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Jim Moore
Single and retired with a case of wanderlust for a fuller life and adventure.
Single and retired with a case of wanderlust for a fuller life and adventure.

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Hardin Ridge/Lake Monroe, Indiana
July 2016 We had been resting, recuperating and reorganizing for a few months after the second year on the full-time traveling trails. What was once a planned break, turned into a more serious time-out. I needed to replace the worn-out awning and make a few...

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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ~ Cleveland, OH
Originally posted: March 12, 2009 It’s all set! I can’t wait, but I’ll have to wait. I don’t want to wait; I just have to. My vacation dates have been approved for Memorial Day weekend through the first weekend in June. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland...

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Beech Fork State Park, WV
I'll have much more to add on this posting as I edit my photos from this, the very beginning of Year Three of my See America Quest during my retirement years. Slowly and quietly, I cruised toward this flock of Canadian Geese without disturbing their peace. ...

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Halloween: Witches of Salem, Mass.
Originally posted: October 29, 2007 The brochure said, Ambassadair Travel Club presents, “Haunted Happenings in Salem Massachusetts 1997” - Flight #6953.  When? Why on Halloween, of course. Well, it wasn’t actually ON Halloween; it was October 28th, but jus...

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Indy Greek-Fest 2015
My grandfather on my mother's side was Greek - Nickolas Harakas, actually from the "old country", but we never knew him. In fact, my mother never knew him, but of course, knew of him and the Greek side of the family.  Unfortunately, grandma was only married...

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Retirement Travels - Year Two
The Winter Travel Season of 2015-16 was, by-far, more extensive, ambitious and a whole lot more fun. Why? Why not? Gas prices were low and campground fees in some areas had not risen as high as other places. It pays to shop around - as always. Over the cour...

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Flashback ~ My First Airplane
Originally posted: March 21, 2009 Try as I might, I couldn’t find it. Apparently, they are no longer available. Again asking Google to search for me - I went looking for a photo of my first airplane. This is a photo of a desktop model so that you’ll get the...

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Flashback: Summer of 1976
Originally posted: October 20th 2013 After a few days backpacking 44 miles of the Appalachian Trail over four days. Oh, yeah. That’s me, camera strap around my neck, talking and about to enjoy a piece of beef jerky along the woodland trail in the Great Smok...

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Memory Lane - Camping Under the Stars
Originally posted: Friday, July 5, 2013 All of us who lived in Cabin 6 (all 10 cabins got their turn) during our two week stay at Indianapolis Boys Club Camp, near Noblesville, Indiana back in - I dunno, about 1958-9 somewhere - were lined up for this memor...

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Time to Remember ~ Drive-In Movies
Originally posted as: Drive-In Theaters: PJs, Popcorn & Pillows ON: Aug 1, ‘06 12:34 AM It's late summer and soon we'll all go back to school. As old as I am, I still think that way. I wonder what my teachers will be like? Of course, that was long ago, but ...
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