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曾其威(Victor Tseng)

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looks like
1. I got a super battery
2. the calculation is bugged.

this is funny, I wonder what type they used to store mAh values... maybe long?

sorry they're in Traditional Chinese, but i bet you can easily guess what they are...
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GJ... say goodbye to flash ads...
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I got one OPO from some variable source, and messed around with the QPST tool (was gonna enable LTE bands for my country).
Then I lost the IMEI...
so no signal, no data connection, wrong wifi/BT address
Since I didn't get it from the "official" oneplus store, it's very difficult to file a RMA.

So, I ordered another, and backup/restore the new one to the old one.

Now I have 2 phones with same IMEI/WIFI MAC/BT MAC......

ha~ ha~ ha~ ha~ ha~ ha~

dunno what will happen if I use them both at the same time...

Does anyone got the bamboo cover invite willing to share to share with me?

I kinda eager for one. :-]

Ahh... I accidentally lost my efs......
Had backup on virtual sd but the flash utility just overwrote userdata.

too bad, lost IMEI........

anyway, opo's a good phone, maybe I'll just get another and keep this one as a component supply, for example in case I broke the screen or something......

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MaterialDrawer now in v2.0.3
The easiest and fastest Navigation Drawer library now also supports an Account Switcher view.

Stop wasting time for something Google should deliver with their SDK. With Android 5.1 out, bring your app to the Material Design age with this library. 

Here's a quick overview of functions it include:
- the easiest possible integration
- integrate in less then 5 minutes
- includes an AccountSwitcher
--- Easy to use
--- No additional setup
--- Many additional usecases possible
--- Compact style included
- quick and simple api
- follows the Google Material Design Guidelines
- comes with various themes which help to get your own themes clean
- modify the colors on the go
- uses the AppCompat support library
- compatible down to API Level 10
- supports multiple drawers
- comes with multiple default drawer items
- badge support
- define custom drawer items
- tested and stable
- many many options how to display the drawer
--- Translucent StatusBar
--- Display Above the Toolbar
--- Display Under the Toolbar
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