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Simon Hibbs

General Discussion  - 
I was playing RQ with my girls this morning and they were watching a Trollball match and betting on the outcome. I thought it would be fun to play the match as a dimple dice game, so I made one up on the spot.

Each player is represented by a die. D6 for an ordinary Dark Troll, D8 for a Great Troll or experienced player and D10 for a star player. The game lasts 8 periods. Each period both sides roll their dice, then compare their best rolls. The winner scores 1 goal, or adraw is no score. They then compare their second best rolls to try and injure an opposing player. The highest scoring side eliminates the lowest rolling die from the opposing team, or no elimination on a draw. After 8 periods the game ends, highest score wins.

It's not perfect, but lends itself to easy modification. Named players can be represented by distinctive dice. Thinking about it, a PC could be represented by a die with a skill roll of some kind substituting for, or modifying the die roll.

Anyone got any thoughts for improvement?
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+Andrew Raphael good point, there needs to be a way to introduce the fun things that can happen in a game. I think rolling a 1 means you're vulnerable, but to what?

How about introducing a Giant Ref D20. If the Ref die comes up the same as any other dice, those dice have to re-roll. If they come up the same again, they are disqualified. This occurs before comparing dice as I described originally.

If a side has a point scored against them, they can try and neutralise it by killing the Trollkin. They may choose to re-roll any one die other than the two highest used for comparison for scoring and injuries. If it beats the highest scoring die for the round, the Trollkin is killed and the score for the round invalidated.

Maybe it's getting a bit complicated?
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Simon Hibbs

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First Contact with an Alien Civilization, but they're jerks. Slightly sweary.
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Simon Hibbs

Discussion  - 
Looking at the new combat moves. Why would anyone ever choose Single Combat, if they had an option to Seize By Force? (Or assault a secure position)

Both are roll+hard, both allow you to inflict terrible, or take less harm, but SBF gives you 3 hold on 10+ instead of effectively 2, and 2 hold on 7-9 instead of only one. SBF also gives you 1 hold on a miss while Single Combat gives 1 hold to your opponent! The extra free hold could be used to seize someone's weapon, or them, or gain some positional advantage.

Basically I don't see any reason anyone would ever voluntarily choose Single Combat if they could somehow finagle the situation into a SBF move, and there are plenty of reasons to want to avoid doing Single Combat like the plague.

Edit: Single Combat also explicitly traps you in a conflict to the death unless you both simultaneously back down. None of the other moves put you in such a position. Basically if you asked me to read the rules for Single Combat and name that move, I'd call it something like 'when you're caught off guard in a deadly ambush by an enemy in a superior position, with no tactical options'.
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No worries on the escape clause.  Glad it helped.  It sounds like Vincent and I are on roughly the same page re: the use of SC.  Good to know that the NPC is supposed actually flee flee.  Although, if I was playing the Fallen Empires version, one might expect an epic sword duel situation with a PC's nemesis.  Depending on how the combat played out, I might give the NPC a chance to circle around if I thought it would up the drama/tension.

Regarding Obi-won vs. Anakin, in the fiction, once swords crossed they were face to face, swinging swords at each other the whole time until Obi-won broke off.  So, I would definitely say that he did "flee" the fight in that sense.  Whether or not he "HAD" to, depends on what you mean.  He may very well have fled not because he knew he would lose, but because he knew he would win, but would have to kill Anakin in order to do so, and wanted to give Anakin one last chance.  Or, maybe he was going to lose, so he wanted to place himself in a better position tactically.  Or, maybe something I am not considering.  Either way, he might have fled, or broke contact, in military parlance, as conscious tactical move not born of desperation.

That is how I would describe it using the current moves structure of AW2E.  I think its totally possible to adjudicate the O vs. A duel with other PbtA moves structures that don't include the SC endless loop.  In fact, without that piece of the pie, I probably would not have described Obi-won taking the higher ground as "fleeing."  I would have called it maneuvering.  However, I think its semantics, and the current moves accomplish the fiction well, while reinforcing what Vincent says about not wanting to be in SC.  So, I like them.
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Simon Hibbs

General Discussion  - 
A recreation of ancient Greek music.
So what did Greek music sound like? Here you can listen to David Creese, a classicist from the University of Newcastle, playing
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Simon Hibbs

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Simon Hibbs

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Congratulations to David Dunham for this great article on MacRumors on the accessibility features in King of Dragon Pass. It's mainly about the accessibility features in iOS in general, but KODP is heavily featured.
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Simon Hibbs

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I'm 50 in September so Doyle's post is quite apt. A more pressing issue for me though is that my daughters are now 11 and 12. That means I only have maybe 6 years or so before they fly the nest. So what games should I be playing with them?

They started with Mermaid Adventures, then moved on to Monster of the Week and RQ4. They love Glorantha so we'll be back to RQ for sure.

The next game I'll be running with them is Timewatch. It looks like a perfect fit. It opens up all of history, plus various alternates and possible futures. GUMSHOE is a simple and powerful system and Kevin Kulp's madcap take on time travel and paradox looks like it will be tons of fun.

