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What's in your cards?


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A Gift of Christmas Past

I’ve loosed the seams that held me fast
My freedom gained, hard won at last.
Confined in my box a prison at best
For years on this shelf my fate and un-rest.
Where once I was cherished, a joy to behold
A Christmas gift found under a green tree of gold
With bright lights above and tinsel below,
Where Gingerbread cookies all dance in a row.
A child’s smile brought with squeals of delight
When the handle cranked music the spindle unwinds
Releasing the latch reveals hidden inside
I sprang forth unhindered to laughter and light.
My music unwound for many a year
My spring tightly sprung, sprang unheeded with cheer
But, slowly these slowed with time and much use
Assured that my space on this shelf was reserved.
Alas, I’m unable to face unafraid
The rest of my days now lost in a haze
Of happier times when my presence was craved
Now deafening silence is joined by dismay.
And so my dear friend my story’s not lost
I’ve left my confines for an adventurous cause
No longer in exile in this attic dark
To venture beyond will be quite a lark.
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Gift of Shadow

Into the twilight and darkness of self
Where Demons reside and skillfully hide
Where acceptance is shunned and light is denied
All hope then is lost and no longer resides.
To delve to the depths, their lair to abide
These demons in twilight and darkness they hide
To fester and grow, UN-seemingly so
Deep shadows above as deep shadows below.
The gifts of the Shadow are wont to be seen,
But to discover these gifts, courage is deemed
At best to be present, at worst to be dreamed
And into the light of hope, they scream.
What lies in shadow often uncovered
Yearns to be heard and be discovered
Repressed far too long and kept under cover
These shadows of twilight and darkness, lived under.
Rearing their heads the demons will strive
To encroach into daylight, the Shadow revived
Denying existence adds fuel to the fire
Embracing acceptance tames demons desire.
These personal demons as Shadow’s surrender
Bring heart break and toil to those who are rendered
Victims to tortured souls of the lost
Now brought into light, will now share the cost.
To rid thee of Shadow that lurks unforgiving
Your light it must shine into corners unbidden
Illuminate that which would want to stay hidden
Embracing both Shadow and Light we have striven.
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Death comes to us all without preamble or prejudice,
No introduction, nor explanations, no invitations forthcoming.
He comes at will, goes at will, none who’s will withstanding.
For change he brings like clockwork springs that are ever unwinding,
In seasons’ passing in the natural order – time gone before and after.
The young grow old, the old decay and once again
Life springs forth.
This eternal cycle, the promise of life renewed,
The inevitable change and transformations,
Come with assurances that life re-blooms.
Death comes to us all, man, beast, or flower,
He comes unexpectedly, and expected to each and at any hour,
Life’s great constant that assures the natural balance,
Where life blooms once again for a time until Death reclaims his power.

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The Dance

The sun and the moon
as the god and goddess
Dance eternally in the heavens
Sometimes in dark and sometimes in light
forever in their enchanted embrace.

To witness this wondrous dance of the ages
with all of its glory and grace
Brings inspiring awe to those down below
who take time to watch the display.

Many faces of the moon she shows us
as she looks upon her lover
At times she is bold and her full smile is shown
at others she shyly looks away.

Until she sees her lovers face
and the dance begins anew
Forever entwined in their enchanted embrace
as only true lovers can do.

Whether in light or under dark cover
the dance continues on
All through the ages, forever and ever
the Sun and the Moon will dance on.
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The Cross-Roads

The path laid out or so it seems
The road unwinds in fretful dreams
The way once clear the way once sought
Now clouds of doubt obscure your thoughts.
Which road to take which road to follow
The way well traveled or the way Un-named
To blaze a trail to call your own
Your feet to find their own way home.
To never question to never wonder
The road not taken the road not chosen
To blindly follow where others’ would lead
Is a journey wasted a journey in need
Of direction and purpose – A journey believed
To bring peace to the soul and make everything whole.
To stand at the cross-roads a decision at hand
Which way will you choose your journey or man’s?
The way of the masses, the lost, and the damned
Or the way which your head, heart, and spirit,
~Koneta Bailey-2015
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