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Michael Wagner
Riding since 1969 - Chasing the back of the peloton since 1987 - Saving the world by bike, one ride at a time.
Riding since 1969 - Chasing the back of the peloton since 1987 - Saving the world by bike, one ride at a time.

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2017 Dare to Race Grand Prix
Just a beginning; more to come...

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Riding Rough with the Dirty Chain Gang
I can hear your words of incredulity now, or maybe they are words of shame, or pity: "Wait, you mean you cut out, like a longhorn culled from the herd and destined for the slaughterhouse, right at the point where the ride was going to get fun?" Yeah. "You m...

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Mixed Signals
Perfect Spring day today, well, excepting that technically it is not Spring yet. But never mind that. They were testing the latest home brew today at work (yes, we have a brew club) but, even though I had paid my membership fee, I was the contrary one runni...

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Fast Digs: The 1937 Los Angeles Six Day Race
What is cool about this photo is that the only others I have seen from the Los Angeles Six Day Race of 1937 are of the track in an otherwise empty Pan Pacific Auditorium. This one captures the texture of the wood track, the racing action, spectators, even a...

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Drink Local Coffee, Visit Local Bike Shops
Ah, that double-flat Saturday was salvaged with a visit to Augies on the way home where I was fortunate to find a little table "outside", looking up at the bikes outside Sunset Cycles, and wander up for a closer look. The hot coffee and cinnamon roll pairin...

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2017 Beach to Boulders
For the fourth consecutive year Beach to Boulders at Lake Perris State Recreation Area has been the season kick-off race for the Southern California High School Cycling League. I had never been to the Lake Perris venue for a race, in fact had never been to ...

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As the Sun Sets on Coates Cyclery
The value of a business far exceeds however much money it makes per annum, or however many people it employs, or whatever economic impact it may bring to the community. There are often intangible connections, unseen and immeasurable, things we call loyalty ...

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Fast Digs: Emile Ulbrecht and the Los Angeles to Santa Monica Bicycle Race of 1894
When I first wrote the Fast Digs post its focus was on the track, the velodrome, whether indoor or out, but since then I have continued to find all kind of references to road races, in the greater Los Angeles region, going back to the 1800s. As time goes on...

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Cycling Claremont: Ye Olde Claremont Cyclery
I can't shake the feeling that I have seen this one before, somewhere, but am not sure where. The Claremont Cyclery was located as 223 W. First Street, which seems to place it, approximately, at what is now a parking lot next to Jax Cyclery. This particular...

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Armstrong and I
First though - "hey" back at you, Trish. No I didn't do the Crazy Legs Ride, but I did watch them go by, which really is not the next best thing. Maybe soon. It has been pretty infrequent this year, but we - Armstrong and I - used to get together quite freq...
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