Any other suggestions?
I recently turned 50, with all the pseudo-drama that involves. One of the disquieting things to think about, as a result of the milestone, is that I have perhaps 30 more years of gaming left in me. I might be able to game in some form or fashion after that point, if I live that long, but since my general health is lousy, I may have much less time, and frankly may not have the mental capacity to play after a certain point.

This is not to say that everyone is like this. My uncle, who passed at 92, was still sharp, but his patience and 'emotional IQ' had diminished somewhat, and his ability to get around was also fairly compromised. Anyway, in practical terms of running RPG campaigns, this means I need to think more about limits. I am certain that I can run a good campaign for about a year or year and a half. That probably means 15 - 20 campaigns over 30 years.

So, what do I want to run, and how much do I want to run it?

I currently run a FtF S&W D&D game; I plan to run that until the players destroy the world. I run Pendragon online, and that will last for several years. I also run Metamorphosis Alpha and RQ2, but those will probably end in a year or two, if not less.

So what else?

The New RuneQuest IV, when it comes out.
Space 1889
Lords of Creation
A Jack Vance based SF campaign (probably Gaean Reach). Chivalry & Sorcery
The Dying Earth
Mythic Greece (Not sure what system, though.)
A Book of the New Sun based campaign.
Castle Falkenstein (Maybe, Space 1889 might cover this for me, frankly.)

So that's 14, not to mention all the campaigns I would like to run, just not as much as the ones above. And I am surely going to want to shuffle this list as the years progress.

A more realistic approach would be not to worry about any of this, and play what I want, when I want. That would be the most mature option, really. But I am not the most mature person you've ever met.

In many ways, this mirrors the very real process of 'growing old' that I feel like I am just beginning. So many options, and not enough time.
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Simon Hibbs

General Discussion  - 
Inuit cartography. Compact wooden coastline maps you can get in you mitten.

Where in Glorantha. Ygg's Islands? The White Sea?
In Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), the Inuit people are known for carving portable maps out of driftwood to be used while navigating coastal waters. These pieces, which are small enough to be carried…
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+Joerg Baumgartner I think it might be to avoid getting frostbite; it's probably best to keep the map in your mitten so you can feel where you are rather than having to get it out and look at it.
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Simon Hibbs

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Here there be Robots. A medieval style map of Mars. It would be nice to have a copy of this with the modern references excised.
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This is fantastic! 
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Simon Hibbs

General Discussion  - 
I recently read the Collected Griselda to my kids and they've been pestering me to run RQ for them since. It didn't take much pestering, so I started thinking about what to run. Everyone's first experience of Glorantha should start in Apple Lane, but reading the scenarios I realised they're really a bit too old school for my needs and could do with some adaptation.

The girls are playing agents of 'this thing of ours', the smuggling ring run by Griselda's relatives in Alone. They're in Apple Lane to make contact with Troll traders from the Shadow Plateau, but the valuables they are after have been stolen by Whiteye and his gang. They must team up with the Trolls to infiltrate the Rainbow Mounds and recover the goods.

I like this setup because the girls love the idea of Trolls and want to meet some. It also means most of the straight-up hack and slash can be handled by NPCs while they sneak about figuring out the mysteries of the caves, encountering Newtlings and getting into one or two fights when necessary.

I also want them to get involved in the Gringle's Pawn Shop adventure, but I'm a bit stuck. I don't think they would be interested in massacring Baboons, especially as the Baboons are actually just trying to recover their own property. Also there are only two of them so they don't have the firepower to handle the adventure as written. So how to embroil them in events in a fun and engaging way without treating it as the usual stab fest? Suggestions welcome.
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Simon, in the game I'm planning I'll have a bunch of pre-gen PCs including a duck (yes, I love them), a newtling, a baboon and some humans.

The baboon will be from a clan that lives in the valley north of Apple Lane. On the other hand, the baboons associated with Bigclub are from an area south east of AL. (I have a map with the locations of several groups the PCs with interact with.)

Since I see Bigclub's attack on the pawnshop as part of a larger plan, I don't see it as an all-or-nothing affair: it's not a fight to death, if Bigclub fails, he will withdraw and look for an alternate plan. In any case, his baboons will be more concerned with looting than with supporting Bigclub in recovering the macguffin...

If Bigclub fails, my idea is to have him taking a child from AL as an hostage to be given back against the deliverance of the macguffin. The place of the delivery is the Ruin, south-east of AL. Bigclub knows the area but has not been there or a while. What he doesn't know when he kidnaps the child and puts his conditions is that the Ruin has been occupied by a party of broos...
(The Ruin itself is an abandoned human village, based on a RW Portuguese village I got the plan and photos of.)

BTW, Bigclub is not a nasty fellow, he is really just trying to right a wrong. On the other hand, Gringle has payed for the macguffin and wants his money back. Problem is, Bigclub has not the means to pay for it; and he sees no reason to pay for something that belongs to him!...
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Simon Hibbs

General Discussion  - 
Congratulations to David Dunham for this great article on MacRumors on the accessibility features in King of Dragon Pass. It's mainly about the accessibility features in iOS in general, but KODP is heavily featured.
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I have no clue what that means, but I'm still waiting for the games set in Pavis, The Rubble, Borderlands, and Prax (nomads). Preferably before I die of old age.
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