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Johannah Vittetoe

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The Struggle
Hello. I have had these thoughts running through my head
so many times and have been trying to find the words to type it out so it makes sense to those who may read this. Maybe only those who have been through
an eating disorder will understand or maybe not...

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Helloooo... hello,        So it has been a quick sec since I last blogged but that’s
okay but I am here now and super excited about it! I thought I would use this
blog as a way to share what I have been up to and where I am in life at this
very moment. I am...

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Chemo Buddy.
Hi there,    You may have read one of my previous posts called "I Can Relate". If not that is okay, this is just somewhat of a follow up, so you may want to refer back and read that one quick :) The first paragraph talked about my mom being a breast cancer ...

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I know I said I had blogs to follow my previous post but
I’ve recently had my beliefs challenged as to whether sororities and eating
disorders have a connection and I feel the need to write about it. When I sat
back and thought about this, it somewhat made ...

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I Can Relate.
Hi Everyone,             I know it’s
been a while but sometimes I write blogs and I’m not happy with the final
product. I try to put a lot of time and thought into my blogs. To do this, I
like to set aside a time to reflect, write, and just be in the moment...

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What’s new you may ask? The list could go on forever! I’ve
been up to a little bit of everything! All of which, I am going to share with
you here! Today I want to talk about the National Eating Disorder Association
(NEDA) Walk I am coordinating for this com...

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Check out my latest blog :)

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I Found the Beauty Within My Letters.
How is everyone?  I’m just getting
through my classes, starting my field experience for my elementary education
major, and trying to overcome this awful cold. Aside from that, I want to talk about my
sorority today. Too many times, people are so quick to ju...

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Thank You.
College. All I have to say is I can definitely tell the difference
between my current 400 level classes compared to the classes I took my freshman
year. Man, if only I could go back. Between Christmas break where I was trying
to get non-school work done, to...
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