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The King is dead - Long live the King!
The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that there's not hellish much going on at May Contain Nuts these days. So, I've decided to suspend activities here ... but continue blogging over at my new site  MJM Ink  . I have set up a new business - which form...

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It's ALL about me ...
Here's an interview I did with Mike Craven over at his new website ... 1.        This is the third book in the Ray McBain series, what made you choose to
write it from Kenny’s POV this time round? At the point I wrote this, the other
two books were going th...

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It's been a while, folks, since I've had any book blethers on this here interweb thingy - so I thought I'd get back into it with a stoater of a book. Loved, loved, loved this! You've got a young soldier coming home from active duty - his grandmother who is ...

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The Scots: Wha's Like Us ...
It was during the eighties when I could first afford to buy
my own books, instead of borrowing from the library. There was something about
that growing collection that thrilled. At first, the ranks of books grew on the
floor of my bedroom ....and then there...

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Wot I Read in July
The Dark
Blood – AJ Smith This is the
2 nd in The Chronicles of the Long War series. (FYI - The Black Guard
was the first.) And it is bloody brilliant. I do love me some epic fantasy and
this book delivers on all angles. A carefully constructed world – just...

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June reading ... King, Ellory, Chaouki, Miller, Finder
I'm slipping up - only read 5 books this month. My excuse? The World Cup. Great, innit. Anywho, here's what I read last month ... Mr Mercedes – Stephen King I just love me some Stephen King and yet again the man
kept me enthralled while I was inside the pag...

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A Book Lover's May - with Black, Cross, Robertson, Carey, Sinclair and Thomas
YAY - who loves books!!! Here's what I read in May ... Tony Black – Architects of the
Dead (out in July '14) Jeez, how busy is this guy? He's not
only prolific, he's bloody good. (Makes me sick.) In this book, Tony
is back on the crime beat. DI Bob Valentin...

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Introducing ... Bill Daly
Hi Bill, welcome to May Contain Nuts. You
have 7 words. Describe your new novel: Adultery,
drug-dealing, murder in contemporary Glasgow. You
have another 21. Tell us some more:   Psychopath
on the loose, an assassination in Kelvingrove Park, a planned

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April Reading - Fishman, Pizzolatto, Zander, Burnet, Johnstone, Welsh, Iles and Daly
Replacement Life – Boris Fishman (out in September) Slava
Gelman wants to be a great writer, but can't get past his job as a
researcher at a New York magazine. Then his beloved grandmother dies,
and his grandfather corners him with a request: to write a ...

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Mightier than the sword - the power of books
At the end of the Cambridge launch of
The Guillotine Choice a young man approached me at the signing table
to say hello. As he stepped closer and bent forward so that our heads
were at the same level, I realised that he had something to say that
he felt rea...
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