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Surrika Tunnah

It was sunday at Sahara square and everybody knew what that meant. It was time for the weekly Meerkat Market where Meerkats would set up stalls and sell, well, whatever really and Kagura was no different. Although Kagura stuck to one item of choice when it came to selling wares. Her stall specialised in the production and selling of candied insects.

When 8:00am hit the dot Kagura had finished up setting up her stall and sighed in relief as she said to herself "That's the hard part done, now comes the fun part." She said as she flipped a sign which hung from her stalls brightly coloured canopy.

She smiled and did her initial yell "Kagura's Kandies is open for business, Candied Scorpions! Deep fried crickets! Beetle Batten-berg all made fresh today! Come and get them before I decide to gobble them up!" she said with a beaming smile on her face and awaited her first customers.

((Open RP))

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Name:Kagura Nitrogat


Occupation: Vendor at the Meerkat Market




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