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To redpoint or onsight, that is the question
do you like better, onsighting or redpointing?   It is something we don’t usually think of or put effort categorizing
ourselves in but it does find its way into conversations specially between new
found climbing buddies. Elaborate answers get interesti...

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Choosing the Katana
the archaic weapons that laced the epic duels of feudal Japan none epitomized
the greatest contest more than the katana versus the jo or the short wooden
stick. The story of the meeting between the sword wielding Miyamoto Musashi and
the jo handler Mu...

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Which do you prefer?
do you prefer, short powerful bouldering or long sustained savvy lead climbing?
It’s a question some of us might have been asked more than a couple of times
and it’s probably one you’ve used yourself as kindle for conversation with
climbers you’ve jus...

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Hello Kyoto
July 7, 2014.  Running half asleep is something I’m familiar with.  It’s the simple task of putting one foot ahead of the other repetitively while one eye is shut and half the consciousness is still dreaming.  Sometimes for brief stretches of unobstructed p...

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Naramachi Local
July 5, 2014.  I saw my breath mist up in front of me.  I exhaled hard through my mouth and chased after my own breath.  I heard my own heartbeat in my ear and for a few seconds it was the only sound I heard.  The signal light blinked red.  A few meters ahe...

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Ohayo Kitakyushu!
July 8, 2014.  We got into our taxis hours before daybreak.  We headed off to Kansai Airport way earlier
than my alarm clock’s daily reminder for a run. 
Our troop didn’t like taking chances. 
Our flight to Fukuoka was the first flight out.  Given the choic...

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Church of the Light
July 6, 2014 .  My run started earlier than usual.  I ventured out farther into the outskirts of Osaka.  I felt my endurance building and my familiarity of the city giving me better confidence in navigating through places I haven’t been to.  I got braver in...

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July 4, 2014 .  Running is one of those things I do to help me regain balance and discipline my focus.  If tempering a sword out of the kiln hardens the blade, running conditions the body physically and trains the mind to take things in stride.  In some way...

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Adventure is . . .
Mary Ann Evans, aka George Eliot once said, “Adventure is
not outside man; it is within.”   It’s like saying we need only to look closely with our senses to discover new worlds.    See through the black veil of closed eyelids to see new colors.   Imagine re...

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Becoming Less Foreign
foreign in a different country is something I always enjoy.   It gives a sense of renewal.   It’s similar to turning to a new page of an
unsolved maze or, yes, standing under a new climbing route for an
on-sight.   It’s like eating up a bowl of deli...
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