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DVD Duplication and DVD Replication Company.

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What is the difference between #duplication and #replication?

Entire books have been written to explain this often overcomplicated question. It comes down to two simple words; burned and pressed. Duplicated discs are burned, the same way you do on your PC at home. Pressed discs are injection molded with your information on them. The main difference is consistency. Burns can vary ever so slightly depending on the blank discs used, and the drive used to burn them. Replicated discs are always identical to the stamper/glass master. There’s a saying in this business “If one is good, they’re all good. If one’s bad, they’re all bad.”

How much data can a #DVD hold?

The #DVD-ROM has four main capacities:

DVD-5: single sided/single layer (4.7GB)
DVD-9: single sided/dual layer (8.5GB)
DVD-10: double sided/single layer (9.4GB)
DVD-18: double sided/dual layer (17GB)

What Are Regional #DVD Codes?

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Some need to know FAQ about media manufacturing and duplication industry .....

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iDEA Media an InnerWorkings Company has Eco-friendly ideas for CD/DVD replication 

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