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TJ Rains
Information Technology nut currently living and working in Milwaukee, WI.
Information Technology nut currently living and working in Milwaukee, WI.

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Google warns users of widespread malware infection

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So, there seemed to be a lot of interest in this Googlers on Google+ list: Facebook employees are also on G+ and can make for a very interesting circle. Here we go!

Mark Zuckerberg

Executive Team
Christopher Cox (VP, Product)
Lori Goler (VP, Human Resources & Recruiting)
Dan Rose (VP, Partnerships & Platform Marketing)
Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer)
Elliot Schrage (VP, Global Comm., Marketing & Public Policy)
Mike Schroepfer (VP, Engineering)
Bret Taylor (Chief Technology Officer)

Kate Aronowitz (Director of Design)
Ethan Beard (Director of Facebook Developer Network)
Peter Deng (Director of Product Management)
David Fisch (Director of Business Development)
Debbie Frost (Director of Comm./Public Affairs)
Justin Osofsky (Director of Platform Partnerships)
Blake Ross (Director of Product)
Alex Schultz (Director of Growth)

Paul Adams (Product Manager)
Eric Antonow (Product Marketing)
Will Cathcart (Product Manager)
luke delorme (Product Manager)
Rohit Dhawan (Lead Product Manager, FB Pages)
Naomi Gleit (VP, User Feedback)
Adrian Graham (Product Manager, FB Questions)
sam lessin (Product Manager)

Keith Adams (Software Engineer)
Aditya Agarwal (Engineering Director)
Arjun Banker (Software Engineer)
Jing Chen (Software Engineer)
Brent Goldman (Software Engineer)
Adam Hupp (Software Engineer)
Pedram Keyani (Engineer, Site Integrity)
Tobie Langel (Software Engineer)
Justin Mitchell (Engineer, FB Photos)
Zach Rait (Engineer, Infrastructure)
Arthur Rudolph (Software Engineer)
Yariv Sadan (Engineer, Mobile)
Luke Shepard (Engineering Manager)
Mike Vernal (Engineer, Platform)

Nathan Borror (Product Designer)
Eric Fisher (Social Design Strategist)
Rob Goodlatte (Product Designer)
Drew Hamlin (Product Designer)
Greg Hoy (Design Recruiter)
Francis Luu (Product Designer)
Adam Mosseri (Product Design Manager)

Partner/Developer Relations
Jeff Bowen (Platform Developer Relations)
Jacqueline Chang (Strategic Partner Manager)
Andy Katzman (Platform Partnerships)
Vadim Lavrusik (Journalist Program Manager)
andy mitchell (Strategic Media Partnerships)

Erick Tseng (Head of Mobile Products)

Sean Bruich (Monetization Analytics)
Cameron Marlow (Data Scientist)

Kevin Colleran (Sales)
eric toda (Ad Ops, Global Marketing Solutions)

Richard Cho (Recruiting Manager)

Though not currently at Facebook, cofounders Chris Hughes ( and Eduardo Saverin ( also appear to be on G+.

Did I miss anyone? Please let me know in the comments!

(BTW, the reason URLs are used above instead of +'ing each person is I'm having trouble +'ing them all, getting an error message. Will try to change it later.)

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Interesting perspective on valuation of current tech companies and the prospect that we are the in the mania phase of another tech bubble.
In June a senior venture capitalist and a serial entrepreneur debated the rising prices of technology firms in an Economist online debate. They contested the motion, "This house believes we are in a new tech bubble"; many of our readers also contributed their thoughts. We have created a new multimedia format based on the debate and are interested to hear your thoughts:

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Angry Birds in Exam! lolol!

Image Credit: +Naveen Sundaresan

Just joined Google+ thanks to Debi Allison (Thank You!!) Interesting take on social networking... However, not much of a shift from Facebook. Will the marginal functional benefits of Google+ create a mass exodus from facebook? I doubt it (Google Wave, anyone??). It will be fun looking for ripples in this sea of social media.
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