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Once you get used to the new .component method in angular 1.5 (and 2) it feels really clunky to build new ngModelController based custom inputs using a link function. Is there a new idiomatic way to do this? Or can anybody point me to an example somewhere?

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I just noticed Angular 1.4 beta0 was release last week.

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Having a great time at #DevFestNL
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A while ago I ran into a project (I believe it was a grunt task) that automatically annotated DI but unlike ng-min and ng-annotate it worked everywhere. Instead of relying on the structure of the code to recognise where to operate it worked by use of an empty function say annotate():

angular.module("MyMod").controller("MyCtrl", annotate(function($scope, $timeout) {

Today I wanted to try it but i have forgotten its name. Does anybody happen to know the name of the project?

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Added photos to SpectINGular: Enterprise Scale AngularJS.

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Added photos to Dart Flight School. With AngularDart.

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Angular 1.2-rc1 is released :-)

And they fixed the $resource port-bug mentioned by +Kees de Kooter.

Thanks everybody (Carmen, Ben and the speakers in particular) for a great first meetup, looking forward to the next one.
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