll need to type in the 6 digits code as well, which he can only get if he managed to get hold of your phone as well.

And it gets even better! Once the guy tries to hack into your account with the password - your phone (which is hopefully in your pocket) will get a sms message with a 6 digits code! And if you weren't the one who requested the code, it means someone else did, which means someone is trying to hack into your account.

Doesn’t it become irritating to insert two codes each time?

Not at all! If you're logging in to your account from a private computer, you can check the “Trusted Computer” box which will then allow you to log in with your password alone - just as you did before.

What if you don't have your phone or don't have reception?
Good question, but there’s a simple answer for that as well.

Backup codes.
Google allows you to print backup codes which are meant exactly for these types of situations. Each backup code is 8 digits long and can be used only once before being deactivated. You can print up to 10 codes each time, and generate new ones at any stage.

Recovery phone.
If you set up a recovery phone for your account, you can ask Google to send the code to that phone instead.

Trusted computers.
If you're without your phone or recovery codes, you can access your account via a trusted computer (since that computer won't ask you for the verification code).

Note before advancing to the next stage

After you enable the two step verification for your account you’ll be logged out of your Google acount in on all of your devices, and will also be asked to insert an App specific code for apps connected to your Google acount (more about this here: bit. ly/1qh35XS). 

Ok got it. How do I enable 2 step verification for my account? 

Follow this simple tutorial by Google: bit. ly/1qh3o5e

*Google Apps users, in order for this to work for you and your colleagues, you need to enable this feature at the top domain level (ask if you have questions about this).

More things you should do right now.

(3) Review your connected apps.
Check which apps have permission to access your account and disconnect any apps that you're unfamiliar with: bit. ly/1mGAoWs

(4) Check your account activity dashboard.
If at anytime you have a feeling someone managed to hack into your account, log into your activity dashboard and search for suspicious behaviors:  bit. ly/1qh3BVXo

Bonus tips (as promised above)

It’s surprising how simple it is for someone with access to your computer, to find your hidden passwords.

Chrome Passwords to Text

If you've allowed Chrome to remember a password for a specific website (i.e. Gmail), your password can be easily revealed. I admit this is a bit geeky, but it's actually really simple to do.

Head over to Gmail (or any other website that saved your password) and once the password (black dots) appear in the password box, highlight the password,  right click it and select "Inspect Element". 

Then in the pop up window, change the highlighted input field from “password” to “text”, i.e. from <input type=”password”> to <input type=”text”>. This will immediately convert the dotted hidden password to text and reveal your password.

Chrome save passwords

An even more simple thing to do would be to insert “chrome://settings/passwords” into the URL address bar in Chrome.

This will open up a list which contains all the password you've ever saved to chrome, and a simple click on the blue “show” button will reveal the password for that specific site. You can even search for a website in the list. Yes, it’s that easy!

Why am I sharing this you ask?

To show you how simple it can be for someone with bad intentions to find your password, and to urge you to take action and set up the 2 step verification for your account.

I mean think about it.. If I know about these two things (which I just happened to stumbled across at labnol .org), what could people who know a thing or two about hacking do to find your password?

If you found this helpful, feel free to Comment, +1 and Share! 

For more tips like this, extra info and detailed screenshots:

#21GoogleTips #Google #TwoStepVerification #GoogleAcount #Security #Privacy #Passwords #Chrome #TakeAction
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How bout someone Google tipping me directly?
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Cool Gif of the Day

Who's your favorite Marvel/DC Superhero?

Glad to see Captain Marvel made the graphic. He usually doesn't for copyright reasons.

Thanks +Dustin W. Stout 

To see the entire collection of #coolgifs  click #coolgifoftheday  

#superheroes   #gifs   #marvelcomics   #dccomics  
Marvel / DC Comics Character Loop

Very cool animation of the most famous +Marvel Entertainment and +DC COMICS heroes and villains. Who's your favorite character?

Image credit:

#marvelcomics   #dccomics   #geek   #gif   #tf  
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