I've been RPing with my kids for a few years now and wanted to give them a taste of dungeon crawling. I was on the fence between Moldvay basic, C&C or Blueholm when I came across The Black Hack. Sold! I've run a couple of sessions of Caverns of Thracia with it and we had a blast.I love the stripped down minimalism, making it super-moddable.

For regular gaming though I wanted to re-imagine it unconstrained by the standard characteristics, levels, hit dice and stuff. I go for a more swords and sorcery style in my regular gaming, so I wrote The Quest Hack. Since writing it I came across Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells, but it's still got the old stats, levels, classes, etc. It's beautiful and I ordered a physical copy, but has moved far beyond the lean purity of the Black Hack ethos.

The Quest Hack is just a Google Doc for now. Comments or suggestions welcome, here or on the doc.

The Quest Hack
The Quest Hack
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