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La fiancée du facteur
"Cherish your Womanity"
"Cherish your Womanity"


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My dear Ladies, stay tuned and YOU may be THE LUCKY WINNER
of my 5th Anniversary JEWELRY CONTEST...
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#contestalert   #comingsoon   #jewelry   #contest  

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A Tribe of Survivors: The Ethereal Jewelry of La Fiancée du Facteur
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Magical artcile of the Saigoneer, which inquired so further into the "Yoör-Joehkraâs" tribe's story than the interview made me feel like having an effective therapy session...

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Next tuesday, all over the world, people'll celebrate Women's Day.
Let's do something special for the occasion...
Tell me an Extraordinary Story about You, 
And may Win the Gorgeous Avaâe Earrings !! #iwd2016   #contest  

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Chúc Mừng Năm Mới 2016 !! Happy Lunar New Year !!
Looks like wishing #peace  & #happiness‬  for everybody becomes each year more and more harder and utopian...
The only thing which make me keep faith in #humankind  is #art‬  & #beauty  ‬.
Beauty is everywhere. Beauty is free. No way to cage or kill it.
It would never be the property of one single person.
Cherish Beauty.

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Let's end the discrimination against non pierced ‪#ears‬ !!
With my first ‪#clip-on #earrings#design ...
The "Aâkhta" Earrings.
(Labradorite Gemstone & Gold Plated Brass 14K)
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Once upon a time, at the end of Age II, in the North of the region of Yokaâ, while the last people were dying of wars and epidemics, the Half-God Hycliad-Osc-Yoör, young teenager, walked out of the woods, naked and riding a giant Aries-Tiger Chimaera to spread hope and peace and bring together the survivors in a New Humanity...
A video by WeDoThatStuff.

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The "Naâtchaya" #necklace
Yioör-Joehkraâs #collection, 2016
(Chalcedony & Pyrite Gemstones,
Vintage Swarovski Crystals & #gold Plated Brass 14K)
Photography by Truc-Anh

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Jeudi 17 Décembre,
+La Fiancée du Facteur & +L'Exception vous invitent à découvrir en avant-première mondiale, les Parures Fabuleuses de la Tribu des "Yioör-Joehkraâs".

De Puissants Bijoux Talismans.
Une Tribu Mythologique menée par un Dieu-Chimère.
Des Hommes et des Femmes Miraculés.
Un Tigre-Bélier aux Cornes d'Or...

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You know WHAT ???? The NEW COLLECTION is here !!!!

( official launching on 17th December in Paris... ‪#savethedate‬ )
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