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Henrik Voss
Something weird, interesting yet strangely obscure.
Something weird, interesting yet strangely obscure.

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Please click if you have the time :) Just let the page load, and close it.

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Truly impressive! Should listen to this if you have a few minutes to spare.

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If you're into webpage design I recommend that you have a look at this one. Well thought out, and if you like X-Men and conspiracies, you're in for a treat :)

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CSS is awesome! I seriously wanna learn some more!

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Bloody hilarious!
How did I miss this?! +Ryan Block showed me this a few minutes ago, and I was cracking up. What an amazing prank.

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Damn thats handy! Gonna try to remember this. Might come in handy
Your GMail address has a near infinite number of variations!

Did you know that your GMail address can be extended?

It can be a fantastic way to uniquely identify which source that gave away your address to a spammer, but more importantly - it helps you to filter your mail!

Let's say my address is and let's say that I want to sign up for a newsletter for something useful - like a site for Silly Walk GIFs, 

If I signup for the newsletter with that is not only perfectly legal and working, it also means that the mail that arrives, has in the To: field.


are all working, valid addresses which are uniquely identifiable by you.

#gmail   #tip  via +Patrick Graber 

I plan to live forever.... so far so good!

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Hahahahahahahah!!! Can't stop laughing!

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Quite the nice sum up of all the movies this year. Didn't catch all of them, but definitely the majority of em.

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