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The Definitive Guides To Google+
Let Us Be Your Definitive Guides To Google+
Let Us Be Your Definitive Guides To Google+

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We Love Online Apps

Which online apps do you use the most?
Online Apps We Use Regularly

At Goldstein Media we use online apps all the time. Here are some of our favorite. What are yours?

#nfb #onlineapps  #web20  

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This is a great circle of brands on Google+ to follow and Circle
These Are My Must Follow Brands Circle


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It looks like +Tim Moore and crew are about to launch something across several social media platforms.  Keep an eye on this one.  
Create shared experiences with people you know, and people you want to know with. Share things you know with those want to know, anytime, anywhere, all around the world... using Hangouts, Skype, Airtime, or any other service you enjoy all through +Sparkstir

 *The 'limitations' don't exist like they used to. Your imagination is your only obstacle - dream bigger!*

We are launching later this month, be the first in your city to be on +Sparkstir and get bragging rights forever!!!! ---

#sparkstir   #crushiq   #video   #hangout   #skype   #timmoore  +Kelly Burnette +Tim Moore +Alessandro Mencarini +Monica Giambitto +Robert Anderson 
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Thanks +Sparkstir for the link. Looking forward to the beta!
CIOs Scale Back Outsourcing, Favor the Cloud

Why send your IT overseas when you can do it all in the cloud? Here's a great article from +The Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal blog that discusses trends among IT leaders and their sentiment towards their off-shored infrastructure.

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In NYC on May 18th? Want to go see what's happening in the Clouds? Check out this event!
Voxel is participating in Harvest's ( Walk About NYC event on May 18th. Refreshments will be served, including yummy Voxel Cloud Cookies. After you’re done munching (no food in the Clouds), we’ll take you through our data center so you can see the Cloud up close.

Don’t miss this event. Go to: to RSVP and to see what other GREAT companies are participating.

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"Hangouts; the most important innovation in communication since the camp fire." -R. Anderson

"Socializing around a campfire might actually be an essential aspect of what makes us human." -M. Chazan

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RIP Whitney Houston
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